Can I download Apple Music to play offline?

Yes, you can download Apple Music songs, albums, and playlists to your device to listen to offline. Here are some quick answers about downloading Apple Music for offline playback:

How do I download Apple Music for offline listening?

To download Apple Music for offline playback, open the Apple Music app and tap on the download icon (it looks like a downward arrow) next to any song, playlist, or album. This will save it to your device so you can listen when you don’t have an internet connection. You can also tap the 3 dots next to any item and select “Download”.

How many songs can I download?

Apple Music subscribers can download up to 100,000 songs across all their devices. There is no limit on the number of songs you can download per device. The 100,000 song limit applies to your whole Apple Music library.

How much storage space do offline songs take up?

Downloaded Apple Music songs take up storage space on your device just like any other media file. Song file sizes vary based on length and audio quality, but are usually between 5-10MB per song for a 3-4 minute track downloaded at normal quality. So 100 songs could take 500MB – 1GB of storage.

Does offline music still count against data limits?

No, listening to downloaded Apple Music songs in offline mode does not use your cellular data or count against data limits. The songs do not stream from the internet, they play directly from your device storage. Just be aware downloading the songs initially does use data.

Can I listen to Beats 1 offline?

Unfortunately you cannot download Beats 1 radio shows for offline listening. Beats 1 is Apple’s live radio station, so it’s only available via streaming. But you can download any songs you hear on Beats 1 to listen to offline later.

Do offline Apple Music downloads expire?

Yes, any downloaded Apple Music content will expire if your subscription expires. You can only listen to offline music while your Apple Music membership is active. If your subscription lapses, offline music will become unavailable.

Can I download Apple Music on Android and Windows devices?

Apple Music and the ability to download for offline playback is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, CarPlay, and HomePod.

Android users can download the Apple Music app from the Play Store to access the streaming catalog, but offline downloads are not possible on Android.

For Windows 10 and 11 users, the Apple Music web player allows streaming but not downloading songs on PCs.


Downloading Apple Music for offline playback lets you listen anywhere without using mobile data. Just tap the download arrow icon next to songs, albums or playlists to save them to your device storage. Downloads don’t expire but do require an active Apple Music membership. Up to 100,000 songs can be downloaded across devices. Listening offline won’t count towards data caps but initially downloading the songs will use some data.

The Benefits of Downloading Apple Music for Offline Playback

Here are some of the top benefits of downloading your Apple Music library for offline listening:

Listen anywhere with no internet connection

The key advantage of downloading Apple Music is being able to listen when you don’t have an internet connection. This includes places like flights, subways, remote areas without cell service, etc. Just queue up playlists beforehand.

Avoid using mobile data

Since offline Apple Music doesn’t stream, it won’t count against your monthly data limits on a smartphone. You can queue up playlists before a trip to save that cellular data for other tasks.

Never lose your favorites

Downloading playlists and albums from Apple Music means you’ll always have access to your favorite songs. Even if they are removed from the streaming catalog later, anything downloaded will remain in your offline music collection.

Keep listening during network issues

Spotty Wi-Fi and congested networks can interrupt streaming. Downloaded music gives you a seamless listening experience without network dropout issues.

Save phone battery life

Streaming music uses more battery power than playing downloaded files. Filling your phone with offline music can help extend battery life compared to constantly streaming over cellular or Wi-Fi.

Access music quickly

There’s no buffering or latency with offline music. Downloads start instantly since they play directly from storage rather than needing time to stream.

How to Download Apple Music to Your Device

Downloading music for offline playback is quick and easy in the Apple Music app. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the Apple Music App

Launch the Apple Music app on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple device. You’ll need to be a paying Apple Music subscriber to download songs.

2. Navigate to Music

Browse or search to find a song, album or playlist you want to download for offline playback.

3. Tap the Download Icon

Next to any music item you want to download, just tap the download icon (downward arrow). The item will start downloading to your device.

