Why can’t I see my recently deleted on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. On Instagram, users can upload photos and videos, follow other accounts, send direct messages, and more. One key feature of Instagram is the ability to delete posts – however, sometimes users notice that their recently deleted content no longer shows up on their profile.

There are a few main reasons why deleted Instagram posts won’t show up in your feed or profile anymore:

Instagram Removes Deleted Posts From Your Profile

The main reason you can no longer see your recently deleted Instagram posts is that Instagram completely removes deleted content from your profile and feed. When you delete a post, it is no longer visible to you or anyone else who visits your profile.

Instagram does this to give users more control over their presence on the platform. Deleting a post allows you to essentially erase it from Instagram, as if it was never posted in the first place. This allows users to maintain their desired aesthetic and curate the content they want to represent them publicly on their profile.

When You Delete, Content is Removed from Instagram Servers

In addition to removing deleted posts from your profile and feed, Instagram also deletes the content from its servers. So the photos, videos, captions, hashtags, etc. in the post are no longer stored on Instagram’s back end.

This means that once content is deleted, it cannot be recovered or re-posted unless you have a saved copy of it somewhere else. Instagram does not keep copies of your deleted content in an archive or trash folder – it is erased completely.

Deleted Content Cannot be Restored

Unfortunately, since deleted Instagram posts are removed from Instagram’s servers entirely, there is no way to retrieve or restore them after deletion. This means if you accidentally delete something you wanted to keep or change your mind later, you cannot get it back.

Instagram will not be able to recover or undelete posts for you. The only way to get deleted content back would be if you had downloaded copies or screenshots saved elsewhere before deleting.

When Content is Deleted from Instagram

Instagram removes deleted posts right away, typically within a few seconds of hitting delete. So you likely will not see deleted content in your profile or feed as soon as you delete it.

Immediate Removal from Your Profile

As soon as a post is deleted, it will disappear from your Instagram profile instantly. Anyone who visits your page will no longer see the deleted post.

Instant Removal from Your Feed

Similarly, deleted content is immediately removed from your main Instagram feed as well as the feeds of your followers. So you and others will not see the deleted post in your feeds.

Gone From Hashtags and Locations

The deleted post will also be removed from any hashtags or location pages it was tagged with. For example, if you delete a post tagged #sunset, it will no longer appear under that hashtag.

Exceptions: When Deleted Content May Still be Visible

In some rare cases, deleted Instagram posts may still be visible in certain places for a short time:

Instagram Caches

Instagram’s app and website utilize caching, which stores copies of content and profiles temporarily to help pages load faster. The caches update every few hours. So deleted content may still be visible in cached versions of your profile or hashtags for up to a few hours until the caches refresh.

Direct Messages

If you sent the post directly to friends via DM, they may still have it visible in your message thread after deletion. But it will eventually disappear for them as well.

Third-Party Apps

Some third party apps that access Instagram content via the API may take a while to update with your deleted posts removed. So the deleted content may still show up there briefly.

What Happens When You Archive Instead of Delete

Instead of deleting, some users choose to archive their Instagram posts instead. Archiving removes content from your profile page but still keeps it on Instagram’s servers.

Still Visible in Archive and Feed

Archived posts can still be viewed in your Instagram Archive, which lives in the menu of your profile page. Archived posts also remain visible in your followers’ feeds.

Can Be Restored

The key difference is that archived posts can easily be restored back to your profile. So archiving allows you to temporarily hide content instead of permanently deleting.

Doesn’t Impact Insights

Archiving also doesn’t reset the view count or engagement on a post. So it will keep its historical metrics and continue counting future engagement.

Ways to See Deleted Instagram Posts

Even though Instagram does not have a built-in way to recover deleted posts, there are some workarounds to see your recently deleted content:

Check Message Threads

If you sent the post directly via DM, check those message threads – recipients may still have the post visible there for a short time after deletion.

Use a Third Party App

Some apps like Dumpor promise to show your deleted Instagram posts for a limited time by pulling them from caches before they disappear. However, security risks often accompany third party apps.

Check Cached Versions of Your Profile

Try finding a Google cached version of your Instagram profile page – deleted posts may show up there until the caches update.

Recover from Backups

If you had any backups, downloads, or screenshots of the post saved elsewhere, you may be able to recover deleted content from those secondary sources.

Preventing Deleted Posts in the Future

To make sure you do not lose any Instagram posts you want to keep in the future, here are some tips:

Archive Instead of Delete

Use Instagram’s archive option to temporarily hide posts instead of permanently deleting. This allows you to restore content later if desired.

Download Your Data

Download copies of your Instagram data to have backups of photos, videos, captions, comments, and more in case you ever want to reference or re-share.

Take Screenshots

Get in the habit of taking screenshots of posts you may want in the future before deleting the originals.

Use a Third Party Backup App

Configure a third party app to automatically save copies of your Instagram content so you have a backup if anything gets deleted.

Think Before Deleting

Always take a few extra seconds to consider whether you may regret deleting a post later on. Delete conservatively and only when necessary.


In summary, deleted Instagram posts do not show up in your profile, feed, hashtags, or anywhere else on Instagram because the content is permanently removed from Instagram’s servers when you delete. The platform does this intentionally to empower users to curate their presence and erase content they no longer want public. While it can be frustrating if you change your mind, there is unfortunately no way to recover or undelete posts after the fact unless you saved the content elsewhere. To avoid losing posts in the future, utilize archiving instead of deleting when possible and be diligent about backing up your Instagram data.

Reason Explanation
Instagram removes deleted posts When you delete a post, Instagram erases it from your profile, feed, hashtags, and everywhere else
Content deleted from servers Deleted posts are removed from Instagram’s servers, not just hidden
Deleted content cannot be restored There is no way to recover a deleted post unless you have a backup
Removal is immediate Deleted posts disappear from Instagram instantly within seconds
Archived content is different Archiving simply hides posts, allowing them to be restored later
Time Deleted Post Visibility
Immediately Removed from profile and feed
Within hours Disappears from hashtags and locations
Up to a few hours May still be in caches and third party apps
Up to a few days Visible in message threads for recipients
Workaround Details
Check message threads Recipients may still have the post in your DMs
Use a third party app Some apps can recover deleted content from caches
Check cached profiles Your post may still be in a cached version of your profile
Recover from backups Retrieve your post from any saved copies or screenshots
Prevention Tip Notes
Archive instead of delete Archiving allows you to restore content later
Download your data Creates a backup of your content
Take screenshots Saves copies before deleting posts
Use a backup app Automatically retains copies of your posts
Think before deleting Consider whether you may want the post someday

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