How much data per month?

With the rise of streaming services, social media, and other data-heavy applications, many wonder just how much data they actually use per month. The answer largely depends on your usage habits and device types. By reviewing average data consumption across device types and usage scenarios, you can estimate your monthly data needs.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets use 1-5GB per month on average. Light users who mainly check emails and social media use about 1GB. Moderate users who stream music and videos a few times a week use 1-2GB. Heavy users who stream often and play mobile games use 3-5GB.

Light Smartphone/Tablet Use

  • Email, social media, web browsing – 1GB

Moderate Smartphone/Tablet Use

  • Email, social media, web browsing
  • Streaming music or video a few times a week – 1-2GB

Heavy Smartphone/Tablet Use

  • Gaming and social media apps
  • Frequent video and music streaming
  • Downloading files – 3-5GB

Computers and Laptops

Computers and laptops use 5-50GB per month depending on usage. Light users who just browse the web and check email need about 5GB. Moderate users who stream video a few times a week need 10-20GB. Heavy users who stream often in HD and download games need 30-50GB.

Light Computer/Laptop Use

  • Email, social media, web browsing – 5GB

Moderate Computer/Laptop Use

  • Email, social media, web browsing
  • Streaming video a few times a week – 10-20GB

Heavy Computer/Laptop Use

  • HD video streaming
  • Online gaming
  • Downloading software and files – 30-50GB

Gaming Consoles

Game consoles use 5-50GB per month. Casual gamers need about 5GB, while frequent online multiplayer gamers need up to 50GB.

Casual Gaming

  • 5GB

Frequent Online Gaming

  • Multiplayer gaming sessions
  • Downloading new game files – 30-50GB

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices like virtual assistants, smart security cameras, and connected appliances use 1-4GB per month. Basic smart home setups with a few devices need about 1GB. Larger setups with security cameras streaming video can use up to 4GB.

Basic Smart Home

  • Virtual assistant, smart bulbs – 1GB

Advanced Smart Home

  • Multiple security cameras
  • Several smart appliances – 3-4GB

4K/8K Video Streaming

Streaming video in 4K or 8K quality consumes a lot of data. Each hour of 4K video uses about 7GB, while an hour of 8K video uses around 20GB.

4K Video Streaming per Hour

  • 7GB

8K Video Streaming per Hour

  • 20GB

Estimating Your Total Monthly Usage

To estimate your total monthly data usage, tally up the average usage for each of your devices. Here is an example calculation:

Device Average Monthly Usage
Smartphone 2GB (moderate use)
Tablet 1GB (light use)
Laptop 15GB (moderate use)
Gaming console 25GB (frequent online gaming)
Smart home 3GB (advanced setup)
Total 46GB

As shown in the table, this example user could expect to use around 46GB per month based on their devices and usage habits. Very heavy data users may need unlimited data plans, while lighter users can likely get by with 10-20GB. Evaluate your own setup and requirements to choose the right data plan for your needs.


Data usage depends on your specific devices and how heavily you use data-intensive applications each month. Factors like video streaming, gaming, and multiple connected devices can significantly increase your data needs. By totaling the average usage of your devices, you can arrive at a reasonable monthly data estimate. This allows you to select the optimal data plan and avoid overages. With the right data plan for your usage, you can confidently stream, work, and play without worrying about surprises on your monthly bill.