Where to stop between Seattle and Sacramento?

Planning a road trip from Seattle to Sacramento can be exciting, but also tiring with such a long drive. Deciding where to stop along the way to eat, rest, and explore makes the journey more enjoyable. Here are some of the best places to stop on a Seattle to Sacramento drive.

Why Stop On The Way?

The drive from Seattle, WA to Sacramento, CA covers about 665 miles which takes around 11-12 hours of nonstop driving. Trying to drive it all in one day would be quite grueling. Stopping along the way allows you to:

  • Rest and prevent fatigue – Driving for long periods without adequate rest increases accident risk. Taking breaks allows you to recharge.
  • See sights – The route passes through diverse scenery and small towns in Washington, Oregon, and California. Stopping lets you appreciate them.
  • Eat – It’s much nicer to enjoy a sit-down meal than fast food in the car. Stopping means you can eat at local restaurants.
  • Stretch your legs – Long periods of sitting can cause leg cramps and joint pain. Stopping allows you to walk around and get the blood flowing.

Stopping every 2-3 hours is ideal. That gives you time to take a break without adding too much extra driving time. Now let’s look at some of the best places to stop on the drive.

Washington Stops

Washington has beautiful scenery as you drive south from Seattle towards Oregon. Here are some great spots to check out:


Tacoma is about 30 miles south of Seattle located along Puget Sound. It is an ideal first rest stop. Stretch your legs on a waterfront walk along the Thea Foss Waterway, have lunch in the fun downtown filled with museums and indie shops, or tour the historic mansions in the North Slope Historic District.

Mount Rainier

As you continue south, stop at Mount Rainier National Park to admire the majestic 14,411 foot volcano. Hike through wildflower meadows, walk beneath old-growth forests, or take the winding drive up to Paradise. Grab a bite at the National Park Inn before continuing.

Mount St. Helens

Next is Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument where you can explore the landscape altered by the 1980 eruption. Hike through volcanic ash beds, see lava domes, and walk under a canopy of new growth. Stop at the visitor centers to learn more and have a snack.


Make time for a stop in vibrant Portland, Oregon’s largest city. Get your caffeine fix at one of the famous coffee shops. Wander through the parks, bridges, and riverside trails. Browse the food carts, breweries, and shops in the Pearl District. Rest up before crossing into California.

Oregon Stops

Oregon’s scenic wilderness and coastline are perfect for taking a break. Here are top places to go:

Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley south of Portland is Oregon’s wine country. Stop at some of the over 500 wineries and vineyards nestled among rolling hills. Sip Pinot Noir, dine on fresh local cuisine, and relax before getting back on the road.


Further south, Eugene has an eclectic, artsy vibe home to the University of Oregon. Stroll through the colorful Whiteaker neighborhood, sample craft beers, enjoy live music, and refuel for more driving.

Crater Lake

Just east of the route is stunning Crater Lake National Park. The deep blue lake inside a caldera formed by an ancient volcano eruption is a must-see. Hike and boat in summer, or enjoy winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Oregon Coast

Highway 101 winds along Oregon’s scenic coastline. Stop to enjoy dramatic rocky vistas, secluded beaches, charming seaside towns, fresh seafood, and oceanfront lodging. Relax with nature’s beauty before your final push to Sacramento.

California Stops

Once in California, you’re on the home stretch. But don’t miss these wonderful spots:

Redwood National & State Parks

In northern California, make time to drive the Redwood Highway through groves of old-growth coast redwoods, some over 2,000 years old. Marvel at their scale in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park or stretch your legs on forested trails in Redwood National Park.


Stop for a bite in Eureka, one of California’s best preserved Victorian seaports. Check out the romantic waterfront Old Town district lined with Victorian buildings, shops, galleries, and restaurants serving fresh catch of the day.


Further south, Mendocino offers more breathtaking coastal scenery. Stay in a quaint B&B, relax on the headlands, and explore the art galleries, eateries, and breweries in this charming village perched on rocky cliffs.

Napa Valley

No road trip through California is complete without visiting wine country. Napa Valley has over 400 wineries set among the rolling hills. Savor world-class wines, dine on farm-to-table fare, and relax in the Mediterranean climate.

Where To Spend The Night

Driving 11+ hours in one day can be tiring. Consider spending a night along the way to break up the drive. Here are some top overnight stop options:

Location Good For
Portland, OR Urban activities, restaurants, nightlife
Eugene, OR Small city culture, university vibe
Bend, OR Outdoor recreation, mountain scenery
Crater Lake NP, OR Nature, lodges, stargazing
Coastal town Scenic oceanside lodging, seafood
Eureka, CA Victorian ambiance, shopping
Mendocino, CA Coastal B&Bs, art galleries
Napa Valley Wine tasting, luxury resorts

Spending a night can reenergize you for another full day of driving. It also lets you enjoy some of the destinations more fully instead of quick stops.

Tips for an Enjoyable Stop

Here are some tips for making the most of your stops on a Seattle to Sacramento drive:

  • Have a plan – Decide which spots interest you most and map out potential places to stop. This way you build in time for sights without getting off track.
  • Share driving duties – Split the driving with a companion. You’ll stay more alert and be able to stop more frequently.
  • Pack snacks – Bring healthy snacks and drinks so you can refuel on the road when needed.
  • Take scenic routes – Avoid boring interstates and enjoy more scenery on routes like Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast.
  • Check hours – Some attractions like visitor centers have limited hours. Know before you go.
  • Allow flexibility – Leave room for unexpected delays and spontaneous stops. Don’t rush.
  • Get adequate rest – Stopping overnight lets you continue with renewed energy vs pushing through late and tired.

By planning stops thoughtfully, you can have a memorable journey filled with diverse experiences. The destination becomes part of the experience itself.

Top Stop Recommendations

If you only have time for a few stops, here are some top picks:

  • Portland, OR – Vibrant city with great food and culture
  • Columbia River Gorge – Dramatic gorge views and waterfalls
  • Crater Lake NP, OR – Amazing blue lake in volcanic crater
  • Oregon Coast – Rugged Pacific Ocean scenery and cozy towns like Newport
  • Redwood NP, CA – Iconic giant redwood forests
  • Napa Valley, CA – World-class wine tasting

These spots provide a good mix of natural scenery, restaurants, attractions, and relaxing overnight stays to break up the long drive.


Making stops can transform a Seattle to Sacramento road trip from a mundane drive into an enjoyable adventure. Taking time to rest, eat, explore, and appreciate diverse scenery allows you to experience the journey, not just focus on the destination. Plan your perfect blend of urban vibes, outdoor activities, and relaxing overnights in places like Portland, Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, Redwood National Park, and Napa Valley. Stopping may add a little extra time, but will provide lasting memories. With good planning and flexibility, you can have an incredible road trip from Seattle to Sacramento.

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