What is halfway between Orlando and San Antonio?

Orlando, Florida and San Antonio, Texas are two major cities located in the southeastern and south-central United States respectively. They are separated by approximately 950 miles if driving directly between the two cities. Determining the halfway point between Orlando and San Antonio requires analyzing the driving route and finding the location that splits the trip into two equal segments.

Driving Route from Orlando to San Antonio

When driving from Orlando to San Antonio, there are a few potential routes one could take. The most direct and fastest route would be to take I-10 W for the entirety of the trip. This interstate connects the two cities in a fairly straight line, passing through Tallahassee and Pensacola in Florida, then through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas before arriving in San Antonio. The total driving distance via I-10 W is approximately 950 miles.

Another option is to take I-75 S from Orlando towards Tampa, then pick up I-10 W from there and follow it all the way to San Antonio. This adds a bit of distance to bypass Orlando to the west and south, resulting in a total trip of around 1,020 miles. While not quite as direct, it does allow travelers to visit Tampa and other destinations along the Gulf Coast. There are some other route combinations as well, but taking I-10 W offers the shortest drive between the two cities.

Calculating the Midpoint

To identify the true halfway point between Orlando and San Antonio, the full 950-mile drive along I-10 W should be used. The math is simple:

  • Total distance: 950 miles
  • Half of 950 miles: 475 miles

Therefore, the location that is 475 miles from Orlando and 475 miles from San Antonio would mark the midpoint. Looking at a map, this halfway point along I-10 W falls near Pecos, Texas.

Pecos, Texas

Pecos is a small city located in west Texas, about 25 miles east of the New Mexico border. It sits along I-10 roughly halfway between San Antonio to the east and El Paso to the west. When traveling from Orlando, drivers would reach Pecos after about 8-9 hours on the road. For those coming from San Antonio, it also marks a drive of 8-9 hours. Pecos makes sense as the halfway city, positioned nearly equidistant from each starting location.

Additional Facts About the Midpoint

Here are some additional facts about Pecos, Texas as the midpoint between Orlando and San Antonio:

  • Pecos has a population of about 8,780 people as of the 2020 census.
  • The land area is 3.49 square miles.
  • It sits at an elevation of 2,566 feet above sea level.
  • Interstate 10 passes right through the southern side of town.
  • Pecos claims to be the site of the world’s first rodeo on July 4, 1883.
  • The city calls itself the “Gateway to the West Texas Mountains.”
  • Primary industries include oil, gas, agriculture, and ranching.
  • The Pecos River flows through the region just south of the city.

So for road trippers driving coast-to-coast along I-10 between Orlando and San Antonio, Pecos, Texas makes for a convenient stopover and refueling point right at the halfway mark. It provides drivers an opportunity to take a break, stretch their legs, and enjoy some sights before hitting the road again to complete the second half of their long-haul journey.

Alternative Midpoints

If calculating the exact midpoint along the most direct 950-mile route of I-10, Pecos, TX is the definitive halfway point between Orlando and San Antonio. However, you can also look at some alternative midpoints based on other driving routes or less precise math.

New Orleans, LA

Driving along I-10 the entire way, New Orleans, Louisiana is almost exactly the halfway point distance-wise from Orlando to San Antonio. It sits around 480 miles from Orlando and 470 miles from San Antonio, making it a high-potential midpoint candidate. New Orleans obviously offers many more amenities and tourism opportunities as a major city compared to smaller Pecos.

Houston, TX

Following I-10 W from Orlando, Houston is located around 650 miles into the drive to San Antonio. That leaves 300 remaining miles to reach San Antonio, making Houston roughly a 2/3 midpoint. The metro area also has two major airports, providing more transportation options for travelers coming from either starting city.

Lake Charles, LA

Located just over 200 miles east of Houston, Lake Charles, LA could be considered a midpoint as well. It is about 460 miles from Orlando and 490 miles from San Antonio. Though not precisely halfway, it serves as a reasonable stopping point between the two cities for food, gas, and rest.


When driving directly along the most efficient route of I-10, Pecos, Texas represents the true halfway point between Orlando, FL and San Antonio, TX. Located about 475 miles from each city, Pecos gives road trippers an ideal place to take a break at the midpoint of their nearly 1,000 mile journey. However, other cities along the route like New Orleans, Houston, and Lake Charles also serve as convenient alternative midpoints for those making the drive between southeast and south-central Texas.

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