Get Paid For Taking Surveys

Getting paid your $25 is easy!

After you complete each Darwin’s Data survey, a $25 Tango card will be emailed to you within three (3) business days. Please watch for your Gift Card in both your inbox and spam folder. If you have not received your Tango card after three (3) business days, please visit the Contact Us page, and request to have the your Tango card resent.

Tango cards give you the choice of where you want to spend your money. Tango cards never expire and have no fees. Tango cards can be exchanged on the Tango card website for e-gift cards to 48 major retailers, or they can be donated to non-profit organizations. You can redeem your Tango card for an e-gift card from retailers including Amazon, iTunes, Target, Macy’s, Starbucks, Home Depot, REI, Pottery Barn, Gap, Chipotle, Zappos and many more. Or you can use your Tango card to make a donation to charities such as (Red), Habitat for Humanity, and Clean Water Fund.

Redeeming your Tango card is easy. Simply visit, select “Redeem” in the upper right corner of the website, enter your Tango card number and pin number, and then select “Activate.” You will then be presented with a list of retailers from whom you can select a gift card. Select the retailer or retailers (you can split the balance between multiple retailers) you would like to receive a gift card from, and you will then be emailed an e-gift card. You can also select to have a physical card mailed to you as well.

For more information and a complete list of retailers and charities visit

Getting your $25 Tango gift card is easyGetting your $25 Tango gift card is easyGetting your $25 Tango gift card is easy