Can a damaged iPhone charging port be fixed?

Having a damaged charging port on your iPhone can be extremely frustrating. Not being able to charge your phone makes it essentially useless as a mobile device. The good news is that a damaged iPhone charging port can often be repaired, allowing you to charge your phone again.

What causes an iPhone charging port to become damaged?

There are a few common causes of iPhone charging port damage:

  • Using a damaged or frayed charging cable can put stress on the port and cause the contacts inside to break or bend.
  • Built up dirt, dust and debris inside the port can prevent a cable from making a solid connection and cause damage over time.
  • Physical damage from drops or accidents that impact the charging port.
  • Exposure to liquids which can corrode the port’s contacts.

Over time and repeated use, the charging port can also just wear out from normal use. The repeated process of plugging in and removing a cable stresses the port and internal components.

Signs your iPhone charging port may be damaged

Here are some signs that your iPhone’s charging port may be damaged or broken:

  • Your cable falls out of the port too easily or does not stay snugly in place.
  • You see loose, rusty or bent pins inside the port.
  • Your iPhone does not charge reliably or only charges at certain angles.
  • You see the low battery image or get messages about using a genuine Apple charger.
  • Your cable only charges if it is positioned a certain way in the port.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s very likely there is damage to the charging port itself. The problem will only get worse over time as the damage progresses.

Can I fix a damaged charging port myself?

It is possible to fix a damaged iPhone charging port on your own, but it requires some technical skill and specific tools. Here are the basics steps involved:

  1. Purchase a replacement charging port module – these are available as repair parts online and from phone repair shops.
  2. Open up your iPhone by following a repair guide to access the internal components.
  3. Desolder the existing charging port module and remove it from the phone.
  4. Clean any dirt or debris from the charging port opening.
  5. Solder in the new replacement charging port module.
  6. Reassemble your iPhone by reversing the disassembly steps.

As you can see, a DIY charging port replacement involves electronics soldering and disassembling the iPhone enough to expose the internal components. If you don’t have experience doing microsoldering and electronics repair work, it’s easy to damage other components in the phone if the repair is not done properly.

Is it better to get professional repair for a damaged charging port?

Because of the complexity involved, most iPhone users with a broken charging port are better off taking it to a professional phone repair shop. A repair technician has the skills, tools and experience to safely complete the charging port replacement. Some key advantages of professional iPhone charging port repair include:

  • Specialized tools to safely open the iPhone and disassemble components.
  • High quality soldering equipment designed for microelectronics work.
  • Access to OEM Apple replacement parts like charging ports.
  • Technical training to troubleshoot and properly diagnose issues.
  • Experience completing the same repair many times.

Repair shops also often provide warranties on their work, so if anything goes wrong you are covered. Overall, getting a skilled technician to replace an iPhone charging port makes the process quicker, more reliable and less likely to result in further damage to your device.

Cost to professionally repair an iPhone charging port

The cost to have an iPhone charging port professionally replaced can range from $50 to $100 on average. Here are some factors that affect the repair cost:

  • iPhone model – newer models tend to cost more.
  • Local market prices – prices vary in different regions.
  • Shop hourly rates – can range from $40-$80 per hour.
  • Parts prices – OEM parts cost more than third-party.
  • Complexity – damage complexity increases cost.
  • Shop fees – some shops charge diagnostic and other fees.

For a relatively straightforward iPhone charging port replacement without other damage, expect to pay around $50-70 from a good independent repair shop. Apple typically charges $100+ for this repair at Genius Bar locations.

Tips to avoid damaging your iPhone charging port

With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid a lot of charging port damage in the first place. Here are some tips to keep your iPhone’s charging port working smoothly for longer:

  • Be gentle when plugging in cables, don’t force them.
  • Don’t tug or pull cords from an angle, unplug gently.
  • Use MFi certified lightning cables and chargers.
  • Keep the port clean of lint and debris regularly.
  • Never charge when wet or expose to liquids.
  • Consider a port protector case or cover when in harsh environments.

Following these basic care instructions will minimize wear and tear on your iPhone’s charging capabilities. Be aware of your charging habits and damage signs to avoid ending up with a broken port.

Can I still wirelessly charge with a broken charging port?

If the charging port on your iPhone is broken but the wireless charging coil is still intact, you can charge your phone using a Qi wireless charging pad or stand. Simply place your iPhone on the wireless charger and power will be transferred through electromagnetic induction without needing to use the charging port and cable.

Wireless charging is slower than wired, but it allows you to keep your iPhone powered up when the charging port is damaged. All iPhone 8 and newer models support wireless charging. Just be sure the metal ring around the charging coil on the back of your iPhone is undamaged.


A damaged iPhone charging can be a big headache, rendering your phone unusable unless it can be repaired. While home repair is possible for those with technical skills, most people are better off taking their iPhone to a professional repair shop to have the charging port replaced properly. Costs are reasonable for a full repair and allow you to charge your iPhone normally again.

With some care and maintenance, charging port damage can often be prevented in the first place. But if your iPhone charging capabilities do start to degrade, don’t wait too long to get the port replaced. A functioning charging port is essential for keeping your iPhone powered up and usable every day.