Can I pick up my package from FedEx?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can pick up your package from a FedEx location instead of having it delivered if you meet certain requirements. FedEx offers package pickup at FedEx Office locations, FedEx Ship Centers, and some FedEx Drop Box locations. To pick up your package, you must be the sender or recipient and bring a government-issued photo ID. You will also need the package tracking number. In some cases, additional identification or paperwork may be required to pick up your package.

Can I Pick Up My Package at Any FedEx Location?

No, not all FedEx locations offer package pickup. Here are the main types of FedEx locations and package pickup services offered:

FedEx Office

FedEx Office is FedEx’s retail service center, offering packing, shipping, printing, and mailbox services. Most FedEx Office locations allow package pickup, but you should check the location’s details first to confirm.

FedEx Ship Center

FedEx Ship Centers focus on packing and shipping services for business customers. They allow package pickup for most incoming shipments.

FedEx Drop Box

FedEx offers Drop Boxes as a convenient way to drop off pre-labeled packages. Only some staffed FedEx Drop Box locations will retrieve packages for pickup. Standalone Drop Boxes do not allow pickup.

FedEx Express Stations

FedEx Express shipping hubs do not offer public package pickup. They are designed for sorting packages moving through the FedEx Express network.

FedEx Ground Facilities

FedEx Ground handles the collection and distribution of FedEx Ground packages. Their facilities generally do not allow public package pickup.

So in summary, your best options for package pickup are FedEx Office and FedEx Ship Center locations. Use the FedEx location finder online to search for participating locations near you.

What Information Do I Need to Pick Up My Package?

To pick up your package at a FedEx location, you will need to provide the following:

– Valid government-issued photo ID that matches the name of the package sender or recipient

– FedEx package tracking number

Without this information, FedEx will not be able to release your package to you.

Be sure you have the right package tracking number on hand. This allows FedEx staff to quickly locate and retrieve your package.

You can find your tracking number on the shipping label, in your shipping confirmation email, or by logging into your FedEx account if you scheduled the shipment online.

Additional Requirements

In some situations, you may need to provide additional documentation to pick up your package:

– Signature proof – For packages with an adult signature required, you may need to show proof that you are the intended recipient.

– Company authorization – Businesses may require a letter of authorization for anyone picking up packages on behalf of the company.

– Payment – If duties and taxes or other fees are due for an international shipment, be prepared to pay these before you can pick up your package.

So make sure to contact FedEx ahead of time so you have everything needed for package pickup. This helps ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Package for Me?

Yes, FedEx allows a third-party person to pick up your package by meeting a few requirements:

– The person must bring a written authorization letter signed by the package recipient. This grants permission for FedEx to release the package to that person.

– They need to provide valid government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the authorization letter.

– As the package recipient, you will need to call FedEx at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and provide your authorization. Let them know the third party’s name picking up your package.

– The person will still need to provide the FedEx tracking number and any other pickup requirements when they arrive.

This third-party pickup process provides an extra level of security and ensures your package only ends up in authorized hands. Make sure anyone you authorize has the necessary documentation and information to successfully pick up your package on your behalf.

What If I Only Want to Pick Up Part of My Shipment?

If your FedEx shipment contains multiple packages or freight items, you can choose to only pick up part of the shipment. For example, you may have five boxes in one shipment but only need to get two of the boxes immediately.

Here is how to retrieve part of your multi-piece FedEx shipment:

– Contact the FedEx pickup location in advance and specify which package(s) you need to pick up. Provide tracking numbers if you have them.

– When you arrive, confirm with staff again which items you want to pick up. They will retrieve only those specific packages for you.

– The remaining packages will stay at the FedEx facility until delivery or until you arrange another pickup time.

– You will need to show ID and provide tracking numbers, signatures, or any other pickup requirements just for the packages you want to retrieve.

Partial pickups allow you flexibility if you do not need your entire FedEx shipment right away. Just coordinate ahead of time with FedEx so they can have the proper packages ready when you arrive for pickup.

Can I Schedule a Package Pickup Time?

FedEx does not allow customers to schedule a specific pickup time in advance. Package pickup is available during normal FedEx location business hours on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, there are a couple options to help coordinate package pickup:

– Call the FedEx location in advance to ask their least busy hours for package pickup. Many locations tend to be slower midday between regular morning and evening shipping rushes. Picking up during slower periods can minimize your wait.

– Request package hold at location when shipping. This asks FedEx to hold your package once it arrives instead of attempting delivery. Then you can call the location to verify arrival before going in for pickup at your convenience.

While you cannot schedule a pickup time, trying to avoid peak periods and requesting package holds can help streamline the pickup process. Be sure to communicate with your FedEx location for the most up-to-date information.

What Are the FedEx Package Pickup Hours?

