Can you save music offline on Apple Music?

Yes, Apple Music allows you to save music offline so you can listen without an internet connection. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Downloading Music for Offline Playback

Apple Music subscribers can download any song, album or playlist in the Apple Music catalog to their device to listen offline. Here are the key things to know about downloading music for offline playback with Apple Music:

  • Downloaded music will appear under the “Downloaded Music” section in your library.
  • You can download up to 100,000 songs across all your devices.
  • Downloads are saved until you delete them manually.
  • You can reorder, rename or delete downloads whenever you like.

How to Download Music for Offline Playback

Downloading music for offline listening is easy to do on both iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, as well as Macs and PCs. Here are the steps:

On iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open the Apple Music app and find a song, album or playlist you want to download.
  2. Tap the download button next to it (a downward facing arrow).
  3. To download an entire album or playlist, tap the 3 dots beside it and select “Download.”
  4. Downloaded items will appear under Library -> Downloaded Music.

On Mac/PC:

  1. Open the Apple Music desktop app and find something to download.
  2. Right click it and choose “Make Available Offline.”
  3. To download an entire section like a playlist, click the download icon near the top.
  4. Downloads will appear in your Library under the Downloads section.

Listening to Downloaded Music Offline

Once you’ve downloaded music for offline playback, listening to it without an internet connection is straightforward:

  • On iPhone/iPad, go to Library -> Downloaded Music to see your available downloads offline.
  • On Android, go to Library -> Downloads.
  • On Mac/PC, go to Library -> Downloads.
  • Play downloaded songs, playlists and albums as you normally would.

Your downloads will be available for offline playback anytime without using mobile data or WiFi. Apple Music will remember your downloads across all devices signed into your account.

Managing Your Downloaded Music

You have full control over managing your downloads for offline listening on Apple Music. Here are ways you can manage downloads:

  • Edit or delete downloads – You can remove specific downloads or clear your entire download library as needed.
  • Reorder downloads – Change the order of your download queue.
  • Add new downloads – Download additional songs, albums or playlists as you like.
  • Rename downloads – Rename a downloaded playlist.

Download management helps ensure you have just the music you need for offline playback saved locally on your device.

Number of Songs You Can Download

Apple Music lets you download up to 100,000 songs for offline listening across all devices signed into your account. Here are some additional details about Apple Music’s download limits:

  • You can download an unlimited number of playlists, as long as you stay under the 100,000 song cap.
  • All downloads count toward the 100,000 song limit, including multiple copies of the same song or downloads across several devices.
  • Any iTunes music purchases do not count toward the 100,000 download limit.
  • You cannot increase the download limit – it’s fixed at 100,000 songs per account.

With a download limit of 100,000 songs, most users have plenty of space to save their favorite music for offline playback.

Music Quality for Downloads

Apple Music downloads have high 256kbps AAC audio quality. Here are some key facts about music quality for offline playback:

  • Downloads have 256kbps bitrate, which is the same quality as streamed songs.
  • The 256kbps bitrate applies to both iPhone/Android and desktop downloads.
  • You cannot select lower bitrates to save storage space.
  • Apple uses the efficient AAC codec rather than uncompressed formats.
  • Audio quality is virtually indistinguishable from the original source.

With offline downloads having the same high bitrate AAC quality as streamed tracks, you don’t sacrifice audio fidelity listening offline.

Using Cellular Data for Downloads

By default, Apple Music will use cellular data to download songs on your iPhone or iPad when WiFi is unavailable. You can change cellular download settings here:

  • Turn off cellular downloads – Stops all offline downloads over cellular connections.
  • Only over WiFi – Downloads will only occur when connected to WiFi.
  • Always Allow – Lets you download using mobile data without restrictions.

Allowing mobile data downloads provides more flexibility to save music offline while away from WiFi. But it may increase cellular data usage.

Smart Downloads

Apple Music has a “Smart Downloads” feature that automatically downloads songs you will likely want offline based on your listening habits when connected to WiFi. Here’s how it works:

  • Enabled by default if you allow downloading over cellular.
  • Analyzes your listening history to predict music to download.
  • Runs daily to download predicted tracks using WiFi.
  • Adds variety and makes new recommendations over time.
  • Can be disabled in Settings if you only want manual downloads.

Smart Downloads provide an easy way to automatically keep fresh music downloaded for offline playback without having to manually manage it.

