Did Mike Barker leave American Dad?

Mike Barker was a major creative force behind the hit animated sitcom American Dad for many years. He worked as a writer, producer, director, and voice actor on the show from its beginnings in 2005 until 2013. In 2013, it was announced that Barker would be leaving American Dad after 10 seasons to pursue other projects. His departure left many fans wondering about the reasons behind his exit and what Barker’s future career plans would entail. In this article, we’ll take a close look at Mike Barker’s influential tenure on American Dad and examine the details surrounding his eventual departure from the series.

Mike Barker’s Role on American Dad

American Dad was created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman and premiered on Fox in 2005. While MacFarlane was the big name associated with the show due to his success with Family Guy, Barker quickly emerged as a driving creative force behind American Dad. He not only co-developed the series with MacFarlane and Weitzman but also served as showrunner and executive producer for several seasons. This gave him major influence over American Dad’s writing, animation, casting, and overall direction.

Barker wrote or co-wrote some of American Dad’s most popular early episodes. This includes fan-favorites like “Stan Knows Best,” “Lincoln Lover,” and “Stannie Get Your Gun.” His sharp comedic skills and instincts helped set the tone for American Dad’s unique brand of satire and absurdist humor. Barker also directed episodes, allowing him to literally shape the show’s visual style. Additionally, he voiced recurring characters like Terry Bates – Stan’s gay co-worker – and 3rd Grader Named Rogers.

By all accounts, Barker was a well-liked and respected leader behind-the-scenes. His co-creator Seth MacFarlane called him “an unbelievable talent” while American Dad executive producer Brian Boyle described Barker as the “day-to-day chief” in charge of guiding the show creatively. Barker quickly became recognized as one of the most influential writers/producers on American Dad next to creators MacFarlane and Weitzman.

Why Did Mike Barker Leave American Dad?

In September 2013, FOX announced that Mike Barker would be leaving American Dad after 10 seasons with the show. Reportedly, Barker voluntarily decided to exit American Dad in order to pursue new opportunities. Inside sources claimed it was an amicable split and potentially only temporary – indicating Barker might return someday in the future.

But after a decade of working on American Dad, it seemed Barker felt it was time to expand his horizons professionally. American Dad had become a huge success under his stewardship. Barker likely wanted to see what else he could create and take on new challenges. There were no reports of any creative differences or other issues behind Barker’s departure. It genuinely seemed to be a career move and chance for him to stretch his creative muscles.

FOX’s official statement read: “Mike Barker has played an integral role in AMERICAN DAD since its inception. We appreciate all his contributions to the series and wish him continued success.” So the network was very gracious and complimentary about Barker’s long tenure as he left the show.

In an interview, Barker said his exit “was not an easy decision” but creatively he was ready for something new. Though he loved American Dad, “10 years is a long time…I kind of needed some time off to develop new material.” Barker wanted the chance to develop his own TV shows and cartoon projects from scratch – something he couldn’t fully do while committed to running American Dad.

American Dad After Mike Barker

American Dad continued going strong for several more seasons on Fox before eventually switching over to TBS in 2014. Most of the core creative team remained intact after Barker’s exit. Co-creators Seth MacFarlane and Matt Weitzman took over the reins as the primary showrunners, along with producer Brian Boyle rising to be an executive producer.

Mike Barker’s departure didn’t seem to drastically alter American Dad or its quality. The writing staff also remained largely the same, providing continuity for the show’s sensibilities. And Barker’s tradition of incorporating current events into episode stories has endured. Overall, American Dad has managed to expand its universe and explore new storylines despite losing one of its foundational voices in Mike Barker.

However, there are some distinctions in American Dad post-Barker. Stan’s character arguably became more eccentric, delusional and conservative. Roger’s flamboyant persona grew more pronounced as well. And some fans believe the show leaned into political satire and a slightly more over-the-top tone after Barker left. So while the core DNA remained, American Dad evolved in certain ways during the Barker-less seasons.

Mike Barker’s original 10-season run clearly established the blueprint for American Dad’s niche in adult animation. The show found its voice early on thanks to Barker’s writing and direction. So while Barker’s departure didn’t derail American Dad, his influence can still be felt in the show’s current form. It continues much of what Barker helped establish in those first few foundational seasons of memorable character-driven storylines.

Mike Barker’s Career After American Dad

Since exiting American Dad in 2013, Mike Barker has stayed extremely busy developing new shows and projects. Here’s a quick look at Barker’s recent career activities and moves since leaving behind his brainchild:

The Legend of Master Legend (2017)

In 2017, Barker created and directed this original documentary series for Amazon Video. It provides a darkly comedic character study of real-life superhero Master Legend. Barker sets out to uncover whether Master Legend is truly a crusader for justice or actually a conman.

Out of Order (2017-present)

This is an adult animated series Barker created starring Michael Shannon. The show follows the misadventures of roommates living in the fictional Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. Out of Order is currently awaiting a network to officially pick it up and order a full season.

Atlantic City (2018-present)

Barker co-created this live-action crime series with Nick Santora for CBS. It provides a 1960’s period drama look at the rise of Atlantic City and stars Olivia Busillo and Madison Iseman. The project remains in active development.

The Great North (2020-present)

Barker joined his former American Dad collaborator Loren Bouchard on this current Fox animated series. He serves as executive producer on the show about an Alaskan family and their adventures. The Great North has aired for two seasons.

Grimsburg (TBA)

This upcoming animated series Barker is attached to comes from Marvin the Martian creator Norman Maurer. It follows gray alien Marvin and his life in the supernatural town of Grimsburg. The project is currently targeted for Fox’s 2023-2024 TV season.

So clearly, Barker has plenty of irons in the fire post-American Dad. He’s creating new animated concepts, branching out into live-action, and working on documentary productions. Barker seems intent on exploring different genres, formats, and mediums outside the world of American Dad. He undoubtedly wants to prove his talents extend far beyond the hit series he helped launch and develop for 10 seasons.


Mike Barker’s departure from American Dad in 2013 marked the end of a significant era for the show. As a co-creator and long-time showrunner, Barker’s vision and voice were essential in shaping American Dad during its first decade on the air. Though American Dad has continued strongly without him, Barker’s creative fingerprints remain all over the show’s foundation and sensibility.

Professionally, leaving American Dad after 10 years allowed Barker to pursue new challenges and develop original concepts like The Legend of Master Legend and Out of Order. He is expanding his repertoire into live-action and documentary formats. Though Barker is still attached to animated projects like The Great North and Grimsburg, he seems focused on exercising different creative muscles.

The split between Mike Barker and American Dad appeared completely amicable. And Barker has only spoken positively about his experience working on the show since his exit. American Dad gave him the chance to fully spread his comedic wings and establish himself in the industry. Though their partnership ended, Barker’s impact on American Dad’s earliest seasons helped turn the show into a cultural icon. Going forward, fans hope he might guest write an episode now and then to remind everyone of his vital role in American Dad’s origins.