Can you fix a corrupted GoPro file?

What causes GoPro files to become corrupted?

There are a few common causes of GoPro video files becoming corrupted:

  • Removing the SD card from the camera before it has finished recording – This can interrupt the writing process and leave the video file incomplete or damaged.
  • Faulty or low quality SD cards – Cheaper cards are more prone to errors and corruption over time.
  • Full memory cards – If the card becomes full while recording, it can corrupt the file.
  • Poor connections – Faulty cables, ports, or card readers can cause issues transferring files to other devices.
  • Power loss – If the GoPro loses power while recording, the file can be interrupted and damaged.
  • File system errors – The FAT32 file system on SD cards can become corrupted over time, leading to damaged files.
  • Bad sectors – Damaged portions of the SD card can cause corruption when saving videos.
  • Firmware bugs – Bugs in the camera firmware can sometimes lead to file corruption.

The most common causes overall are removing the memory card early, using a low quality SD card, filling up the storage space, and interruption of power to the camera. Avoiding these issues is the best way to prevent corrupted GoPro files.

Can corrupted GoPro files be repaired?

In many cases, yes – corrupted GoPro video files can be repaired and recovered. However, there are some important factors:

– The type and extent of the corruption – Minor corruption like missing metadata can often be fixed, but severe corruption like bad sectors may be unrecoverable.

– How the file was corrupted – Software-based issues are more fixable than hardware-based problems.

– How much data recovery expertise you have – Specialized software and services can work miracles, but regular users may lack the skills.

– Whether you still have the original SD card – The card contains the full video data, making recovery easier.

So you have the best chance of fixing a corrupted GoPro file if the corruption is minor, originated in software, and you still have the SD card that contains the full footage. Severe hardware-based corruption or missing SD cards reduce the chances.

Specialized data recovery companies claim extremely high success rates – up to 99% recovery if the SD card is available. However, they use sophisticated techniques and clean room facilities that are not accessible to ordinary users.

What software can fix corrupted GoPro files?

Here are some of the leading software options for trying to repair corrupted GoPro video files:

Software Details
Disk Drill Data recovery app for Windows & Mac. Works from SD cards or hard drives. Free & paid versions.
Stellar Repair Video repair tool designed for GoPro MOV files and other video formats. Windows & Mac.
VLC Media Player Free, open source media player. Able to fix some corrupt videos.
DivFix++ Freeware utility for repairing DIVX video files. Works on some MOV files.
Remo Repair MOV Fixes corrupt MOV files from GoPro, DJI drones, iPhones, etc. Windows & Mac.

The best results will typically come from dedicated video repair tools like Stellar Repair and Remo Repair MOV. They are optimized specifically for recovering damaged video file formats.

General purpose data recovery software like Disk Drill can also work on GoPro footage, especially if you still have the original SD card. Features like scanning for lost partitions can help access unreadable cards.

Free software like VLC Player and DivFix++ may be able to fix minor corruption in some cases, but aren’t designed specifically for video repair. For more serious corruption, paid solutions yield better results.

Can you recover GoPro videos without software?

It is possible in some cases to recover corrupted GoPro video without using any specialized software, depending on the specifics of the corruption:

– **Remounting SD Card** – If the corruption stems from improper dismounting or card removal, remounting the card and copying the files may work.

– **Trying a Different Card Reader** – A bad or damaged card reader could be causing connectivity issues. Try a different reader.

– **Reformatting the SD Card** – Reformatting completely erases and recreates the file system, potentially fixing software corruption.

– **Inserting the SD Card into a GoPro** – Connecting directly instead of via a reader can resolve reader issues. The camera may be able to repair the files.

– **Connecting the Camera to a Computer** – With the corrupted card inserted, connect to a computer. It may be able to read files the GoPro cannot.

– **Changing USB Cables** – Swapping to a new USB cable can bypass cable issues between devices.

These basic troubleshooting tips can solveSD card reader conflicts, file system problems, faulty connections, and similar issues without software. However, they cannot repair more severe file corruption or hardware failures. At some point, specialized software or professional recovery becomes necessary. But these techniques are worth trying first.

Can you recover corrupted GoPro videos after deleting?

If GoPro video files have become corrupted and then deleted from the SD card, recovery becomes more difficult but is still possible in many cases. The key is to avoid doing anything else to overwrite the deleted files.

These are the steps for the best chance at recovery:

  1. Immediately stop using the SD card with the deleted corrupted files.
  2. Don’t record any new videos or photos to the card.
  3. Don’t reformat or repartition the SD card.
  4. Use data recovery software to scan for and restore the deleted corrupted files.
  5. Try Disk Drill, Stellar Recovery, or Remo Recovery first.
  6. A GoPro data recovery service can help if DIY doesn’t work.

The more you use the card after deletion, the lower the chances of recovery. As long as the original data blocks aren’t overwritten, specialized software can restore deleted corrupted video once thought permanently lost.

How can you avoid GoPro video corruption?

