How much does it cost to fix liquid damage on MacBook Pro?

Liquid damage on a MacBook Pro can be an expensive problem. The cost to fix it depends on a few factors:

Severity of the Damage

How much liquid got inside the MacBook and which components were affected plays a big role in determining cost. A small spill that only damaged the keyboard will be cheaper to fix than a larger spill that got deeper inside the laptop.

Keyboard Only

If the spill was minor and only damaged the keyboard or trackpad, the repair cost is typically $200-500. This covers replacing just those components.

Moderate Damage

If the liquid seeped deeper and damaged internal components like the logic board, expect costs of $500-800. Repairs will involve cleaning corrosion, reseating chips, etc.

Extensive Damage

A major spill that fried the logic board, SSD, etc will run $800-1500+ to fix. The entire motherboard may need replacement in worst cases.

Use an Authorized Service Provider

Always take a liquid-damaged MacBook Pro to an Apple authorized service provider. Apple stores and authorized repair shops have proper training and tools to correctly diagnose and fix liquid damage.

Going to an unauthorized, cheap repair shop often results in shoddy work that fails to properly fix the underlying issues.

Apple Store Repair Cost

At an Apple store, expect to pay:

  • Keyboard replacement only: $200-300
  • Top case replacement (keyboard, battery, trackpad): $500-600
  • Logic board repair: $500-1200+

Authorized Service Provider Cost

Third-party Apple-approved repair shops often charge slightly less than the Apple store:

  • Keyboard only: $150-250
  • Top case replacement: $400-500
  • Logic board repair: $400-1000

Factors That Increase Cost

Certain factors can drive up the cost of liquid damage repairs on a MacBook Pro:

  • Older model: Replacement parts get more expensive once a MacBook model is 5+ years old.
  • Data recovery: If your data needs to be recovered from a damaged logic board or SSD, add $500-1500.
  • Extensive corrosion: If liquid has badly corroded internal components, more parts may need replacing.
  • Poor previous repairs: Shoddy third-party fixes that didn’t properly address liquid damage raise the cost.

How to Estimate Cost

To get an accurate repair cost estimate:

  1. Take your MacBook to an Apple store or authorized service provider.
  2. They will diagnose the issue and check internally for corrosion.
  3. You’ll then be given a detailed repair quote for the required work.

Expect to pay $200 to over $1000+ depending on damage severity. Act quickly after spill occurs to prevent further corrosion and control costs.

Can Liquid Damage be Prevented?

You can help prevent liquid damage to your MacBook Pro:

  • Use a waterproof case or backpack when traveling.
  • Don’t eat or drink near your laptop.
  • Keep drinks in sealed containers.
  • Shut down MacBook if accidental spill occurs.
  • Hold it upside down to drain out liquid.
  • Let it dry thoroughly for at least 24-48 hours.

While accidents happen, being cautious can help avoid expensive MacBook Pro liquid damage repairs down the road.


Liquid damage repair costs for a MacBook Pro range from $200 for minor keyboard damage up to $1500+ for major component replacements. Always go to Apple or an authorized service provider for accurate diagnosis and quality repairs. Quick action after a spill along with preventative measures can help minimize both damage and repair costs.