What is the best app to recover lost photos?

Losing photos from your phone or camera can be devastating. Those precious memories captured in photos are often impossible to replace. Thankfully, there are apps available that can help you recover deleted photos on both iOS and Android devices.

Top 3 Apps to Recover Lost Photos

Based on features, user reviews and effectiveness, here are the top 3 apps to use for recovering lost photos:

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger is one of the most popular and highly rated photo recovery apps available for both iOS and Android. The app scans your device’s memory for lost or deleted photo and video files and allows you to preview and recover them. Key features include:

  • Recovers photos and videos from internal memory as well as external SD cards
  • Easy-to-use interface allows browsing and previewing of found files
  • Sorts recovered photos/videos by file type and location
  • Completely free for basic photo recovery features

Remo Recover

Remo Recover is another top-rated recovery app for iOS and Android. It quickly scans all of your device’s storage and extracts recoverable photos and videos. Standout features include:

  • Advanced deep scan capability for more effective recovery
  • Recovers photos/videos from internal storage and external SD card
  • Preview found photos and select ones to recover
  • Ability to recover up to 30 photos/videos for free

iMyFone iBypasser – iOS

For iPhone users, iMyFone iBypasser provides an effective photo recovery solution specifically designed for iOS. Useful features include:

  • Recovers photos/videos lost due to deletion, device damage, OS update, etc.
  • Allows previewing of found photos and selective recovery
  • Advanced deep scan mode for enhanced recovery capability
  • User-friendly interface

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Photo Recovery App

When evaluating apps to recover lost photos, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Platform support – Make sure the app is designed for your device’s operating system (iOS vs Android).
  • Scan capability – The app should scan all storage locations, including external SD card if applicable.
  • Preview function – Being able to preview found files allows selective recovery.
  • Recovery success rate – Check reviews and info on recovery effectiveness.
  • Ease of use – The interface should make it simple to scan, preview and recover photos.
  • Cost – Some apps offer free limited recovery while full functionality requires a paid upgrade.

Why Recovering Lost Photos is Important

There are several key reasons why being able to recover deleted or lost photos is highly valuable:

  • Capturing memories – Photos often capture unique, important life events and memories that cannot be recreated.
  • Sentimental value – Certain photos hold special sentimental meaning and are painful to lose forever.
  • Lack of backups – Many users don’t routinely back up their photos, making recovery the only option.
  • Accidental deletion – It’s easy to accidentally delete precious photos and media files.

Being able to recover lost photos gives peace of mind that those special captured memories and moments can be retrieved even if they are accidentally deleted or lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tips to Avoid Losing Photos

While the above apps provide a good solution for photo recovery, it’s always best to avoid losing your photos in the first place. Here are some handy tips to prevent photo loss:

  • Regularly back up your photos to cloud storage and external drives.
  • Enable iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos auto-backup on your smartphone.
  • Don’t store photos long-term on your device’s internal memory.
  • Be careful when deleting photos to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Manage your photo storage so it doesn’t fill up and crash your device.


Losing precious photos and media is always a risk with the amount of photos captured on smartphones and cameras. However, recovery apps provide an effective solution for retrieving deleted and lost photos. The best options based on reviews and features include DiskDigger, Remo Recover and iMyFone iBypasser.

When selecting a recovery app, be sure to consider factors like platform support, scan capability, ease of use and cost. The ability to recover lost photos provides peace of mind that your most precious memories can still be retrieved if accidentally deleted. Following some simple backup and storage practices can also help avoid losing your photos in the first place.

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