How do you fix a stuck iPhone 6 black screen?

Dealing with a stuck black screen on your iPhone 6 can be extremely frustrating. However, there are several potential solutions you can try to get your iPhone 6 back up and running again.

What causes an iPhone 6 black screen?

There are a few common causes of an iPhone 6 displaying a black screen:

  • Software crash or glitch
  • Physical damage to the screen or internal components
  • Faulty power or lock button
  • Drained or defective battery
  • Moisture damage or water intrusion

A software crash is one of the most common reasons an iPhone 6 may get stuck on a black screen. This can happen after an iOS update, while using certain apps, or even randomly in some cases. Physical damage like a cracked screen or drops can also cause display issues and black screens. Problems with the power or lock button not working properly are another culprit for black screen woes. Finally, battery and water damage issues can prevent the iPhone from turning on and displaying anything.

How to fix an iPhone 6 stuck on black screen

If your iPhone 6 is stuck on a black screen, here are some step-by-step solutions to try and get it fixed:

1. Hard reset the iPhone

The first thing to try is performing a hard reset by holding down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This will force reboot the iPhone and resolve any potential software glitches causing the issue.

2. Charge the battery

A black screen may simply mean you have a drained battery. Plug in your iPhone 6 to charge for at least half an hour before trying to turn it on again. Use the original charging cable and wall adapter that came with your iPhone for the fastest charging.

3. Check the Power and Lock buttons

Faulty power or lock buttons could be the reason your iPhone 6 won’t wake up from a black screen. Inspect the buttons physically to check for any debris or damage preventing them from working. You can also try pressing and holding different button combinations like Volume Up + Lock to see if that reboots your iPhone.

4. Reset iPhone settings

Resetting your iPhone to factory default settings can sometimes resolve software-related causes of a stuck black screen. To do this, connect your iPhone to iTunes on a computer and then complete a reset. Make sure to backup your data first!

5. Update or restore iPhone software

Outdated or corrupt iPhone software could also be responsible for your black screen woes. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and update to the latest iOS version. If that doesn’t work, you may need to fully restore the iPhone software which will erase all data.

6. Get a new screen

If none of the above options have worked, the black screen is likely being caused by physical display damage. You may need to replace the iPhone 6 screen or have it repaired by a professional. Screen replacements can often resolve black screen issues.

7. Contact Apple support

For any persisting black screen problems, get in touch with Apple support directly. They can run diagnostics tests, suggest other troubleshooting steps, or set up a repair or replacement if your iPhone 6 is still under warranty.

Useful troubleshooting tips

Here are some additional useful tips for troubleshooting an iPhone 6 with a stuck black screen:

  • Check for any visible physical damage like cracks
  • Listen for vibration or other feedback when pressing buttons
  • Try connecting your iPhone to a computer to backup data if possible
  • Check if your iPhone charged properly overnight
  • Try a different charging cable and wall adapter
  • Wipe down any moisture or liquid on your iPhone
  • Check if your iPhone gets warm when plugged into a charger

When to avoid DIY fixes

While many black screen issues can be addressed with standard troubleshooting, there are certain situations where you’ll want to avoid DIY fixes and go straight to professional repair:

  • Visible screen cracks or back glass damage
  • Any sign of liquid or corrosion in ports or buttons
  • No vibration or feedback when pressing buttons
  • Phone does not charge when plugged in
  • Data cannot be backed up before software restore
  • Any error messages during iTunes restore process

Attempting to fix the above issues on your own can sometimes make the problems worse and void your warranty. Going to Apple or an authorized service center is recommended.

Fixing common underlying causes

To avoid recurring issues of your iPhone 6 getting stuck on a black screen, it’s helpful to address some common underlying causes:

Update to the latest iOS version

Making sure your iPhone is always updated to the latest iOS version will prevent potential software bugs and glitches that can cause black screens. Do regular software updates through Settings > General > Software Update.

Reset all settings

Resetting all settings back to default can clear up any problematic customized settings that may be contributing to black screen problems. Just be sure to backup your data first.

Check for recalls and defective parts

In some cases, black screen issues can result from defective iPhone components or parts that have been recalled. Research to see if Apple has issued any relevant recalls for your model and get repairs done if needed.

Replace old battery

An old degraded battery that doesn’t hold a proper charge can definitely cause black screen problems. Have an authorized service replace your iPhone 6 battery if it’s more than a few years old.

Use a protective case

A sturdy case can prevent many drops and accidents that lead to physical damage of screens and components causing black screens. Always use a protective case and screen protector.


Black screen problems are quite common with the iPhone 6, but are usually fixable through standard troubleshooting steps, software resets and repairs. Remember to backup data before any restores, check for recalls and component issues, keep software updated, and use protective accessories to minimize your chances of a stuck black screen occurring in the first place.

With the right guidance, a bit of patience, and good troubleshooting habits – you can get your iPhone 6 back and running again in no time. Just be ready to seek professional repair if you exhaust all DIY solutions without improvement. Stuck on a black screen can be annoying, but solutions are readily available.

Here is a summary of the key steps covered in this guide:

Potential Causes Software crash, physical damage, faulty buttons, drained battery, water damage
Troubleshooting Tips Hard reset, charge battery, check buttons, reset settings, update/restore software, replace screen, contact Apple support
When to Avoid DIY Visible physical damage, unresponsive buttons, won’t charge, can’t backup data, error messages
Preventative Tips Keep iOS updated, reset settings, check for recalls, replace old battery, use protective case

With some guided effort and learning the likely causes and solutions covered here, you can get your iPhone 6 working again and avoid those frustrating black screen situations!