How do you search for deleted Instagram accounts?

Searching for a deleted Instagram account can be tricky, but there are a few methods you can try to locate accounts that are no longer active on the platform. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through all the possible ways to find a deleted Instagram account, from searching Google to using third-party apps and websites.

Check Google Search Results

One of the easiest ways to find a deleted Instagram account is to search for it on Google. Even if the account no longer exists on Instagram, Google may still have cached copies of the profile stored in their search results.

To try finding a deleted Instagram account on Google, follow these steps:

  1. Do a Google search for the username of the deleted account in quotation marks like “username”.
  2. Scroll through the search results to see if any cached pages from the user’s Instagram profile appear.
  3. Click on any results that look like they may lead to the deleted Instagram account.
  4. See if the cached pages contain any posts, photos, or other details from when the account was still active.

If you find cached Instagram profile pages in Google’s search results, it means the account likely existed at one point in time. However, keep in mind that Google does eventually remove outdated caches, so you may not always have luck with this method.

Search Instagram Usernames on Social Media

Another place you can search for a deleted Instagram account is by checking other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Often times, users will have the same username across multiple sites.

To try finding a deleted Instagram account on other platforms:

  1. Search for the Instagram username on Facebook to see if the user has an active profile.
  2. Check Twitter by doing an “@username” search to see if the account exists.
  3. You can also try searching on YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. using the same username.
  4. If you locate matching accounts on other platforms, check those profiles for signs that they belong to the same user from the deleted Instagram.

If the username is unique or distinctive, finding matching accounts on other sites could help confirm the identity of the deleted Instagram account owner.

Use Instagram Username Checker Tools

There are a number of free username checker tools available online that allow you to input an Instagram handle to see if the account still exists. Here are a few to try:

  • – Input username and scan Instagram to check status.
  • – Search username availability across social networks.
  • Namechk – Check Instagram usernames and provides suggestions if unavailable.

These tools will perform a search and return one of two results: “Taken” if the account still exists, or “Available” if it’s been deleted. This can quickly verify if the username you’re looking for has been removed from Instagram.

Use Third-Party Instagram Account Viewers

There are a number of third-party services that allow you to view details about an Instagram account as long as you have the username. Some popular options include:

  • Gramho – Enter a username to see profile details and cached posts.
  • IMGRum – Displays user info and media if account is public.
  • InstaViewer – Shows profile photo, bio, followers, etc.

While most of these services won’t work on private accounts or deleted users, some may return limited details from cached data. It’s worth trying a couple viewers to see if any information on the deleted account is still available.

Search Deleted Accounts on Instagram

There is one trick that allows you to directly search for deleted Instagram accounts from within the Instagram app itself. To try it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Instagram search page from your profile.
  2. Enter the deleted username you want to find.
  3. Tap and hold the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. While still holding, scroll down to choose “Accounts” from the filters.
  5. Release your hold on the search bar to search accounts.

This will return a message stating “No accounts found” if the username has been deleted. It’s a quick way to verify an account doesn’t exist directly through the Instagram app.

Use Web Archiving Sites

Web archiving sites like store caches and historical copies of websites and online data. They can sometimes be used to find deleted social media accounts.

To search for a deleted Instagram account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Wayback Machine” banner.
  3. Enter the Instagram profile URL in this format:
  4. Check the calendar for any archives of the user’s profile.
  5. Click on date links to see cached version of account.

You may get lucky and find copies of the profile page, posts, stories, or other data stored in’s records. But keep in mind their archives are not comprehensive and you may not find anything.

Check Hashtag and Location Tags

If you have any photos or know of posts where the deleted Instagram account was tagged, you may be able to find traces of the user that way.

To try finding deleted accounts through tags:

  • Search hashtags and locations the user was tagged at to see if their username appears in any old posts or comments.
  • Check your own posts to see if you had tagged the deleted Instagram account in photos or captions previously.
  • Ask any mutual followers if they have photos still up that are tagged with the username.

While tags won’t lead back to an actual account, finding recent tags can confirm that the username belonged to a real person prior to being deleted or removed from Instagram.

Search Google for the Full Name

If you know the full name of the person who owned the deleted Instagram account, you may be able to find them by searching directly for their name on Google.

To try this method:

  1. Search the full name of the Instagram account owner in Google.
  2. Look through web search results for profiles on other social networks.
  3. See if the name appears on any professional or interest-based sites.
  4. Match details like location, job, photos etc. to confirm identity.

With a name you may be able to connect the dots and rediscover the person’s new or other existing social media profiles after deleting their Instagram. However, common names can make this process hit-or-miss.

Search Facebook for the Same Name

A Facebook search can also help associate a real identity with a deleted Instagram handle, especially if the account owner used their actual name on both platforms.

To find leads on Facebook:

  1. Search for the full name on Facebook.
  2. Filter results by city, school, job if you know them.
  3. Look for matching profile photos from the Instagram account.
  4. Check about info, posts, and other details to confirm it’s the same person.

This method relies on the person using their real identity on Facebook for the best chance of tracking them down after deleting Instagram. But it could provide the info needed to reconnect.

Ask Around to Mutual Followers

Reach out to any mutual followers you still share with the deleted Instagram account by sending DMs or commenting:

  • Ask if they know why the user deleted their account.
  • See if they have any other way to contact the person outside Instagram.
  • Ask if they have the same username on other social platforms.
  • Request they let you know if the account reactivates.

Fellow followers who knew the account owner personally may hold clues on the user’s identity and reasons for deleting Instagram. Crowdsourcing info this way taps into your existing social connections.

Hire an Online Reputation Management Firm

For high-priority cases, you can enlist professional help tracking down a deleted Instagram account through online reputation management firms like:

Services range from basic social media searches to sophisticated background checks. While expensive, their teams can leverage professional tools and resources beyond just conventional Google searches.

Submit a Data Access Request to Instagram

Instagram allows you to submit a data access or subject access request to receive information about an account in certain cases.

To make a formal data request:

  1. Go to Instagram’s Information Request form.
  2. Choose to submit a request about “someone else’s data.”
  3. Provide the deleted Instagram username and any other details to identify the account.
  4. Explain clearly why you need access to the account data.
  5. Wait for Instagram to process your request (can take up to 90 days).

Instagram reviews each request carefully and only provides personal data to certain authorized individuals. But in special cases it can help uncover deleted account info.

Search Instagram Deleted Account Websites

A number of third-party websites scour Instagram for recently removed accounts and posts to archive user handles and profile details before they disappear.

Some examples to search include:

These services can potentially show the username, profile picture, followers, bio text, and posts from an account before it was removed. Useful if you have the exact handle to search for.

Beware These Methods at Your Own Risk

While the techniques listed above can aid in recovering deleted Instagram accounts, proceed with caution:

  • Repeatedly searching someone’s name online easily veers into stalking behavior, so have clear reasons before doing so.
  • Never pay any website offering to “retrieve a deleted Instagram account” – these are scams.
  • Harassing someone who has deleted their account is illegal – respect their privacy and right to erase online presence.
  • Impersonating others to access private data will get your own accounts deleted or banned.

Essentially, tread carefully and don’t become a cyber-stalker. If an Instagram user deleted their account intentionally, it’s usually for a legitimate personal reason.


Finding a deleted Instagram account requires equal parts detective work and luck. Google searches, username checks, profile viewers, and crowdsourcing tips from connections can occasionally turn up clues on a removed account. But also be prepared that some accounts are gone forever.

At the end of the day, the only person who knows why they deleted their Instagram and where they went is the user themselves. If your search efforts cross any ethical or legal lines, it’s best to simply accept that the account has moved on and focus your energy elsewhere.