What is the non emergency number for the city of Englewood?

The non-emergency phone number for the city of Englewood, Colorado is 303-761-7410. This number should be called for any issues or concerns that do not require immediate police, fire, or medical response. Calling the non-emergency number rather than 911 helps keep emergency lines free for true emergencies.

When to Call the Non-Emergency Number

The Englewood non-emergency number should be used to report minor crimes or quality of life issues that are not in progress. Examples include:

  • Noise complaints
  • Loitering
  • Vandalism or property damage that has already occurred
  • Theft reports for minor stolen items
  • Parking violations

Calling 303-761-7410 allows you to speak directly with the Englewood Police Department to address these types of concerns that do not require immediate police presence. The non-emergency line is staffed 24/7.

When to Call 911 Instead

It’s important to know when to call 911 rather than the non-emergency number. The following types of situations require emergency response and should always be reported via 911:

  • A crime in progress
  • Someone in imminent danger
  • Any situation involving injuries or threats of violence
  • A fire
  • A medical emergency such as heart attack, stroke, difficulty breathing, severe injury, etc.

Calling 911 prompts an immediate emergency response from police, fire, and/or medical assistance. This rapid response can help protect people from harm and apprehend criminals. Only call 911 if immediate help is crucial – misusing 911 carries penalties in many areas.

What to Expect When Calling 303-761-7410

When you call the Englewood non-emergency number 303-761-7410, the call will be answered by the police department’s communications center. Be prepared to provide the call-taker with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact phone number
  • Location of the incident
  • Description of the non-emergency situation

Based on the details provided, the call-taker will dispatch an officer or transfer you to the appropriate department to handle your non-emergency issue. Remain on the line until instructed otherwise. If there are any safety risks, you may be advised to wait at a different location for the responding officer.

In most cases, an officer will be sent to take an in-person report and investigate as needed. For minor concerns, an officer may instead take the report over the phone or advise on next steps. Either way, calling 303-761-7410 kicks off the police response process for addressing quality of life issues and minor crimes not requiring an emergency response.

What Information is Needed When Reporting an Incident?

To help the Englewood Police Department efficiently respond to and investigate a non-emergency incident, it is helpful to gather some key details before calling 303-761-7410. Having this information ready allows you to provide an accurate report.

  • Time and date the incident occurred
  • Exact location, such as street address
  • Details about what happened
  • Description of any suspects or vehicles involved
  • Your own contact information as the reporting party
  • Names and contact info of any witnesses, if applicable

For property crimes, take photos of any damage and be prepared to provide make, model, and serial number for stolen items if possible. Providing clear and factual details helps the responding officer understand what transpired.

What Type of Situations Warrant Calling the Non-Emergency Number?

There are many different types of minor crimes, quality of life issues, and other concerns that warrant placing a call to 303-761-7410 rather than 911. Here are some of the most common situations for using the non-emergency police number:

Noise Complaints

Call to report loud music, shouting, construction noise, barking dogs, or any other noise disturbances, especially if occurring late at night. Be prepared to provide the exact address source of the noise.

Public Nuisances

Contact the non-emergency line for public nuisances like trash dumping, public intoxication, aggressive panhandling, or groups loitering in front of businesses or private property.

Damaged Property

Call to report vandalism, graffiti, or damage to your property that is no longer in progress and does not require immediate response. Have information about exactly what was damaged ready to provide.


If someone is on your property without permission who won’t leave, call the non-emergency number to have police come and remove the unwanted person.


To report a theft after the suspect has left the scene, call the non-emergency number instead of 911. Provide any details about stolen items and information about the suspect if known.

Hit and Run

If there are no injuries, call the non-emergency number to report a hit and run car accident that already occurred.

Missing Persons

To report a non-endangered missing person or runaway, use the non-emergency number. Have a description of the missing person and last place/time they were seen.

Lost or Found Property

Call 303-761-7410 to report lost property or turn in found property to the police department.

Parking Violations

Complaints about illegal parking, blocked driveways, or disabled parking violations should be reported via the non-emergency line.

What Information Should You Avoid Providing?

When reporting a non-emergency incident, there are some types of information that should not be volunteered unless expressly requested by the call-taker or responding officer. This includes:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Bank account or credit card numbers
  • Personal details not relevant to the situation

Only provide information directly relevant to the situation at hand. Never give out financial account details or private information unless the call-taker specifically asks for it.

Can I Remain Anonymous When Calling?

In most cases, you will need to provide your name and contact information when calling 303-761-7410 to report a non-emergency incident. This allows the police department to follow up if needed as they investigate the situation. However, you can request that some or all of your information be kept confidential if you have safety or privacy concerns about providing your details.

There are some situations where you can remain completely anonymous, such as when reporting minor quality of life issues that do not require follow up contact. But in general, expect to give your name for police reports to be completed properly.

