Does asurion accept walk ins?

Asurion is a leading provider of technology support and insurance services for a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, and more. Many people find themselves needing help from Asurion when they experience damage, mechanical breakdowns, or other issues with their devices. A common question that arises is whether Asurion accepts walk-ins at their repair locations for those needing immediate assistance.

The Short Answer

The short answer is yes, Asurion does accept walk-ins at many of their repair locations. However, walk-in availability can vary depending on the specific location, make and model of device, and type of repair needed. While walk-ins are accepted, having an appointment scheduled in advance is recommended to help ensure prompt service.

Background on Asurion and Their Repair Options

Asurion has provided device insurance and technology support services for over 20 years. They offer protection plans through partnerships with major cellular carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. They also provide warranty services on behalf of manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

When a person files an Asurion claim for a broken or damaged device, they have a few repair options available to them:

  • Mail-in service – Asurion provides free shipping for you to send your device to a repair depot.
  • In-person repair at authorized service locations – Asurion partners with repair facilities to provide in-person support.
  • In-home repair by an Asurion technician for select devices like large TVs.

The in-person repairs at authorized Asurion repair locations are where walk-in service may be available. The ability to get walk-in service can be convenient for those who need immediate repairs done and don’t want to wait for a mailed-in repair or scheduled appointment.

Factors That Impact Walk-In Availability

There are several factors that impact whether or not you can walk into an Asurion repair location and get assistance right away. These include:

  • Location – Some Asurion repair centers are busier than others and getting a walk-in spot may be difficult during peak times.
  • Device type – Asurion may only stock parts or have technicians available for certain makes and models of devices.
  • Repair type – Simple repairs like screen replacements are more likely to be accommodated as a walk-in versus complex repairs.
  • Staffing – When repair center technicians are already at full capacity, walk-ins may be turned away.
  • Parts availability – They may not have needed parts in stock for walk-in repairs on some device models.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to check Asurion walk-in availability ahead of time for any given location. The best option is calling the repair center and asking if walk-ins for your particular device, damage type, and needed repair are currently being accepted before making the trip.

Increase Your Chance of Walk-In Success

If you do want to try an Asurion walk-in repair, here are some tips to help increase your chances of success:

  • Visit earlier in the day – Their daily inventory of repair parts and tech availability is highest earlier in the day before getting depleted by appointments and other walk-ins.
  • Go to a less busy location – Search for repair locations in your area and look up reviews to see if any are referenced as being less crowded or busy than other options.
  • Choose a simple repair – Basic screen replacements have a higher chance of walk-in availability than complex motherboard repairs.
  • Bring any accessories/parts needed – Having your own charging cable, replacement battery, or any other parts needed for the repair helps your repair go faster.
  • Be flexible on repair timeline – Let the Asurion staff know you can wait if needed to flexibilize around their workload.

While showing up first thing in the morning improves your chances, be aware that Asurion locations do not accept walk-ins or process repairs until they officially open for the day. Their operating hours vary by site.

Asurion Walk-In Policy and Process

If you are able to successfully walk into an Asurion repair location, their general process is as follows:

  1. Check-in at desk – Provide your full name, contact information, device details, and damage details. For insured devices, they will verify your Asurion coverage.
  2. Diagnostic testing – They will examine the device and confirm the repairs needed.
  3. Repair quote – You will be provided a quote for the cost, including any insurance deductibles you may need to pay.
  4. Wait for repair – It may take some time for a technician and the necessary parts to become available for your repair.
  5. Repair service – The technician will complete the necessary fix and may have to test components like the battery charging, camera, etc.
  6. Checkout – Once the device is repaired, you’ll check out and can pay any fees necessary.

This is also generally the process if you schedule an appointment, but your specific wait times should be shorter than a true walk-in. The ability for Asurion staff to properly diagnose issues and the availability of needed spare parts are the two biggest factors in whether they can accept a walk-in repair immediately or need to schedule it out to a later date.

