Is iPhone 5s still safe to use?

The iPhone 5s was released by Apple in September 2013. Now in 2023, it is 10 years old. Many iPhone 5s users are wondering if the device is still safe and secure to use after all these years. Here is an in-depth look at the iPhone 5s in 2023 and whether it’s still a good idea to keep using this older iPhone model.

Is the iPhone 5s still supported by Apple?

The iPhone 5s is not supported by Apple anymore. It only received software updates until iOS 12, which was its last major iOS version release. Apple generally provides software updates for iPhones for 5-6 years after their release. As the iPhone 5s was released in 2013, it went out of support in 2019.

This means the iPhone 5s does not get important security patches, fixes, and new features that newer iPhones get through regular iOS updates. Using an unsupported iPhone that doesn’t receive software updates does raise security risks.

Does the iPhone 5s still work for basic functions?

For basic functionality like calls, messages, email, web browsing, maps, camera, etc the iPhone 5s still works fine. The A7 chipset powering the iPhone 5s is capable enough for handling these everyday tasks.

However, the performance will not be as smooth or fast as newer iPhones. High-end games and graphics intensive apps may struggle a bit on the iPhone 5s due to its older hardware.

Can I still use apps on the iPhone 5s?

Many apps will continue to work on the iPhone 5s, but some newer apps may not be compatible. Apps are optimized for newer iOS versions and hardware. As developers update their apps, they may drop support for older iPhones like the iPhone 5s.

You may face issues running newer versions of popular apps on the iPhone 5s. Some apps may crash, have interface issues, or limited functionality. Using older app versions can help in some cases.

Is the iPhone 5s battery still decent?

The iPhone 5s came with a 1560 mAh battery when new. After years of use, the maximum battery capacity has degraded. The battery life is unlikely to be as good as when the phone was new.

If your iPhone 5s is shutting down prematurely even at 30-40% charge, it’s a sign the battery needs replacement. Getting the battery replaced can help improve battery life.

Does the iPhone 5s have the latest security features?

The iPhone 5s lacks many of the latest hardware and software security features that Apple has introduced over the years. For example, it does not have Face ID or a Secure Enclave coprocessor. The Touch ID is also only Gen 1, while newer iPhones have more advanced generations of Touch ID.

Without receiving regular security updates, vulnerabilities could potentially be exploited. Jailbreaking also becomes easier, which can open up security risks when installing untrusted apps.

Key iPhone 5s security vulnerabilities

  • No iOS updates since 2019
  • No Face ID
  • Gen 1 Touch ID
  • No hardware Secure Enclave
  • Can’t enable two-factor authentication

Does the iPhone 5s support 4G LTE networks?

The iPhone 5s supports 4G LTE networks, so you will get decent cellular speeds in areas with 4G coverage. However, it does not support more advanced LTE networks, and also lacks 5G support.

Carriers have shut down their older 3G networks. Without 3G fallback, coverage could be limited in some areas for the iPhone 5s. But in most urban areas with good 4G coverage, connectivity should be fine.

Can I still find cases and accessories for the iPhone 5s?

Due to its age, finding cases and accessories for the iPhone 5s is difficult. Apple and third-party vendors have stopped manufacturing iPhone 5s cases and accessories.

You may be able to find some accessories on resale sites like eBay, but choices will be quite limited. Finding a replacement battery or screen may also be challenging.

Is using the iPhone 5s risky?

Using such an old iPhone does carry some risks:

  • Vulnerable to hackers due to lack of software updates
  • Apps may have compatibility issues or stop working
  • Limited cellular connectivity without 3G
  • Battery life and performance will be degraded
  • No technical support or repairs from Apple

While not completely unsafe, the iPhone 5s lacks many modern security provisions. There is a considerably higher risk of malware attacks and other hacks compared to using a newer iPhone.


The iPhone 5s is very dated in 2023, lacking the latest hardware and software features. It can still handle basic functions like calls and web browsing, but performance and battery life will be subpar.

Using such an old iPhone does come with increased security risks. However, the iPhone 5s may still be okay for very basic use cases if you can’t afford a newer device.

But for the best experience, it is highly recommended to upgrade from the iPhone 5s to a newer iPhone if you can. You’ll get a faster device with long battery life and the latest security protections.