Is it possible to remove screen lock without losing data?

Having a secure lock screen is important for protecting the data on your smartphone. However, sometimes you may want to remove the lock screen without losing what’s stored on your device. Thankfully, with the right steps, it is possible in many cases to bypass or reset the lock screen without erasing your phone.

Can you remove a screen lock without losing data?

Yes, it is often possible to get past a locked screen without losing your data. The techniques to do this depend on your device type, operating system, and the specific screen lock that is set.

On Android devices, you can typically reset or remove the lock screen by rebooting into recovery mode and performing a factory reset that leaves data intact. For iPhones and iPads, you’ll need to connect to iTunes on a computer and restore the device without wiping it.

However, the ability to maintain your data when removing a lock may depend on the specific type of lock enabled:

  • PIN/password locks – Data is normally preserved when resetting
  • Pattern locks – Data is often preserved, but can be lost on some devices
  • Fingerprint locks – Typically will allow data to remain intact
  • Facial recognition locks – Most devices retain data if lock is removed

So in short – yes, you can get rid of a lock screen without erasing your information in many cases. But results may vary depending on your operating system, device, and type of lock screen enabled.

How to remove screen lock on Android without losing data

Here are some methods for bypassing or resetting the lock screen on an Android device without losing your data:

Factory reset from recovery mode

On most Android devices, you can boot into recovery mode and perform a factory reset, while selecting the option to preserve user data. Here are the general steps:

  1. Turn off your Android device completely
  2. Hold down the recovery mode key combination for your device (such as Volume Up + Power)
  3. Use the volume and power keys to navigate the recovery menu
  4. Select “wipe data/factory reset” then choose the option to preserve user data
  5. The device will reboot with the lock screen removed

Remove Google account

If your lock screen is linked to a Google account, removing the account can disable the lock in some cases while preserving data. You’ll need temporary access to the device to try this.

Use lock screen removal apps

There are some third-party apps that claim to be able to crack or bypass Android lock screens without data loss. Some examples include LockWiper and dr.fone – Android Lock Screen Removal. However results can vary.

How to remove iPhone lock screen without data loss

For iPhones and iPads, you’ll need to connect to iTunes on a computer and perform a restore to remove the lock screen without erasing data.

Restore iPhone/iPad in iTunes

To remove a lock on an iPhone or iPad without data loss, connect it to a computer running iTunes and force restore. This bypasses the lock screen by overwriting current device settings, but retains your user data and accounts.

  1. Connect your locked iOS device to your computer via a USB cable
  2. Open iTunes on your computer
  3. Put your device into recovery mode – hold Power + Home buttons until you see the recovery screen
  4. In iTunes, choose to Restore iPhone/iPad
  5. Agree to the terms, and wait for the restore process to complete
  6. The device will reboot to setup screen with lock screen removed

Use third-party lock removal software

As with Android, there are also third-party programs advertised to remove iPhone/iPad lock screens while preserving data. Examples include iMyFone LockWiper and Tenorshare 4uKey. But results can be mixed.

Risks and warnings about removing lock screens

While it may be possible to reset or bypass a locked screen without deleting everything, there are some warnings to consider:

  • Not guaranteed to work on all devices – Depending on OS, hardware, and lock type you may still end up wiping data.
  • Potential security issues – Bypassing a lock screen leaves your device and data unprotected.
  • Could disable some features – Resetting locks may turn off device encryption or disable certain apps and services.
  • Third-party software risks – Use caution with apps that claim to remove locks, as some are unsafe or scams.
  • Reset can take time – It can take awhile to reboot and restore a locked device, requiring patience.

In many cases you’re better off trying to obtain the current lock screen PIN/password/pattern rather than resetting it. But if you’re comfortable with the risks, bypassing the lock can be done in some circumstances without a total data wipe.

Preserving data when removing a forgotten lock screen

If you’ve forgotten your device lock credentials, you’ll need to be strategic to avoid losing your information when removing the lock. Here are some tips:

Back up your data

If possible, do a manual backup of your device data before attempting a lock reset. This gives you a way to restore your data if anything goes wrong.

  • On iPhone/iPad, backup to iCloud or iTunes.
  • On Android, backup to Google Drive or apps like Helium.

Research proper reset procedures

Carefully research the proper factory reset or restore procedures for your specific model of smartphone or tablet. Review instructions to determine if data loss is noted as a risk.

Avoid untrusted software

Only use reputable sources like iTunes on a computer you trust when restoring a locked device. Avoid third-party lock removal apps that seem sketchy or unsafe.

Use device-specific guidance

Consult online resources, manuals, or experts that are knowledgeable about your specific make and model of device. Follow device-specific steps when available.

Remove SIM before resetting

Eject the SIM card from your phone or tablet before doing a factory reset to avoid any risk of data stored on the SIM being impacted.

What to do if you lose data removing a lock

If you do end up losing some or all of your information after removing a troublesome lock screen, don’t panic. Here are some ways you may be able to recover lost data:

  • Restore from your recent backup if available.
  • Use data recovery software to scan your device storage for retrievable files.
  • Contact an expert data recovery service for assistance with physical data extraction.
  • Sign back into cloud storage accounts like iCloud or Google Drive to re-download synced files.
  • Check if any data remains intact internally that you can copy off.

Prevention is key, so be very cautious when resetting a lock screen. But even if some data is erased, you may have options to salvage some or even much of your lost information.


Removing a locked screen without losing data is possible in many cases if you follow the right steps. Be extremely cautious, back up data, and use official restoration procedures when available. While not guaranteed to work properly on all devices, many people have luck bypassing or resetting locks without fully wiping information. Just be prepared for potential issues, and have recovery plans in place in case your data does get erased.