Does Sprint have employee discount?

Sprint does offer employee discounts for both current and retired employees. The amount of the discount varies based on your employment status and tenure with the company.

Sprint Employee Discount Details

Here are the key details on Sprint’s employee discount program:

  • Current employees are eligible for a discount of 18% off most Sprint plans.
  • Retired employees are eligible for a discount of 15% off most Sprint plans.
  • The discount applies to both consumer and business plans.
  • You must validate your current or former employee status to enroll.
  • Discounts are available for both new lines of service and upgrades.
  • The discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
  • Additional lines on family plans also receive the applicable discount.

Eligibility for Current Sprint Employees

To be eligible for Sprint’s 18% employee discount as a current employee, you must:

  • Be a full-time or part-time employee of Sprint or one of its affiliates.
  • Have a Sprint corporate email address or employee ID.
  • Register for the discount program through Sprint’s employee portal.

The discount applies to your personal account and any lines added to your account. Family members or friends on an employee’s account are also eligible.

Eligibility for Retired Sprint Employees

To be eligible for Sprint’s 15% employee discount as a retiree, you must:

  • Have retired directly from Sprint or an affiliated company.
  • Have worked for Sprint or an affiliate for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Register for the discount program and validate your retired status.

As with current employees, the 15% discount applies to the retiree’s personal account and any additional lines.

How to Register for the Sprint Employee Discount

Here are the steps to register for the employee discount as a current or recently retired employee:

  1. Visit and select “I’m a Sprint employee” or “I’m a retiree.”
  2. Enter your Sprint corporate email address or employee ID number.
  3. For retirees, you will need to enter information like your hire and retirement dates.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email with your promotion code.
  6. Bring this code to a Sprint store or give it to a Sprint telesales agent to apply the discount.

Once applied, the discount will automatically apply to your account on a monthly basis. You do not need to re-validate your status unless prompted by Sprint.

What Plans Are Eligible for the Discount?

Sprint employee discounts can be applied to most Sprint wireless plans, including:

  • Unlimited Basic, Plus, Premium, and Ultimate unlimited plans
  • Unlimited 55+ plans
  • Unlimited Military plans
  • Prepaid unlimited plans
  • Most business plans

There are some exceptions where Sprint employee discounts do not apply:

  • Secondary corporate discount plans
  • Affiliate employee discount plans
  • Sprint Select Employee programs
  • Certain legacy and discontinued plans

To confirm if a specific plan is eligible, contact Sprint directly through telesales or in a retail store before registering your discount.

Using Your Discount for Upgrades or Adding Lines

In addition to using your Sprint employee discount when you start a new line of service, you can also utilize it for upgrades and adding lines:

  • Upgrades – When you upgrade to a new device on your line of service, the standard 18% or 15% discount will apply to your monthly plan charges.
  • Adding lines – You can add new lines to your account at any time and receive the applicable employee discount on each additional line.
  • Family plans – For family or shared plans, the discount applies to the monthly service for every line – not just the primary employee line.

To receive the discount on additional lines and upgrades, you will need to provide your Sprint employee discount validation information.

Monthly Discount on Service Charges

The Sprint employee discount is provided as monthly percentage off your service charges. For example:

  • On the Unlimited Basic plan, normally $65/month, with 18% discount you would pay $53.30/month.
  • On a Unlimited Premium plan, normally $90/month, with 15% retiree discount you would pay $76.50/month.

The discount is applied after any other account-level discounts like auto-pay discounts. It does not apply to additional one-time charges like activation fees or device costs. Taxes and regulatory fees are also charged at the full rate and not discounted.

Combining With Other Offers

While convenient, a downside of the Sprint employee discount is that it cannot be combined with most other Sprint promotions or discounts. Some key points:

  • You cannot receive both the employee discount and additional percent-off promotions at the same time.
  • Switching to a employer discount plan may cause you to lose eligibility for other discounts.
  • However, device promos and occasional waived fees can be combined with the employee discount.

Before enrolling, check with Sprint on any impacts to existing discounts or promotions on your account. Typically the employee discount will provide the best savings, but not always – do the math beforehand.

Discount Eligibility for Friends and Family

As an employee, you can extend your discount to friends and family by adding them to your Sprint account. However, some important limitations apply:

  • Friends must be added to your account as an additional line – they cannot start their own service.
  • All lines under your account must share minutes and data usage.
  • The bill will be in your name and you are responsible for payment.
  • If you leave Sprint, they will lose eligibility for the discount.

