Is MobiSaver free?

This is a common question for those looking into MobiSaver as a way to back up their mobile devices. In this article, we’ll take a close look at MobiSaver’s pricing and plans to help you understand what’s available for free versus paid options.


MobiSaver offers a free basic account with limited storage and features. Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks more storage, advanced backup options, and additional features.

What does the free account include?

MobiSaver’s free account, called MobiSaver Basic, lets you backup your mobile device to the cloud with 2GB of storage. This is enough to store your contacts, calendars, photos, and more at no cost.

With the free account you can:

  • Back up your device data to the cloud
  • Sync your data across multiple devices
  • Restore previous backups as needed
  • Access your data from any web browser

The free account is a nice way to get started with MobiSaver and see if you like using it for backups without having to pay anything upfront.

What features are limited on the free plan?

While the free account provides helpful basics, there are limitations to be aware of:

  • Only 2GB of backup storage space
  • No option for automatic wireless backups
  • Limited to backing up one mobile device
  • No backups of social media data
  • No video storage optimization
  • No priority email support

The 2GB storage allowance is quite restricted. For perspective, it’s only enough for around 1000 photos or a few hours of video. Larger media libraries will require upgrading to a paid plan.

What features come with paid plans?

MobiSaver has paid plans that unlock more features and storage:

Plan Storage Price (monthly) Key Features
Pro 50GB $2.99 Backup multiple devices, auto wireless backup
Premium 200GB $4.99 Social media backup, priority support
Ultra 1TB $9.99 Video optimization, unlimited devices

Upgrading to a paid plan gives you more backup space and opens up additional capabilities:

  • Higher storage limits from 50GB up to 1TB
  • Automatic wireless backups
  • Backup as many devices as you need
  • Backup social media data
  • Optimize videos for storage
  • Get priority email support

The paid plans remove the restrictions of the free account and let you fully utilize MobiSaver to safeguard all your personal data.

Is there a free trial available?

MobiSaver does offer new users a 7-day free trial of MobiSaver Premium. This gives you access to all the features of the Premium plan for one week at no cost.

It’s a great way to take the service for a spin before paying. You can sign up for the free trial on MobiSaver’s website with no credit card required.

At the end of the 7 days you would need to pay to continue using Premium features. But your backups from the trial period would remain intact if you revert to the free Basic plan.

What about student discounts?

MobiSaver has a Student Plan that offers 50% off either Premium or Ultra plans. To qualify for the discount you need to sign up with a valid .edu email address.

The Student Plan gives you access to all Premium or Ultra features at half price. It’s a nice way to save if you need lots of backup space and plan on being a student for at least a little while longer.

Can you pay annually for cheaper plans?

MobiSaver does give a discount if you pay annually upfront for a full year of service. The annual prices are:

  • Pro: $29.99/year (saves $6 per year)
  • Premium: $49.99/year (saves $12 per year)
  • Ultra: $99.99/year (saves $24 per year)

As you can see, the annual pricing takes about 2 months off the cost if paying monthly. It’s a nice perk for those who know they’ll use MobiSaver long-term.

Can you use MobiSaver on multiple devices?

With MobiSaver’s free Basic plan you can only backup one mobile device. To sync multiple devices you would need to upgrade to a paid plan:

  • Pro plan: Backup up to 5 devices
  • Premium plan: Backup up to 10 devices
  • Ultra plan: Unlimited device backups

So if you have multiple phones, tablets, etc. that you want to backup, the Ultra plan would be the most flexible option to handle all your devices.

How does MobiSaver compare to other backup services?

MobiSaver isn’t the only option out there for backing up your phone or tablet. Some key competitors include:

  • iCloud – Apple’s backup service integrated with iOS devices. Free 5GB space, paid plans available.
  • Google One – Google’s backup service for Android devices. 15GB free space, paid plans available.
  • Dropbox – Popular file syncing service. 2GB free space, paid plans available.

MobiSaver’s free 2GB plan is very comparable to the starting plans from Apple, Google, and Dropbox. The main advantage MobiSaver offers is specialized mobile backup features and higher storage limits on paid plans.

Should I choose the free or paid MobiSaver plan?

Choosing free vs. paid comes down to your specific backup needs:

  • If you only need to backup a single device with a small amount of data (contacts, calendar, some photos), the free Basic plan may suffice.
  • For multiple device backups, wireless auto-backups, social media data protection, and ample storage, a paid MobiSaver plan is recommended.

Evaluate how much of your personal data you want to backup and how many devices you need to protect. This will steer you towards the best free or paid MobiSaver plan for your needs.


In summary, MobiSaver does offer a free account with 2GB storage but limited features. Upgrading to a paid plan provides more backup capacity, flexibility, and advanced tools. Consider the free trial to experience MobiSaver’s capabilities firsthand.

For comprehensive protection of all your mobile data across multiple devices, a paid MobiSaver plan is the way to go. But occasional, light users may be able to get by with the basic free account.

Visit MobiSaver’s website for full details on all their free and paid plans to choose the right option for you.