What is halfway between Ohio and Vegas?

Determining the halfway point between two locations is a common calculation that allows travelers to plan meetup points, measure road trip progress, and estimate travel times. For a road trip between Ohio and Las Vegas, Nevada, calculating the halfway mark provides useful information to break up the long journey and set reasonable daily driving goals.

The Straight Line Halfway Point

The shortest, straight line route between Ohio and Las Vegas crosses through the states of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah. This path stretches approximately 1,949 miles end to end. To find the straight line halfway point along this route, the total distance is divided by two. Therefore, the straight line halfway point between Ohio and Las Vegas is 974.5 miles from each start location.

This halfway calculation is useful for understanding the total road trip distance and how long the drive may take without stops. However, on a real road trip, travelers must follow interstate highways and main roads which add distance compared to traveling in a straight line. So the actual halfway point along drivable roads may be located farther than 974.5 miles from Ohio and Vegas.

Halfway Point By Drive Time

Another approach to calculate the halfway point is by drive time rather than mileage. Google Maps estimates the total drive time from Ohio to Las Vegas at 33 hours along interstate routes. Dividing the total estimated drive time in half results in a midpoint travel time of 16.5 hours.

For a road trip travel time of 33 hours, driving 8 hours per day, the halfway point would be reached on the morning of day 3 in Kansas between Wichita and Hays. While not exactly halfway by mileage, reaching this point after 16 hours of driving splits the trip nicely into 3 travel days to the Midwest and 2 travel days across the mountains and desert.

Halfway Point By Mileage

To calculate the actual halfway point along drivable interstate highways between Ohio and Las Vegas, the total mileage must be determined. According to Google Maps, driving along major interstates like I-70 covers approximately 1,985 miles.

Dividing 1,985 miles in half results in a halfway point at 992.5 miles. This mileage falls in northwest Kansas between Colby and Oakley on I-70. This location splits the drive mileage perfectly in two equal segments.

Total Distance 1,985 miles
Halfway Mileage Point 992.5 miles
Halfway Location Northwest Kansas along I-70

Travelers starting in Ohio will have driven roughly 992.5 miles once they reach the halfway point in Kansas. The remaining 992.5 miles to Las Vegas completes the second half of the road trip.

Finding the Halfway City

Rather than only identifying the halfway mileage marker, travelers may prefer to plan their road trip around cities to stop for food, gas, and lodging. Between Ohio and Las Vegas, the major city closest to the 992.5 mile midpoint is Colby, Kansas.

With a population of just over 5,000, Colby is a small rural Kansas town located right along I-70. It provides all the necessary services for travelers including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. The interstate runs directly through town making it a very convenient and logical midpoint stopover location.

Using Colby, Kansas as the road trip halfway point splits the drive into two equal segments:

  • Ohio to Colby, KS – 992 miles
  • Colby, KS to Las Vegas, NV – 993 miles

This allows travelers to conveniently divide the route for planning lodging stops and daily drive segments. An example halfway point road trip itinerary using Colby, KS as the stopover could be:

Day 1 Ohio to St. Louis, MO – 456 mi
Day 2 St. Louis, MO to Colby, KS – 536 mi
Day 3 Colby, KS to Denver, CO – 539 mi
Day 4 Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV – 454 mi

Stopping in Colby splits the 33 hour drive into four segments of approximately 8 or 9 hours each. Travelers could easily modify the daily mileage breakdown based on their preferences.

Modifying the Halfway Point

While Colby, Kansas may be the precise halfway city by mileage, travelers can adjust their halfway stopover location based on driving pace, schedule, or points of interest. For example, reaching Kansas City, Wichita, or Denver serves equally well as a midpoint overnight stop even if the mileage is not perfectly equalized.

Since Kansas City and Wichita are both east of the 50% mileage mark, stopping at one of these cities shifts more drive time into the first portion of the trip. Denver, located west of Colby, places more mileage on the second half instead. Travelers simply need to account for the adjusted mileage and resulting extra drive time required on one half of the route versus the other.

The halfway city also becomes less important for faster paced travelers. Those driving 10+ hours per day could potentially complete the Ohio to Vegas road trip in just 2 days by limiting extended stops. In this case, the halfway point holds less relevance.

Key Factors In Choosing a Halfway Point

  • Driving pace and length of travel days
  • Schedule limitations and need to balance drive time
  • Locations of cities, hotels, restaurants, points of interest
  • Mileage precision – if perfectly equal segments are required

While the math may identify Colby, KS as the exact halfway marker, practical needs often outweigh getting the mileage perfectly equal. Travelers can adjust their halfway stopover location appropriately based on their individual trip requirements.


Calculating and identifying the halfway point for a road trip between Ohio and Las Vegas provides useful travel planning information. While the mathematical halfway mileage along the most direct route occurs around the 992 mile marker in Kansas, the actual stopover location can be modified. Road trippers should identify the halfway city that best matches their pace, schedule, and needs for hotel availability, food, fuel, and attractions.

Services in Colby directly along I-70 make it the logical midpoint city for most travelers. But options like Kansas City, Wichita, and Denver work equally well if the mileage split isn’t perfect. The halfway point gives road trippers a goal to aim for, preventing long, tiring drive days and providing a rest stop before completing the second half of any cross country adventure.

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