FedEx pickup hours vary by location but generally align with normal store hours. Here are the typical FedEx pickup hours:

FedEx Office

– Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
– Saturday: 10am to 6pm
– Sunday: Closed

FedEx Ship Center

– Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
– Saturday: Closed
– Sunday: Closed

FedEx Drop Boxes

– Hours depend on the specific Drop Box. Some are 24/7, while staffed locations align with the host business hours.

Always check your specific FedEx location for the latest pickup hours before going in. Hours can also change seasonally, holidays, and due to inclement weather. Calling ahead ensures you arrive during the proper pickup times.

The FedEx website and mobile app also provide current hours of operation for all locations. Use these tools to confirm the hours so you have a seamless package pickup experience.

What If I Miss the Pickup Window?

If you cannot make it to the FedEx location during pickup hours, you have a couple options:

– Try another day – Simply return another business day during the pickup hours. Store hours are usually consistent weekday to weekday and Saturday.

– Extend your hold – If you requested FedEx hold your package, call and ask to extend the hold 1-2 more business days until you can arrive for pickup.

– Redirect your shipment – As the package recipient, you can redirect your shipment to an alternate FedEx location more convenient for pickup or set a new delivery date and location. Log into your FedEx account or contact customer service to redirect your package.

– Authorize someone else – Provide written authorization for a family member, friend, neighbor, etc. to pick up the package on your behalf. They will need to provide ID and the authorization letter.

With these options, a missed pickup window does not mean your package is lost. You can either adjust your timing or delivery details to find a solution that fits your schedule. Just be proactive in communicating changes to FedEx.

Can I Pick Up a Package Without the Tracking Number?

No, a FedEx tracking number is required to pick up your package at a FedEx location. The tracking number allows FedEx staff to quickly look up your package in their system and correctly retrieve it.

Without a tracking number, FedEx has no way to confirm you actually have a package there awaiting pickup. This helps prevent the wrong packages from ending up in the wrong hands.

Your tracking number is also crucial for additional identification and security validation steps during pickup. Make sure to have the shipper provide or look up your FedEx tracking number before attempting package pickup.

Some tips for finding your number:

– Check the shipping label if you still have it
– Look in the shipping confirmation email from the sender
– Contact the shipper directly and ask them to provide it
– Check your purchase records or emails if you ordered the item
– Log into your FedEx account to see incoming shipments

With the proliferation of online shopping, you may receive FedEx shipments without even realizing it at first. So be diligent finding this essential number to ensure a smooth pickup process.

Can I Pick Up a Package Without ID?

No, FedEx requires government-issued photo ID to release packages during pickup. Acceptable IDs include:

– Driver’s license
– State ID card
– Passport
– Military ID

This provides an essential security check and validation step. It prevents unauthorized individuals from retrieving packages not addressed to them.

Both the name and photo on your ID must reasonably match the package recipient details. Make sure to bring an ID that aligns with the shipping information used.

The ID requirement applies for picking up your own packages or those of someone else. If picking up for another person, you will need to provide their authorization letter and also show your personal qualifying ID.

Having the right identification ready when you arrive allows for a quick, seamless pickup process. Don’t leave home without it.

Do I Have to Pay Anything to Pick Up My Package?

Typically there is no fee for standard package pickup at a FedEx location. However, there are some situations where additional charges may apply:

– Duty and tax payments – For international shipments, any owed duties and taxes must be paid before package release.

– Other fees – If your package has incurred fees for delivery exceptions like return to sender, address correction, etc., these must be paid at pickup.

– Retail purchases – If you are picking up orders placed at a FedEx Office retail store, you will pay standard pricing for those purchases. But there are no fees just for package retrieval.

So if your package has any special processing or international shipping considerations, be prepared to pay additional fees when you pickup. Otherwise, expect a free standard package pickup.

Of course, if you choose additional services like printing or copying when at FedEx, those regular retail fees would still apply on top of retrieving your package. But the pickup itself does not have a charge.

Can I Leave a Package for Shipping at FedEx When Picking Up?

Yes, when you visit a FedEx location to retrieve your package, you can also conveniently drop off new packages for shipping.

Most FedEx Office and Ship Center locations provide full shipping services. Take advantage of handling multiple shipping tasks in one trip.

Some tips for coordinating package pickup and drop off:

– Pack and label your new shipment in advance to save time. You may be able to schedule a pickup and print a label online ahead of arrival.

– Bring your package sealed and ready to ship. FedEx may charge fees for any needed supplies like boxes, tape, or cushioning.

– Be prepared to provide a shipping address, pay for postage, and fill out any shipping forms.

– Allow extra time for the dual processes of package pickup and drop off. Don’t cut it too close to closing hours.

With a bit of planning, you can seamlessly combine picking up your incoming packages and sending new ones out. This saves an extra errand and gets your shipments moving quickly.


Picking up a package from FedEx is a convenient shipping option when you need an incoming item right away. By understanding the requirements around pickup eligibility, identification, tracking numbers, and other logistics, you can ensure an easy, efficient experience. With proactive planning and communication, you’ll be able to retrieve your packages with no hassles or headaches.