How do I know how many songs I have on iTunes?

iTunes keeps track of all the songs you’ve added to your library, so it’s easy to find out exactly how many you have. Here are a few quick ways to check your song count:

Check the Status Bar

The quickest way is to look at the status bar at the bottom of the iTunes window. On a Mac, it will show the total number of songs you have. On Windows, it shows the number of songs in the current playlist, but you can see your total library song count by going to Music at the top and selecting Songs.

View Library Info

You can also get more detailed library information by going to File > Library > Show Library Information. This will bring up a window showing the total number of songs, as well as how many other media items you have like movies, TV shows, apps, and books.

Check Playlists

If you want to see all your songs in one list, you can make a Smart Playlist that automatically includes all songs. Just go to File > New > Smart Playlist and set the playlist to “Match all of the following rules.” Leave the rule area blank and name the playlist something like “All Songs.” It will then show the total song count at the bottom.

Use Library Search

You can also search your library to get a song count. Just go to the search field at the top right of the iTunes window and search for something common that will match all your songs, like “the” or “track.” The results on the left should show the total number of song matches.

Check iTunes Folder Location

If you want to see the song files themselves, you can find where iTunes saves your library on your computer. On a Mac, go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced and look at the iTunes Media folder location. On Windows, go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced. Then go to that folder on your computer and browse through the songs to see everything iTunes has catalogued.

Use a Third Party App

You can also use various third party apps and utilities to analyze and get details about your iTunes library. Some options include:

App Platform Details
Media Info Mac & Windows Scans iTunes folder and provides library statistics
TuneSweeper Mac Finds duplicate songs and provides song count
WinAmp Windows Media player that reads iTunes library and song info

Use Automator (Mac only)

On a Mac, you can use Automator to quickly get various data about your iTunes library. Create a new workflow and add the “Get iTunes Songs” action. Connect it to a “Count” action to get the total song number. There are lots of other iTunes analysis actions too.

Check on iPhone/iPad

If you sync your iTunes music to an iPhone or iPad, you can find the song count on your device too. Go to Settings > General > About > Songs to see the total number of songs stored on your device from your iTunes library sync.


Figuring out how many songs you have in iTunes is simple once you know where to look. Whether using built-in iTunes tools like the status bar and playlists or utilizing third party apps, you have several quick options to get song count data. Knowing exactly how large your iTunes music library is can help with managing your collection and tracking growth over time.

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