How much does it cost to fix the screen of a MacBook?

Fixing a cracked or damaged MacBook screen can be an expensive repair, with costs ranging from $250 to over $600 in most cases. The exact cost to replace a MacBook screen depends on several factors:

What MacBook model do you have?

The cost for a MacBook screen replacement depends heavily on which MacBook model you have. Apple has released many different MacBook models over the years with varying design and components. More recent MacBook models with thinner bezels, high resolution Retina displays, and Touch Bar tend to be more expensive to repair. Here is a general overview of screen repair costs by MacBook model:

MacBook Model Estimated Repair Cost
MacBook Air 11″ (2015 and newer) $400 – $600
MacBook Air 13″ (2015 and newer) $400 – $600
MacBook Pro 13″ (2016 and newer) $475 – $675
MacBook Pro 15″ $550 – $750
MacBook 12″ (2016 and 2017) $400 – $650
Older MacBook Air and Pro models $250 – $450

As you can see, the newest MacBook models tend to have the highest screen replacement costs. The parts are more expensive and the repair process is more complex. Older MacBook Airs and Pros with standard resolution displays tend to have lower repair costs.

Does your MacBook have a Retina display?

Retina displays, with their ultra high resolution, have become standard on most new MacBook models. However, some lower-end or older MacBook Airs and Pros still have standard non-Retina displays. Retina screen repairs cost $100 to $200 more than non-Retina repairs. This is because the Retina displays are more delicate, difficult to replace, and the parts are more expensive.

Does your MacBook have a Touch Bar?

Some newer MacBook Pro models have a unique Touch Bar instead of function keys. The Touch Bar is an OLED touch display that adapts to different software tools. If your MacBook Pro has a Touch Bar, expect to pay an additional $150 or more for screen repair. The Touch Bar makes the display more complicated to remove and replace during a repair.

Does the repair shop use original Apple parts?

Using original Apple replacement parts is important to ensure full functionality and compatibility. Shops that use lower quality third party screens often charge $100 to $250 less. However, those cheaper displays may not work as well and tend to fail sooner. Opt for an Apple certified repair shop that uses genuine Apple parts.

Is there any other damage beyond the screen?

If your MacBook has damage beyond just a cracked screen, such as a damaged lid, bent enclosure or water damage, the repair costs can be much higher. Screen replacement already requires disassembling the entire laptop. Repairing additional components at the same time adds cost. Be sure to find out if it’s just the screen or if there are deeper issues.

Does your screen have any custom upgrades?

Some services offer aftermarket screen upgrades during MacBook repairs, such as higher resolution or brighter displays. These upgraded screens cost more. Be sure to communicate exactly what screen you have and want replaced during the repair process.

Is your data backed up?

A screen repair typically requires a complete disassembly of the laptop. Any data still on the laptop could be lost during disassembly. Be sure to fully backup your data to iCloud or an external drive before getting a MacBook screen repair.

Will you go to an Apple Store or third-party repair shop?

Apple Stores and Apple authorized service providers typically charge higher prices, but provide reliable repairs with original Apple parts. Independent third party repair shops often offer lower pricing, but the parts and workmanship may not be as good.

Does your laptop have AppleCare+ warranty?

AppleCare+ extended warranty can heavily reduce screen repair costs by up to $99 for 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage. If your MacBook is still under AppleCare+ warranty, your costs may be significantly lowered.


While specifics vary, expect to pay between $400 and $600 to replace the screen on most modern MacBook models. Here are a few key factors that influence MacBook screen replacement costs:

  • Newer models cost more than older MacBooks
  • Retina displays add $100 to $200 to the repair cost
  • Touch Bar models are $150+ more expensive to repair
  • Shops not using Apple parts charge less, but may lack reliability
  • Additional damage adds to the total repair costs
  • Aftermarket upgrades increase price, but may add benefits
  • Apple Stores charge more than third party repair shops
  • AppleCare+ warranty can reduce the cost by up to $99

Be sure to find out exactly which MacBook model you have, whether it has Retina and Touch Bar features, and any other damage present. Shop around between Apple and third party repair options. And be sure to backup your data before proceeding! Following these tips will help you get the best MacBook screen repair value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a 13 inch MacBook Pro screen?

For newer 13 inch MacBook Pro models with Retina display, expect to pay $475 – $675 for screen replacement. Older non-Retina 13″ Pros cost $250 – $450 to replace the screen.

Can I replace a MacBook screen myself?

While advanced users can attempt DIY MacBook screen replacement, it’s a very challenging process requiring total disassembly. Apple does not recommend self-repairs. Most users are better off taking it to a qualified repair shop.

Is it worth fixing an old MacBook screen?

If your MacBook is more than 6-7 years old, the cost to fix the screen may exceed the laptop’s value. At that point it may be better to put that money towards a newer used or refurbished MacBook instead.

Can I trade in a MacBook with a cracked screen?

Some trade-in and buyback services will still accept MacBooks with cracked screens, but offer much lower value. Expect to get 40-60% less for a MacBook with screen damage compared to a fully working model.

Should I repair or replace my MacBook if the screen is cracked?

If the rest of your MacBook is still in good condition, a screen repair is probably worthwhile. But if there are any other issues with the performance or hardware, you may want to consider replacing your MacBook altogether.

How long does a MacBook screen repair take?

A MacBook screen replacement typically takes 1-3 business days at a repair shop. Apple Stores may be able to do same day screen repairs, but will likely require an appointment and some wait.

Can liquid damage behind the screen be fixed?

If the backlights or other components behind the screen have liquid damage, a full screen replacement is required. Attempting to dry out and repair water damaged internal components is generally not effective.

Does AppleCare+ cover screen replacement?

AppleCare+ for MacBooks includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each with a service fee: $99 for screen damage or $299 for other damage. This can save a lot compared to out of warranty costs.

Can a cracked MacBook screen be repaired or does it need full replacement?

MacBook screens cannot be repaired, only fully replaced. This is because the screen components are fused together and damages affect multiple layers. So any screen crack or break requires complete screen swap.

Do pixels ever go out on MacBook screens over time?

Dead and stuck pixels do occasionally happen on older MacBook displays. Newer Retina displays very rarely get permanent pixel issues. Stuck pixels may sometimes be repairable, dead pixels require a full screen replacement.

How much does Apple charge to replace a MacBook Pro screen?

Apple’s flat rate screen repair costs are $475 for 13″ MacBook Pros and $605 for 15″ Pros. This is for the screen alone – any additional repairs or parts will add to the total cost from Apple.

Can I trade in my MacBook at Apple for a new one if the screen is broken?

Apple’s Mac trade-in program requires the device powers on and has no broken/missing parts. So unfortunately you cannot trade-in a MacBook to Apple if only the screen is broken. You would need to get it repaired first.

Is it worth fixing an old MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pros over 5 years old with lower specs may not be worth spending $400+ on screen repairs, as the laptop’s usefulness may be limited at that age. Consider putting that money towards a newer refurbished or used MacBook instead.

Do MacBook screens degrade over time like iPhone batteries?

MacBook screen quality does not degrade substantially over time like iPhone batteries. However, the backlight bulbs do dim slightly over several years. Image retention is also possible on OLED Touch Bars after long term use.