Tips When Visiting an Asurion Repair Location

To have the best experience when you visit an Asurion repair location, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make a backup – Back up any data and files on your device in case anything gets erased during the repair process.
  • Remove locks – Disable any passcodes, biometric locks, Find My Device features so technicians can access and test the device.
  • Bring accessories – Carry any needed cables, batteries, SIM cards to prevent getting charged for replacements.
  • Get a cost estimate – Ask for a written repair quote so you are not surprised by the final charges.
  • Inquire about alternatives – If your repair is too complex or costs too much, ask if a replacement device can be offered instead.
  • Get a receipt – Have documentation listing the services performed and fees paid.

Following these tips will make the Asurion walk-in repair process easier and help provide transparency into the work performed.

Asurion Repair Locations

Asurion has over 1,000 authorized repair locations across the United States. They partner with independently owned and operated wireless retailers, as well as national chains like uBreakiFix.

You can find a list of Asurion authorized repair locations on their website by searching your city or zip code and selecting the type of device you need repaired. Their online locator shows each repair center’s address, hours, and services offered.

Some of the major chains that commonly provide Asurion repairs include:

  • uBreakiFix
  • CPR Cell Phone Repair
  • Cellairis
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs

In addition to these repair providers, Asurion partners with major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy to provide onsite support through \”smart bars\” and \”Geek Squad\” locations in hundreds of their stores. So common national chains where people already shop frequently may offer walk-in Asurion services.

Asurion Insurance Deductible Costs

If you are getting a device repaired through an Asurion protection plan or insurance policy, most repairs will be subject to a deductible fee that you must pay. These deductibles vary based on your coverage, device, and type of damage. Some common Asurion deductible costs include:

Carrier Device Type Screen Damage Other Damage
Verizon Smartphones $29 $99 – $249
AT&T Smartphones $29 $99 – $149
T-Mobile Smartphones $29 $99 – $175
Sprint Smartphones $29 $99 – $225

The deductible prices above are averages and may vary. Factors like your plan, the price of your device, and type of failure can impact the final deductible amount required. Be sure to confirm your specific deductible when starting a claim.

Asurion Warranty Service for Manufacturers

In addition to the insurance services provided through mobile carriers, Asurion also provides repair services on behalf of major device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. They operate hundreds of authorized service locations that handle warranty repairs and service.

So in some cases, you can visit an Asurion repair location as a walk-in to handle issues with devices still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. This allows you to get support without having to go directly through Apple, Samsung or other OEM warranty processes.

However, the OEM manufacturer sets the policies regarding what is covered under their warranty and associated fees. Asurion locations must follow those specific guidelines when providing warranty-related repairs.

Alternative Repair Options

While Asurion focuses on servicing devices covered by insurance or manufacturer warranties, you may have other options for walk-in service and repairs on your electronics:

  • Manufacturer retailers – Stores like the Apple Store, Samsung Experience Stores, Microsoft Stores, and other OEM outlets will often provide walk-in technical support and service for those brands.
  • Big box retailers – Stores like Best Buy frequently offer onsite support through their Geek Squad teams.
  • Carrier retailers – Wireless carrier stores like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T stores sometimes have onsite techs to help troubleshoot and repair device issues.
  • Independent repair shops – Local independents may offer walk-in service more reliably than chains.
  • Mail-in services – If you have time to wait, services like iCracked and UbreakIFix do mail-in device repairs.

The availability, prices, and quality of these various options can vary greatly. But in situations where Asurion support is unavailable as a walk-in, they provide alternatives to receive assistance promptly.


When your smartphone, tablet, or other tech device breaks or stops functioning properly, getting fast repairs is a top priority. While Asurion does not advertise or guarantee walk-in availability at their repair locations, they will often accept unscheduled walk-ins depending on location capacity, device type, and needed repairs.

Certain factors like visiting early in the day, choosing simpler repairs, and providing your own parts/accessories can help increase the chances of successfully receiving walk-in service. But ultimately the ability to be accommodated as a walk-in customer will come down to the staffing, repair parts on hand, and overall crowd levels at that particular Asurion repair location that day.

Calling ahead is always advisable before visiting an Asurion location to confirm they can assist with your specific model and issue on a walk-in basis. And be aware that insurance deductibles or manufacturer fees may apply for any repairs completed.