4. Confirm the Download

Double check the download completed successfully. The download icon will be filled in and you may see a small “Downloaded” message.

5. Listen Offline

You can now play that music even without an internet connection. Downloaded music is accessible in the Library tab.

How to Manage Your Offline Music Library

Your downloaded Apple Music collection can be managed through the app. Options include:

View all downloads

In the Library tab, select Downloads to see everything saved for offline playback.

Delete downloads

Swipe left on any song, album or playlist and tap Remove Download to delete it.

Turn on Download over Cellular

Enable this in Settings to allow Apple Music downloads even when not on Wi-Fi.

Set download quality

You can choose High Quality or High Efficiency downloads in Settings depending on storage needs.

Troubleshooting Apple Music Downloads

If you are having issues downloading Apple Music for offline playback, these troubleshooting tips may help:

Update the Apple Music app

Make sure you have the latest version of the app as older versions may have download bugs.

Check your iCloud storage space

You need available iCloud storage to save Apple Music downloads. Check Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud.

Authorize the computer

On Mac or PC, make sure Apple Music is authorized in iTunes with your Apple ID to enable downloads.

Restart your device

If downloads are stuck, try restarting your iPhone, iPad or Mac to resolve any app issues.

Reinstall the app

Deleting and reinstalling the Apple Music app can clear up problems with downloading on iPhones and iPads.

Contact Apple support

If you still can’t download, contact Apple Support via online chat or phone for troubleshooting help.

Downloading Music from Apple Music vs iTunes

Apple Music iTunes
Access full streaming catalog plus downloads Purchase downloads and rentals only
Subscription required ($9.99/month) Pay per download ($0.99-$1.29 per song)
100,000 song download limit No limit on purchases
Downloads expire if subscription lapses Lifetime access to purchases
High or low quality downloads High quality iTunes Plus format

While iTunes offers song purchases and rentals while Apple Music provides access to the full Apple catalog plus downloads with a subscription, both let you download DRM-free music to enjoy offline across devices.

Top Tips for Downloading from Apple Music

Follow these tips to get the most out of downloading music from your Apple Music subscription:

Use Wi-Fi for your first downloads

While on Wi-Fi, build a base library of your favorite playlists, albums and songs to avoid using cellular data.

Set a Download Limit

Prevent using all your device’s storage by setting a max download limit in Settings > Music.

Download playlists before trips

Traveling without internet? Queue up playlists beforehand so you always have music.

Save data when traveling

In unknown areas, download playlists you might want rather than streaming and using data.

Re-download lost music

If you lose downloads by uninstalling Apple Music or your storage is erased, you can download everything again from your Library.

Use Cellular Data judiciously

Be mindful of your data limits when downloading music over cellular connections instead of Wi-Fi.

Fun Things You Can Do with Downloaded Apple Music

Here are some cool ideas for putting your offline Apple Music library to use:

Road trip soundtrack

Make an epic road trip mix to soundtrack the perfect drive, no data required.

Plane playlists

Download a few playlists before flying to make trips fly by with your own music.

Camping companion

Have music ready for nights under the stars without relying on cell service.

Workout motivator

Load up an exercise playlist to get you through any workout without eating data.

Dinner party DJ

Curate playlists for the perfect dinner with friends – no need to mess with Wi-Fi.

Study session soundtrack

Create a concentration playlist to help you ace that big exam without streaming interruptions.

Office distraction

Tune out office noise with your favorite albums, no wireless needed.

Gaming music

Level up your game play with a killer gaming mix on repeat, lag-free.

Road trip karaoke

Belt out your favorite driving anthems on any road trip – no cell tower required.


With Apple Music, you can easily download songs, albums and playlists for offline playback when you don’t have an internet connection. Downloads are quick, unlimited, and easy to manage right in the Apple Music app. Just remember that downloads count against your iCloud storage quota and do require an active Apple Music subscription. By following tips like using Wi-Fi, re-downloading lost music, and setting download limits, you can master offline listening with Apple Music.