Why are some songs missing from my Apple Music library?

If you’ve noticed that some of your favorite songs are no longer available in your Apple Music library, you’re not alone. A number of factors can cause songs to disappear from Apple Music libraries, leaving users perplexed when a previously saved track is suddenly nowhere to be found.

In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why you may be missing songs in your Apple Music library and provide troubleshooting tips to help restore your full song collection.

Songs removed due to licensing changes

One of the most common reasons for missing songs in Apple Music is that the licensing or distribution rights for the song have changed. Apple Music, like other streaming services, enters into licensing agreements with record labels, music publishers, and distributors to provide access to songs in their catalog.

However, these licensing deals can expire or change over time, resulting in certain songs being removed from the service. If a record label or publisher decides not to renew a licensing agreement with Apple Music, any songs that were covered under the previous agreement would no longer be available in users’ libraries.

Likewise, if a distributor that was providing content to Apple Music alters its distribution plan, any of its songs that are no longer included in the new distribution agreement would disappear from Apple Music. This especially affects independent artists who distribute music through various third-party aggregators.

Unfortunately, there’s not much individual users can do in this case – the availability of songs on streaming services ultimately depends on the licensing deals between the platforms and rights holders. If you notice an album or several songs by one artist missing, licensing changes are likely the culprit.

How to tell if songs are missing due to licensing issues

Here are a few signs that missing songs can be attributed to licensing changes:

  • The missing songs are all by the same artist or on the same album
  • The artist posts on social media about their music being removed from streaming services
  • Searching for the song doesn’t yield any results on Apple Music (as opposed to a message about the song not being available in your region)

What you can do

If the songs removed arevery important to you, some options include:

  • Purchase the missing songs/album from the iTunes Store to own them independently of any licensing agreements
  • Check if the artist in question has made their music available on another streaming service
  • Use a local file syncing service like iMeshune to access your own music files on all your devices

Regional availability restrictions

In some cases, songs may disappear from your Apple Music library because of geographic or regional restrictions. Apple Music catalogs vary somewhat by country or region due to differences in licensing agreements and publishing rights between territories.

For example, an album or song may be available to stream in the United States but not in other countries if Apple Music’s licenses for that content are limited to U.S. usage only. If you saved or downloaded a song while in a different country that is restricted in your home country, the song would no longer be playable when you change locations.

Certain songs can also get blacked out from Apple Music libraries based on regional publishing rights. For instance, a special recording by a local orchestra may only have publishing rights cleared for a specific country. If you came across the song while travelling and saved it, you wouldn’t have access to it back home.

How to tell if songs are geo-restricted

  • The missing songs were added in a different country and played fine there, but are now unavailable in your current location
  • Searching for the song title displays a message about the content being unavailable in your country or region due to licensing restrictions
  • The songs unavailable to you show up without issue if you switch to a different Apple ID/iCloud account linked to a different country

What you can do

Circumventing geographic restrictions can be tricky, but here are a few options:

  • Use a VPN service to make your IP address appear as if you are in the country where the content is available
  • Create an Apple ID with your current location set to the required country for accessing the missing songs
  • Check if the restricted songs are available on a streaming service that does not impose geo-blocks, like Spotify

Accidental deletions

It’s also possible for songs to go missing if you have accidentally deleted them from your Apple Music library. This could happen in a few different ways:

  • You removed the song from your iCloud Music Library (your collected Apple Music songs and personal files) by swiping left on the song title and selecting “Delete”
  • You deleted the downloaded Apple Music song from your iPhone/iPad’s local music library
  • You turned on the “Optimize Storage” setting, which automatically deletes songs you haven’t played recently

If you manually deleted a song or had it automatically deleted to save space, it would no longer appear in your available Apple Music catalog, causing the song to seem “missing.”

How to tell if a song was accidentally deleted

Indicators that a song disappearance is due to accidental deletion include:

  • Not being able to find the song by searching Apple Music
  • Seeing that the song is not listed under any of your playlists or albums
  • Noticing the gap or missing song in an album you’ve previously saved

What you can do

The good news is you can recover and restore accidentally deleted songs to your Apple Music collection by:

  • Tapping the “+” button next to the song or album name to re-add it
  • Disabling “Optimize Storage” so existing songs aren’t deleted automatically
  • Searching for the song in the iTunes Store purchase history and re-downloading it

You can also try restoring your entire iCloud Music Library from backup if many songs are missing.

