Do you tip at Restore?

As an SEO writer tasked with quickly answering questions in the opening paragraphs, I will provide concise responses to common inquiries related to tipping practices at Restore retail stores. Tipping policies can understandably cause confusion among customers, so I aim to offer straightforward guidance.

What is Restore?

Restore is a popular home goods retail chain with locations across the United States. The company sells a wide range of furniture, home decor, kitchenware, and other household items, often donated from community members. Many Restore stores are operated by Habitat for Humanity to help fund their mission of providing affordable housing solutions.

Do you tip at Restore checkout?

No, tipping is not expected or required at Restore checkout. The employees who help run Restore retail locations are paid hourly wages rather than tips. You do not need to leave a tip when paying for your Restore purchases at checkout. The register systems are not set up to accept tips.

Should you tip Restore delivery drivers?

Restore offers delivery and assembly services for large furniture purchases. If you order delivery from Restore, it’s appropriate to provide a tip to the delivery crew. A 15-20% tip is suitable for satisfactory delivery service. Tips can be given in cash when they arrive or added onto your total delivery payment. Tipping for special services like delivery is standard practice.

Do Restore employees accept tips?

While tipping is not required or expected, some customers may wish to tip Restore employees who provide exceptional service. Employees are permitted to accept cash tips at their discretion. However, tip jars are not present at checkout or anywhere in Restore stores. Staff will not ask for or pressure customers for tips.

Does Restore donate 100% of profits to charity?

Many, but not all, Restore locations donate 100% of profits to Habitat for Humanity or other charitable causes. Some independently operated ReStores give a portion of proceeds back to community programs. Check with your local Restore for specific details on their donation practices. Stores make this information readily available.

How much should you tip furniture delivery?

For Restore furniture deliveries, the standard tip amount is 15-20% of your total delivery fee. For example, if the delivery charge is $100, an appropriate tip would be $15-$20. For exceptional service, such as assembling furniture or going above and beyond, tipping 20-25% is more suitable. Some key factors to consider are the number of items delivered, complexity, distance traveled, and overall service.

Do you tip on pickup orders?

Tipping is not expected or required for pickup orders at Restore. The pickup process simply involves an employee bringing your already purchased items to your car. Since there is minimal service provided, tipping pickup staff is not customary or necessary. Of course, customers are welcome to offer a small tip for excellent service if they choose.

Should you tip cash or on card?

When tipping Restore delivery crews or employees for outstanding service, cash tips are preferred. This allows staff to receive the tips directly. However, card tips are also acceptable if more convenient for the customer. Just let the employee know you will be adding a tip to the total payment amount.

Do other thrift stores accept tips?

Tip policies vary among different thrift store chains. Some common guidelines are:

  • Goodwill – Tipping not expected
  • Salvation Army – Tipping not expected
  • Savers/Value Village – Tipping not expected
  • Local independent thrift stores – Optional tipping, check store policy

Be sure to confirm local tipping recommendations when visiting consignment and thrift stores.

Should you tip on donated items?

For large donated items like furniture that require pickup or delivery coordination, tipping the staff is appreciated though not strictly required. A 10-20% tip based on the value of the items is a general guideline. For small donations dropped off without extra services, tipping is not typical or expected.

Do other Habitat for Humanity programs accept tips?

Outside of ReStore locations, other Habitat for Humanity programs and services generally do not involve or encourage tipping. Some examples include:

  • Volunteering on a build site
  • Shopping at the Habitat ReStore outlet site
  • Making a donation to Habitat
  • Applying for a Habitat home

So tipping is not expected in most Habitat for Humanity interactions apart from ReStore delivery/services.

Should you tip every time you shop at Restore?

No, tipping is not required or expected each time you shop at Restore. In most cases, regular transactions like purchasing items off the showroom floor do not warrant tipping. However, you may choose to tip for special services like large furniture delivery, assembly, or staff going above and beyond to help.

Do other nonprofit thrift stores allow tipping?

Policies vary at different nonprofit thrift stores. Some encourage tipping delivery teams and staff who perform extra services. Others do not accept tips under any circumstances. Check with individual stores. For example:

  • Out of the Closet (AIDS charity) – Accepts tips at staff discretion
  • Housing Works (AIDS/homeless charity) – No tipping
  • Some local shops – May encourage tipping for service

When in doubt, you can ask staff at checkout if tips are accepted.

At what point should you tip?

If you wish to tip Restore staff for outstanding service, the best time to tip is typically when the service is completed. For delivery crews, tip when they finish bringing in your items. For store assistance, tip when leaving the store after your experience. Hand cash tips directly to the employee you wish to thank.

Is tipping based on a percentage?

Yes, it is customary to calculate your Restore tip amount as a percentage of your total purchase or delivery fee. Recommended tip percentages are:

  • Furniture delivery: 15-20% of delivery fee
  • Extra services: 20-25% of price
  • Outstanding help: 10-20% of purchase total

Factors like number of items, difficulty, and staff effort can impact the percentage amount.

Do other home goods stores take tips?

Many other furniture and home goods stores also welcome tips when employees provide delivery, assembly, and special customer service. Examples include:

  • IKEA – Tips for delivery crews are standard
  • Crate & Barrel – Tips not expected but accepted
  • Pottery Barn – Tips appreciated for deliveries
  • West Elm – Optional tipping for services

So tipping delivery staff is fairly common at major furniture and home stores.

Should you tip on tax?

No, you would not base the tip amount on the sales tax charged for a Restore purchase. Exclude the tax when calculating your tip percentage. Only factor in the subtotal cost of furniture or other items, not additional taxes or fees.

Can you tip with a gift card?

Unfortunately Restore does not allow tipping with a gift card. Tips must be given in cash and handed directly to the desired staff member. Gift cards can only be used for purchasing store merchandise. An alternative is calculating the tip amount you wish to give and providing cash.

Do other Habitat affiliates operate differently?

Yes, some local Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations may implement different tipping guidelines based on their specific operations and staffing models. Around 95% of ReStores are independently operated. To confirm local tipping policies, check with your nearby Habitat ReStores or Habitat affiliate organization.

Should all customers tip at Restore?

Whether to tip at Restore is ultimately at the customer’s discretion. Since tipping is not outright expected or required, each shopper can decide for themselves if they wish to provide a tip based on service satisfaction. Customers are welcome to tip outstanding employees but are not obligated to tip every time.

How much should you tip for large furniture deliveries?

Purchase Total Recommended Tip
$100 $15-20
$500 $75-100
$1,000 $150-200
$2,000 $300-400

For large Restore furniture deliveries, tipping 15-20% of the total delivery fee is considered an appropriate amount. The table above gives examples based on different purchase amounts, with a $100 delivery fee estimated. Factors like level of service can also impact the ideal tip.


At Restore retail locations, tipping is not strictly required or expected from customers. Staff will not request tips. However, it is customary to tip 15-20% when receiving delivery or special services. Outstanding customer assistance may also warrant an optional cash tip at the customer’s discretion. Confirm specific tip guidelines with your local Restore store. But keep in mind that regular transactions like store purchases do not necessarily involve tipping.