While file corruption can never be avoided 100%, there are important steps you can take to minimize the risks of your GoPro videos getting damaged or destroyed:

  • Buy High Quality SD Cards – Buy name brand cards from reputable sellers to reduce defects.
  • Format Cards in the GoPro – Use the GoPro’s built-in formatter, don’t format on your computer.
  • Update Firmware – Keep the camera firmware up-to-date to fix bugs.
  • Avoid Interrupting Recording – Never power off or remove cards during recording.
  • Use U3/V30 rated cards – They sustain high video write speeds better.
  • Remove Files Promptly – Offload videos from the SD card after recording.
  • Bring Spare Cards – Swap cards before filling one up completely.

Following these best practices minimizes the chances of file system errors, recording interruptions, slow data transfers, and other potential causes of corruption.

And remember – occasional corruption is normal. Don’t panic of you experience the odd damaged file. Just concentrate on avoiding consistent or repeated corruption issues.

Can you repair corrupted GoPro videos on mobile?

Repairing corrupted GoPro videos directly on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet is very difficult and unlikely to succeed. However, mobile devices can play an assisting role in some cases:

– The GoPro app can attempt to recover connections to cameras with corrupted files. This may enable transferring the files.

– Mobile apps allow quick checks of SD cards for errors that would require deeper repair later.

– Phones and tablets can back up SD card files as-is to the cloud before attempting repair.

– Viewing the videos on a mobile device can help identify the type of corruption, guiding the repair approach.

– Mobile apps provide access to some file recovery and video repair software that also work on desktop.

So while mobile operating systems like iOS and Android don’t have the robust data repair capabilities of something like Disk Drill for Windows and Mac, they can still assist in important ways as part of a corrupted video recovery process. But for the actual deep file repairs, utilize a desktop computer with full software.

Can you repair corrupted GoPro photos?

Corrupted photos from GoPro cameras can also be repaired in many cases. The techniques are similar:

– Use data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix to scan and restore corrupt photo files.

– Remounting or reformatting the SD card may fix simple file system issues.

– Try copying the photos to a computer directly using the GoPro USB cable.

– Insert the SD card into the GoPro camera again and see if the device can read the photos itself.

– Take the SD card to a photo recovery specialist for advanced repair of serious corruption.

– Avoid taking any more photos before recovery to prevent overwriting.

JPEG photo files are generally less prone to corruption that complex video formats saved in MOV or MP4. But they can still become unreadable or damaged due to similar issues: power interruption, card removal, bad sectors, file system problems, etc. The solutions follow comparable logic – using recovery software, troubleshooting connections and cards, or utilizing professional help for extreme cases.

Can files corrupted on GoPro be repaired?

It’s important to note that GoPro video and photo files can become corrupted both on the camera itself, as well as after transferring to other devices. Troubleshooting will differ depending on the source of corruption:

If corrupted on the GoPro:

– Files may be recoverable by connecting the camera directly to a computer.

– Reinserting and reformatting the SD card in the camera may fix the issue.

– The files are likely not permanently damaged, just disconnected.

If corrupted after transferring:

– The original SD card will still hold pristine data that can be recopied.

– Try a different card reader, cable, or USB port when transferring again.

– The files themselves are corrupted and will need data recovery software.

– Reformatting the SD card won’t help since these files are already transferred.

Knowing where and how the corruption occurred will direct you towards the right solutions. On-camera issues tend to be simpler disconnects rather than permanent file damage. But post-transfer corruption affects the actual file integrity and requires recovery software for the best chance of repair. The source of the errors points you to the path of least resistance for fixing them.

Can corrupted GoPro files be saved?

Here’s a quick summary check-list for maximizing your chances of saving and recovering a corrupted GoPro video or photo:

– Immediately stop recording to the SD card to avoid overwriting files.

– If the file won’t open on the GoPro, try connecting the camera directly to a computer instead.

– Don’t reformat the SD card before attempting to recover the files from it first.

– Use data recovery software designed for photos and videos, like Stellar Repair.

– Remounting or reformatting the SD card can fix simple filesystem issues.

– If DIY recovery fails, enlist a professional GoPro file recovery service.

– For extreme SD card hardware failure, replacement may be the only option.

The keys are avoiding further data loss, using specialized repair software, and seeking professional assistance when needed. In many cases, corrupted files can be saved with a little time and effort. But if all else fails, remember – prevention is the best medicine. Keep your camera firmware updated, use quality memory cards, and follow safe video recording practices.


Despite their rugged reputation, GoPro cameras are still vulnerable to file corruption like any other digital recording device. But the removable SD card provides a major advantage for recovery over integrated storage. With the right troubleshooting techniques, data recovery software, and a little luck, important corrupted footage can often be rescued and repaired. And implementing preventative measures will reduce headaches down the road. So stay calm, act quickly, and know that there are solutions for restoring even severely damaged GoPro videos in many cases. Just follow the guidance in this article to give your files the best chance of survival.