Uploads matching existing Apple Music songs

Here’s another tricky scenario – you’ve uploaded your personal song files to iCloud Music Library, but some of those uploaded tracks appear to be “missing.”

This can occur when the songs you’ve uploaded from your computer happen to match tracks already present in the Apple Music catalog. For duplicate songs, Apple Music will only save one copy of the song file rather than both yours and the Apple Music version.

If you notice that custom playlists containing your uploaded songs seem emptier than expected, matching tracks being treated as duplicates is likely the issue. The songs aren’t technically missing, but your personal uploads are hidden from view.

How to tell if song uploads are hidden due to duplicates

Clues that missing song uploads are due to Apple Music duplicates include:

  • Playlists that previously had your uploaded songs appear sparse
  • Uploads of the same song title not showing up
  • Already having the standard Apple Music version of the song(s) in your library

What you can do

To make your personal uploads visible and separate from the Apple Music versions:

  • Turn off iCloud Music Library, which will hide the Apple Music songs and show your uploads
  • Change the metadata details (like song title or artist name) for your uploaded version
  • Delete the Apple Music duplicate so only your upload appears in your library

Songs removed from Apple Music catalog

On rare occasions, songs you’ve added can disappear because they’ve been removed outright from the Apple Music library. Record labels can pull certain tracks from Apple Music if they lose rights or for other internal reasons.

If you had saved an album or playlist containing one of these now-removed songs, you would find that track missing upon its deletion from the Apple Music servers. This doesn’t happen often but can explain why some songs vanish entirely as if they never existed on the platform at all.

How to tell if a song was deleted from Apple Music

Indicators that a song has been deleted from the Apple Music include:

  • Searching the song title yields no results at all
  • No ability to re-add the missing song by tapping “+” next to the listing
  • Playlists and albums you’ve saved containing the song also have it missing

What you can do

If a song seems to have been completely removed from Apple Music, these steps may help:

  • Ask Apple Support if they have details on deleted songs from the catalog
  • Search other streaming platforms in case the song is available there
  • Look up alternate versions or live performances of the track

Unfortunately there are no guarantees the song will be restored if permanently removed by Apple Music.

Technical issues

Less commonly, a glitch with Apple Music itself can cause songs to disappear from your library.

This could happen due to:

  • An Apple Music app bug failing to load some songs
  • An iCloud sync error preventing song downloads
  • A corrupted local music library or incomplete song file

Technical problems like these are often resolved in updates to iOS, iTunes, or the Apple Music app, and don’t permanently remove content.

How to tell if missing songs are due to a technical issue

Signs of a technical fault or app glitch causing missing songs include:

  • No obvious licensing, regional restrictions, or deletions explaining the issue
  • Issue started suddenly, potentially after an app or iOS update
  • Multiple songs affected, with no clear pattern
  • Songs missing on one device but not others linked to your Apple ID

What you can do

If you believe a technical problem is at fault, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Update iOS software and the Apple Music app
  • Restart your device
  • Log out then back into Apple Music app
  • Disable then re-enable iCloud Music Library
  • Contact Apple support for assistance

Preventing missing songs in the future

While you can’t always avoid songs going missing from Apple Music due to licensing and rights issues, you can take some preventative steps to minimize these occurrences:

  • Turn on iCloud Music Library – This syncs your Apple Music collection across devices so missing songs are consistent
  • Download songs for offline playback – Downloads make songs accessible even if removed from the catalog later
  • Use SongShift app – Automatically back up your Apple Music playlists to Spotify in case of song removals
  • Don’t delete songs – Avoid accidentally removing songs from your library

Staying organized with playlists and albums can also help you more easily notice when a song vanishes so you can troubleshoot the issue promptly.


It can be disheartening when your favorite jams inexplicably disappear from your Apple Music collection. But in many cases, the reasons are out of your direct control, from licensing changes to regional restrictions.

Check for clues like missing artists, songs unavailable to stream, and patterns around playlists or downloads. This can reveal whether licensing deals, accidental deletions, file syncing issues or outright catalog removals are the culprit.

While Apple Music’s vast catalog makes sudden song vanishing acts rare, you can download, back up, and proactively monitor your library to minimize disruptions. Pay attention to music licensing news and restrictions to better understand changes that affect song availability.

Stay persistent trying different troubleshooting steps if your case seems solvable. But remember that some missing songs on Apple Music may simply be lost to the sands of time, the inevitable result of the convoluted legal landscape of music streaming.

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