When is the Non-Emergency Number Available?

The Englewood non-emergency number 303-761-7410 is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call anytime day or night to report a non-urgent issue or concern. The line is answered year-round, including weekends and holidays.

What Happens When I Call After Normal Business Hours?

The 303-761-7410 non-emergency line is answered 24/7 by the Englewood Police Department’s communications center. Even during overnight hours, your call will be answered and dispatchers are available to send an officer to respond as needed. Whether you call at 2pm on a Tuesday or 4am on a Sunday, your non-emergency concern will be addressed.

Does Calling the Non-Emergency Number Cost Anything?

There is no charge for calling the Englewood non-emergency number 303-761-7410. It is a toll-free call. Unlike 911 calls which may incur a small fee on your phone bill, the non-emergency line is free to call from any phone.

How Long Does it Take For Dispatch to Send Officers When I Call?

Response time for non-emergency calls varies based on the nature of the incident and the current call volume. In urgent situations during busy periods, it may take up to an hour for police to respond. For less urgent issues or during slow periods, response time is generally 15-30 minutes.

If you need immediate help, always call 911 instead of the non-emergency line. But for most quality of life issues or minor crimes, officers will be dispatched promptly without excessive delay.

Alternatives to Calling the Non-Emergency Number

Besides calling 303-761-7410, there are sometimes other suitable options for reporting minor issues or getting assistance from law enforcement. Alternatives include:

  • Filing some reports online via the police department website
  • Visiting the nearest police station in person
  • Calling a different city helpline for concerns like noise complaints or animal control
  • Contacting your local city council representative

However, the non-emergency number is the most direct method for obtaining a police response for most minor crimes and quality of life issues.

What Issues Should Not be Reported Via the Non-Emergency Line?

While 303-761-7410 can be used for reporting minor property crimes, quality of life disturbances, and other non-urgent issues, there are some situations that should be handled differently rather than calling the police non-emergency line:

  • Emergencies requiring immediate response – Call 911 instead
  • General questions/inquiries for the police department – Call the main department number instead
  • Complaints about police conduct – Contact the department’s internal affairs division
  • Requesting medical assistance – Call 911 or a medical help line rather than the police

Using the right city and community resources for your particular need helps improve response time.

Can I Get in Trouble for Misusing the Non-Emergency Number?

There are no criminal penalties for misuse of the 303-761-7410 non-emergency line. However, repeatedly calling to report false information or otherwise misusing the line could subject you to being charged with a misdemeanor crime under local laws prohibiting misuse of 911 and public safety communications systems.

Never make prank calls or call the non-emergency number without a legitimate purpose. But in general, calling about minor issues is not problematic as long as you have a valid reason for contacting law enforcement.

How Can I Best Work With Responding Officers?

When police respond to your non-emergency call, communicating clearly with the responding officers helps ensure the issue is properly addressed. Here are tips for working best with officers after calling 303-761-7410:

  • Provide any additional details about the situation when asked
  • Avoid confrontation or obstruction when officers are investigating
  • Don’t call about the same issue repeatedly if it is already being addressed
  • Cooperate fully if the officer needs to take a report or gather evidence

By calling the non-emergency line first and cooperating with police, issues can typically be resolved efficiently and effectively.

Can I Follow Up if My Call for Service Wasn’t Addressed Properly?

If you feel the responding officer did not properly handle your non-emergency call, there are options for following up:

  • Call the non-emergency line again and request to speak with a supervisor
  • File a complaint with the police department’s internal affairs division
  • Address your concerns by contacting city officials or attending community meetings

While discipline is unlikely for one-off minor issues with response, repeated patterns of problematic responses may be addressed by escalating within the police department chain of command.

Does the Non-Emergency Number Change?

The Englewood non-emergency number 303-761-7410 is static and does not change. This makes it easy to save in your contacts to access easily in the future. Unlike 911, which routes based on location, the non-emergency number is the same for all calls within Englewood.

If traveling outside the city, be aware that other jurisdictions have different police non-emergency numbers. But Englewood will keep 303-761-7410 as its designated non-emergency call center.


Having a separate non-emergency telephone number available allows the Englewood Police Department to more efficiently dispatch resources. Only calling 911 for true emergencies helps keep those vital emergency lines from getting overloaded.

By programing 303-761-7410 into your contacts, you have easy access whenever a law enforcement response is needed for minor concerns like noise complaints, minor accidents, or quality of life issues. Using the non-emergency line properly allows police officers to focus on serving community needs without tying up critical 911 emergency call capacity.

Knowing when to call 303-761-7410 and what situations are appropriate to report via the Englewood non-emergency number enables community members to promptly get law enforcement assistance without unnecessary delay. Whether you need to make a theft report, raise a concern about local youths loitering, or have any other minor issue requiring police response, using the dedicated non-emergency line makes the process straightforward and efficient.