Are iPads worth repairing?

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Are iPads expensive to repair?

The cost to repair an iPad can vary quite a bit depending on the model, the type of damage, and who does the repair. On average, screen replacements tend to cost $100-300, battery replacements $50-100, and other repairs like speaker or button issues $50-150. So repairs can get pricey, especially for newer iPad models.

Should I repair or replace my broken iPad?

If the iPad is only lightly damaged, like a cracked screen or depleted battery, repairing it can be worth the money and prevent you from having to buy a brand new device. But if the iPad is very old, has significant damage, or multiple issues, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model instead of investing money into extensive repairs.

Where can I get quality iPad repairs done?

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers are the best places for guaranteed quality iPad repairs, though often at a premium price. Independent repair shops and techs offer more affordable repairs, but the quality can vary. Mail-in services like iCracked provide a convenient repair option. DIY is possible but typically recommended only for minor issues.

The iPad has become one of the most popular tablets on the market since its introduction in 2010. Its large touchscreen, app ecosystem, and slim portable design make it great for tasks like web browsing, streaming, gaming, and more. But like any electronic device, iPads can sometimes break down or get damaged with regular use over time. When that happens, one of the biggest questions owners face is whether to repair their existing iPad, or replace it with a brand new model. The choice ultimately depends on factors like the repair costs, your budget, the iPad’s age and extent of damage, and your willingness to DIY basic fixes.

Cost of Common iPad Repairs

Here is an overview of estimated repair costs for some of the most common iPad issues:

Repair Type Average Cost
Screen Replacement $100 – $300
Battery Replacement $50 – $100
Power/Volume Button Fix $50 – $150
Rear Camera Replacement $100 – $250
Speaker Replacement $50 – $150
Logic Board Repair $150 – $350

Screen damage is the most common iPad repair. For newer iPad Pros and Air models with advanced retina displays, screen replacement can cost $200-300+ at the high end. Older iPad screens range from $100-150. Battery issues also occur frequently as the lithium-ion batteries degrade over 2-3 years. Power, home button, volume key, and rear camera repairs range from $50 for basic labor to up to $250 for full camera module replacement.

Other variables impacting cost

The total iPad repair cost can be higher or lower than these averages depending on:

  • Repair shop rates in your area
  • iPad model – newer and high-end models cost more
  • Parts availability – parts for newer or obscure models may have limited availability
  • Shop reputation and labor warranty – higher at authorized shops
  • Extent of damage – complex fixes or multiple repairs cost more

So iPad owners should factor in these variables as they evaluate whether a repair is within their budget, or if replacement makes more financial sense for their situation.

Repair vs. Replace Decision Factors

Here are some key considerations when deciding between repairing or replacing an older, damaged iPad:

Repair factors

  • Damage extent – Minor issues like a cracked screen or dead battery are usually best repaired
  • Repair costs – If the fix costs significantly less than a new iPad, repair may be better value
  • Data preservation – Repair keeps your data intact vs. needing to migrate to a new device
  • Environmental impact – Repairing extends the lifecycle vs. discarded electronics waste from replacement

Replace factors

  • Older iPad model – Replacing with a newer generation gets you improved features and specs
  • Multiple issues – Once an older iPad starts piling up repairs, replacement gets more cost effective
  • Outdated tech – Even a functional older iPad may feel slow if you can’t update to the latest iOS/apps
  • Cost of repairs – If fixing approaches the price of a new iPad, replacement is better value

Understanding these key factors can help guide your decision between repair vs. replace based on your specific iPad model, damage, features needed, budget, and other personal considerations.

Where to Get Your iPad Repaired

iPad owners have several options when they need to get a repair done:


The Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Providers are able to perform reliable, OEM-quality repairs using genuine Apple parts. However, Apple repairs tend to cost more than third-party options. Make an appointment at an Apple store or find authorized providers on Apple’s website.

Mail-in repair services

Mail-in iPad repair companies like iCracked, uBreakiFix and Dr.Fone provide convenience by handling the entire repair process by mail. They have streamlined processes to make fixes quick and provide warranties. However, you’ll be without your iPad for approximately 1 week during the repair.

Independent repair shops

Local independent repair technicians and electronics shops often provide quality iPad repairs at more affordable rates than Apple. A drawback can be less formal warranties or recourse if issues arise. Search for well-reviewed independents in your area.

DIY repairs

For minor issues like replacing a battery or screen, DIY iPad repairs are possible with the right technical skill, tools and replacement parts. Online guides and parts sellers like iFixit provide resources. But DIY isn’t recommended for major issues or lack electronics repair experience.


Overall, keeping an older iPad functioning via repairs can certainly be worth the investment in many cases – especially for minimal damage. But once repair costs exceed replacement value, or you start needing multiple fixes, upgrading to a newer model becomes the better value. Seek quality repairs from reputable techs when possible, and consider DIY for minor issues if you’re technically inclined. With smart decision-making, you can maximize the lifespan of your iPad.