Because of these restrictions, the friend and family discount option works best for actual family members who you don’t mind sharing an account with.

Discount Amount Varies Between Current and Former Employees

One key difference in Sprint’s employee discount program is that current employees receive an 18% discount, while retirees receive 15%. Some key points:

  • The higher 18% discount is only available while employed at Sprint.
  • Once retired, even after many years of service, the 15% retiree rate applies.
  • Rates are set by Sprint policies and cannot be increased through negotiation.
  • Discount levels are subject to change for both groups.

Make sure you are aware of the current discount percentages before assuming a certain rate. If unsure, contact Sprint directly to confirm employee vs retiree discounts.

How Long Do You Keep the Discount After Leaving Sprint?

For current employees, your eligibility for the 18% employee discount ends immediately upon leaving Sprint. Some key points:

  • You cannot keep the same plan or rate once ending employment.
  • You may be eligible for promotions as a new customer.
  • Porting your number to a non-Sprint carrier will cancel discounts.
  • If you retire from Sprint, the 15% retiree discount will apply instead.

Unless retiring directly from Sprint, employees should expect to lose their discount right away when leaving their job. Transferring service fully to a spouse beforehand can help retain eligibility in some cases.

Discount Availability for Sprint Affiliate Employees

Keep in mind that the Sprint employee discount program applies only to direct Sprint employees. Employees of authorized dealers and other affiliates are not eligible. Some key points:

  • Only full-time corporate Sprint employees qualify – not authorized retailers.
  • Indirect employees may have separate discount programs through their employer.
  • Affiliate discounts are generally smaller or have more restrictions.
  • Discount eligibility ends immediately upon leaving an affiliated employer.

Unfortunately Sprint does not allow employees of their dealers and channel partners to receive the same corporate employee pricing. Check with your employer on any available wireless discounts.

Comparing Sprint’s Employee Discount to Other Carriers

How does Sprint’s employee discount stack up against other major carriers? Here is a brief comparison:

Carrier Current Employee Discount Retiree Discount
Sprint 18% off plans 15% off plans
Verizon Up to 25% off plans No published retiree discount
AT&T Up to 23% off plans No published retiree discount
T-Mobile No employee discount No retiree discount

A few key observations from this comparison:

  • Sprint is relatively competitive – Verizon and AT&T offer slightly higher employee discounts.
  • Uniquely, Sprint also extends a 15% discount to retirees after 5+ years of service.
  • T-Mobile does not offer any formal employee or retiree discount program.

Overall Sprint holds its own with some of the best employee pricing plans, especially with the inclusion of retiree discounts. The actual savings will vary based on plan type and usage needs.

Discount Codes and Validation

In order to receive your Sprint employee discount as a current or former worker, you need to register on Sprint’s website to obtain a validation code. Here are some key points:

  • Visit and choose “Current employee” or “Former employee.”
  • Provide your Sprint corporate email or employee ID number.
  • Retirees must provide additional details like hire and retirement dates.
  • You will receive an email with a promotion code within 1-2 days.
  • Give this code to Sprint sales to apply the discount.

This validation process is required to confirm employment and prevent abuse of the discount program. Be sure to register in advance of your activation or upgrade to have your code handy.

Maintaining Validation Over Time

Once validated, your discount will be maintained on your account automatically in most cases. However:

  • You may need to re-verify if requested by Sprint.
  • Major account changes like switching plans may require re-entering your code.
  • Cancellation or porting out will remove eligibility from your account.

Keep your validation code handy in case you need to re-validate your employee discount status down the road.

Using Discount Codes for Friends and Family

To receive the employee discount on a friend or family member’s line that you add to your account, you will need:

  • The additional line must be added at the same time as your initial validation.
  • OR, your original validation code can be used if adding more lines later.

The key is having your Sprint promotion code available to provide on behalf of any lines you want to receive your employee discount.


In summary, Sprint offers solid employee discounts for both current and retired long-term staff. The program provides either an 18% or 15% monthly discount on service charges based on your status. To receive the savings, you must validate your eligibility by providing a code during activation or upgrades. While not the absolute highest, Sprint’s employee pricing remains very competitive compared to other major wireless carriers. Overall it provides a nice benefit for company staff and alumni.