Can iPhone 14 be unlocked from carrier?

The iPhone 14 was released in September 2022 and is available for purchase from carriers as well as unlocked directly from Apple. Many customers who purchase an iPhone from a carrier end up wondering if they can unlock it to use with other carriers later on. Here we’ll look at whether or not it’s possible to unlock an iPhone 14 purchased from a carrier.

What does it mean to unlock an iPhone?

When you purchase an iPhone from a carrier like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, it comes locked to only work on that carrier’s network. This means you can’t just pop out the SIM card and put in one from another provider and have it work. The phone has a software lock that prevents it from functioning on other networks.

Unlocking an iPhone removes this software lock, allowing you to use it on other compatible networks by swapping out the SIM card. Once unlocked, you could take an iPhone originally locked to AT&T and use it on Verizon’s or T-Mobile’s network, for example.

Why would you want to unlock an iPhone?

There are a few common reasons you may want to unlock an iPhone:

  • You want to switch carriers: Unlocking allows you to move to a new carrier that may offer better prices or coverage.
  • You’re traveling internationally: Unlocking lets you pop in a local SIM card while abroad to avoid roaming charges.
  • You want to resell the device: An unlocked phone may have a higher resale value because it can be used by customers on any carrier.

Is it possible to unlock an iPhone 14 purchased from a carrier?

The short answer is yes, you can unlock an iPhone 14 purchased from a carrier, but there are a few caveats.

First, the iPhone must be paid off in full if you purchased it on an installment plan. All carriers require the device to be fully paid off before it can be unlocked. This usually takes 24 months on most installment plans.

Second, the carrier must consent to unlocking the iPhone. Carriers have policies on when they will provide the unlock code or process the unlock request. In most cases, you’ll need to have had active service with them for 40-60+ days. They want to ensure you’ve been a customer for long enough before allowing an unlock.

Finally, the iPhone must not be currently reported lost, stolen, or tied to a financial obligation. If any of those conditions are true, the carrier will reject the unlock request until resolved.

How do you get a carrier to unlock an iPhone 14?

Each major carrier has their own iPhone unlocking process. Here is an overview of how to get each to unlock an eligible iPhone 14:

AT&T Unlock Process

  • Device must be paid off and not reported lost/stolen
  • At least 60 days active service required
  • Request unlock via AT&T Unlock portal
  • AT&T will provide unlock instructions within 2 business days
  • Follow provided steps to complete unlock

Verizon Unlock Process

  • Device must be paid off and not reported lost/stolen
  • At least 60 days active service required
  • Request unlock by calling Verizon Customer Service
  • Verizon will send unlock instructions via email within 2 business days
  • Follow email instructions to complete unlock

T-Mobile Unlock Process

  • Device must be paid off and not reported lost/stolen
  • At least 40 days active service required
  • Request unlock via T-Mobile self-service portal
  • T-Mobile will process unlock request within 2 business days
  • You’ll receive confirmation when unlock is complete

What are the unlock steps provided by carriers?

The exact unlocking steps provided by each carrier can vary slightly, but generally they follow this process:

  1. Back up your iPhone data in iTunes or iCloud.
  2. Remove any passcode and disable Find My iPhone.
  3. Insert the SIM card from the original carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc).
  4. Connect iPhone to WiFi and launch Settings app.
  5. Go to General > About and tap carrier name until “SIM Unlocked” message appears.
  6. iPhone is now unlocked and can be used with any carrier!

The carrier unlock process does not wipe the data on your iPhone. It simply removes the software lock allowing you to switch carriers. Be sure to backup your data for safekeeping before beginning.

How much does it cost to get an iPhone 14 unlocked?

The good news is that carriers do not charge an unlock fee for iPhone 14 devices (or any devices). The unlock process is included as part of their standard policies.

However, there may be fees involved with paying off a device early if you want to unlock it sooner than the 24 month installment term. But there is no direct cost for the unlock process itself.

Can you get an iPhone 14 unlocked without the carrier’s help?

Some third-party unlocking services claim they can unlock iPhones without the carrier’s assistance. However, this is not recommended for a few reasons:

  • Apple and carriers actively work to disable unapproved unlock methods.
  • The unlock may be temporary and stop working after an iOS update.
  • The phone could get blacklisted by the carrier, preventing activation.
  • Your warranty with Apple will be voided.

To ensure a permanent, official unlock that won’t cause issues down the road, it’s best to go through the proper carrier unlock process.

Does unlocking an iPhone 14 void the warranty?

Provided you go through the official carrier unlock process, unlocking your iPhone 14 does not void the Apple warranty or optional AppleCare coverage.

Apple has specific policies that prevent carriers from making unlocks contingent on voiding the iPhone warranty. So you can rest assured that unlocking through the proper channels will not impact your warranty or AppleCare status.

Can you re-lock an iPhone 14 after unlocking it?

Generally speaking, no – there is no way to re-lock an iPhone to a specific carrier once it has been unlocked. The unlock process is designed to be permanent.

However, if you need to use the iPhone with its original carrier again, you can simply insert that carrier’s SIM card to access their network. But the software unlock allowing other networks will remain in place.

The only way to get a SIM-locked iPhone again is to buy a new device directly from the desired carrier. There is no reversing the unlocked status on an existing device.

What networks can an unlocked iPhone 14 work on?

Once unlocked, the iPhone 14 can work on any major carrier that supports GSM networks. This includes:

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Cricket
  • Metro
  • Google Fi
  • Mint Mobile
  • Simple Mobile
  • Tracfone
  • Many regional carriers and MVNOs

As long as the carrier uses GSM and the proper cellular bands, an unlocked iPhone 14 will work. It gives you maximum flexibility in carrier choice.

Does an unlocked iPhone 14 work internationally?

Yes, a major benefit of unlocking your iPhone 14 is getting to use it internationally without issue. Simply purchase a local SIM card when traveling abroad and pop it into your unlocked iPhone to get service in that country.

This avoids paying expensive roaming charges to your regular carrier. It gives you access to much cheaper local call, text, and data rates while traveling.

Will features like 5G and WiFi Calling still work after unlocking?

Unlocking has no impact on your ability to access an iPhone’s built-in features. Things like 5G connectivity, WiFi Calling, VoLTE, and Visual Voicemail will all still work exactly as intended.

The only difference is you’ll be able to use those features on networks other than the one your iPhone originally shipped locked to. There is no functional downside to unlocking in terms of features.

Does the iPhone 14 come unlocked from Apple?

If you purchase a SIM-free iPhone 14 directly from Apple, either online or at an Apple Store, it will come fully unlocked out of the box. There is no carrier locking on devices shipped directly from Apple.

This means you can pop in any active SIM card upon setup and use the iPhone 14 on that network right away. No unlock process will be required.

The main tradeoff is the SIM-free iPhone 14 from Apple is more expensive upfront, usually $749+ versus $399+ from a carrier. But you avoid monthly service fees and get maximum flexibility.

Summary – Key points on unlocking the iPhone 14

  • Carriers will unlock an iPhone 14 after it’s paid off and all terms are met
  • Unlocking allows use on other domestic and international networks
  • The unlock process does not wipe data or void Apple warranty
  • Third party unlocks are risky and not recommended
  • Unlocked iPhones from Apple work on any GSM network worldwide


While iPhones purchased from carriers initially come locked, they can be unlocked to work on other GSM networks once eligibility requirements are met. The unlock process through AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile is straightforward and does not come with any warranty downsides. Unlocking your iPhone provides much more flexibility in choosing carriers.