Downloading Music for Offline on Android

Apple Music is available on Android devices in addition to iPhone and iPad. Here are some key facts about downloading music for offline playback on Android:

  • Download limit is 100,000 songs per account, shared with iOS devices.
  • Downloads appear under Library -> Downloads in the Android app.
  • Same high 256kbps AAC quality as iOS downloads.
  • Toggle cellular data usage for downloads under Settings.
  • Use the download buttons on playlists, albums and songs to save for offline.

The core download experience is the same on Android as other platforms, with identical features and limits allowing offline playback.

Sharing Downloaded Music with Family Members

With Apple Music’s Family Sharing feature, you can share your downloaded music with family members. Here is how Family Sharing interacts with offline downloads:

  • Family members get access to all songs and albums downloaded by the family organizer.
  • Family members can download their own music in addition to shared downloads.
  • Shared downloads don’t count toward each family member’s 100,000 song limit.
  • Family Sharing supports up to 6 members.
  • Family members can only play shared downloads while part of the family group.

Family Sharing provides a great way for families to access a shared offline music library downloaded by the family organizer.

Downloading Music for Offline with iTunes

In addition to Apple Music, you can also download purchased iTunes music for offline playback. Here is how downloading works for iTunes music:

  • iTunes music purchases are DRM-free and don’t count against Apple Music limits.
  • Use the Download button next to purchases under Music.
  • Downloads appear under Library -> Downloads.
  • You can download songs as many times as needed.
  • Family Sharing allows access to all purchases and downloads.

Even with an Apple Music subscription, downloading any owned iTunes music for offline use remains fully supported.

Keeping Downloads Up to Date

Apple Music keeps your downloaded music up to date when new versions are released. Here is how it handles updated releases:

  • Refreshes any downloads with newer song or album versions.
  • Updates downloads automatically when connected to WiFi.
  • Matches the country associated with your Apple Music account.
  • Replaces original downloads seamlessly.
  • Ensures you always have the latest available versions.

With download updating, you can be confident downloaded music will reflect newer releases and stay current.

Downloads Using the iTunes Match Service

Apple Music subscribers also get access to iTunes Match. iTunes Match interacts with downloads in the following ways:

  • Can match non-iTunes songs to download Apple’s version.
  • Lets you download matched songs like regular Apple Music tracks.
  • Downloaded iTunes Match songs don’t count against limits.
  • iTunes Match songs stay if you unsubscribe from Apple Music.
  • Provides DRM-free 256kbps AAC quality downloads.

iTunes Match integrates with Apple Music downloads to allow saving non-iTunes music for offline playback.

Downloading Music to External Storage

On iPhone and iPad, you can move your Apple Music downloads to external storage to save space:

  • Requires iOS 16 or later.
  • Use Settings -> General -> iPhone/iPad Storage.
  • Select Downloaded Music and choose Transfer to External Storage.
  • Downloaded music will be stored on external storage.
  • To play downloads, external storage must be attached.

Storing downloads on external storage helps provide more internal storage room for other content on compatible iPhones.

Downloading Music for Offline Listening on Apple Watch

You can also download Apple Music playlists and albums on your Apple Watch for offline playback when away from your iPhone:

  • Downloads shared from synced iPhone Music library.
  • Use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to enable offline playback.
  • Managed under Settings -> Music on Apple Watch.
  • Cellular Apple Watch models can download without iPhone nearby.
  • Wifi-only models require iPhone on same wifi for downloads.

With offline playback enabled, Apple Watch functions as a standalone music player with downloaded content.

Troubleshooting Offline Playback Issues

In most cases offline playback works smoothly, but sometimes issues come up. Try these troubleshooting steps if you run into problems:

  • Make sure the song/album is fully downloaded.
  • Check downloads are not deleted. Redownload if needed.
  • Confirm device is in offline mode, not cellular data or wifi.
  • Reboot device to clear any software glitches.
  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off to reset connectivity.
  • Update to latest OS version for any fixes.
  • Delete and re-download content if still having issues.

With some troubleshooting and app restarts most offline playback issues can typically be resolved quickly.


Apple Music makes enjoying your favorite music offline as easy as streaming it online. Just tap to download albums, playlists or songs with no limits, and you’re ready to listen anywhere without an internet connection. With features like Smart Downloads and Family Sharing, Apple Music takes the complexity out of managing downloads so you can focus simply on enjoying your music.