How do I remove the lock screen on my Samsung phone without wipe data?

The lock screen is an important security feature on Samsung phones that prevents unauthorized access to your device. However, there may be times when you want to remove the lock screen without factory resetting your device and losing all your data. Thankfully, this is possible on most Samsung devices.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to safely remove the lock screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone without wiping your data. We will go over methods like using Find My Mobile, removing screen locks through Samsung account, entering wrong passwords, and disabling certain settings.

Things to Know Before Removing Lock Screen

Here are some important things to keep in mind before removing the lock screen:

– Removing the lock screen leaves your phone unprotected and vulnerable to access by others if lost or stolen. Only remove it if absolutely necessary.

– You will need to have accessibility to the phone itself to remove the lock. Remote removal through Find My Mobile requires the device to be connected to the internet.

– Not all methods work on every Samsung device or OS version. You may need to try different options.

– Back up your data before making changes in case something goes wrong.

– You may need your Samsung account login details handy to change lock screen settings.

Method 1: Using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is Samsung’s web service that helps locate lost or misplaced Galaxy devices. Using Find My Mobile, you can also remotely remove the lock screen on your Samsung phone without wiping data. Here’s how:

Step 1

Ensure Find My Mobile is enabled on your Samsung phone. Open Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile and toggle on.

Step 2

On a computer, visit and log in to your Samsung account.

Step 3

Select your device and click Unlock from the menu. This will remove any screen lock set up.

Step 4

Your device will now be unlocked without wiping data. Just make sure it’s connected to the internet for the changes to apply.

This method is convenient if you don’t physically have access to your phone but need to remove a forgotten lock screen remotely.

Method 2: Removing from Samsung Account

You can also remove your Samsung’s lock screen by signing into your Samsung account online and disabling the screen lock security settings. Here are the steps:

Step 1

On your computer, go to and sign in using your Samsung account credentials.

Step 2

Click on Security. Under Sign-in and Security, disable Set up screen lock protection.

Step 3

Save changes. Your phone’s lock screen should now be disabled after syncing with your Samsung account.

Step 4

You can also remove any fingerprint or other biometric locks set up from here. Just disable them under Biometrics and Security.

This method works well if you have access to your Samsung account and want to quickly disable the lock screen remotely.

Method 3: Entering Wrong Passwords

Many Samsung devices allow you to remove the lock screen by entering wrong passwords repeatedly until prompted to forgot password. Here’s how to do this:

Step 1

Tap to wake your locked Samsung phone and swipe up to open the lock screen.

Step 2

Enter an incorrect password and tap Continue.

Step 3

Repeat entering wrong passwords until a pop up appears saying too many attempts. Tap Forgot Password.

Step 4

You will now have the option to enter your Samsung account credentials to reset your password or completely remove the lock screen.

This method is hit or miss as it doesn’t work on all Galaxy devices or OS versions. But it’s worth a try if you can’t remember your current password.

Method 4: Disabling Lock Screen Settings

You can remove your Samsung’s lock screen by accessing your phone’s settings and disabling certain security options. Here’s how:

Step 1

Unlock your phone and open Settings.

Step 2

Go to Lock Screen > Screen Lock Type.

Step 3

Tap None or Swipe to disable.

Step 4

Also disable any other lock types like Fingerprints, Face Recognition, etc.

Step 5

Your phone will now have no lock screen set up.

This method works well if you still remember your current password and have full access to your device.

Method 5: Factory Resetting in Recovery Mode

As a last resort, you can factory reset your Samsung device to bypass the lock screen. However, this will erase all data. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Power off your phone completely.

Step 2

Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time.

Step 3

Keep holding until you see the Android recovery menu. Use volume keys to scroll and power button to select.

Step 4

Choose Wipe data/factory reset then Reboot system now to reset.

Step 5

Your device will reboot with lock screen removed but also wiped clean. Restore data from backup.

Only use this method as a last choice since you can’t retain device data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is removing the lock screen on my Samsung phone risky?

Yes, removing the lock screen leaves your device unprotected from unauthorized access. Only remove it if you have no other options and are certain you can keep your phone physically secure.

Will I lose my data if I remove the lock screen?

You can remove the lock screen on a Samsung phone without losing data using most methods, except factory resetting which wipes the device.

Do I need a Samsung account to remove the lock screen?

For some methods like Find My Mobile and changing settings remotely, you will need access to your Samsung account. But other options like entering wrong passwords work without an account.

What if I forget my Samsung account details?

If you can’t remember your Samsung account login, you can reset your password by contacting Samsung support and providing proof of identity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use account-based options.

Will these methods work on any Samsung phone?

Most options should work on newer models running Android 9 or higher. Very old devices or customized ROMs may not allow removing lock screen without reset. Try different methods.


While not without risks, it is possible to remove the lock screen on your Samsung Galaxy device without wiping data if done correctly. The best options are using Find My Mobile, changing Samsung account settings, entering wrong passwords, or disabling security in device settings. Just remember to back up important data first and enable lock screen security again if removing it for temporary reasons.