Is there a virus cleaner for iPhone?

Yes, there are virus cleaner apps available for iPhones that can help remove malicious software and protect your device. While iPhones are generally more secure than Android phones, they are still susceptible to certain viruses and malware. A good iPhone virus cleaner app can regularly scan your device and remove any threats it detects.

Do iPhones Get Viruses?

iPhones can get viruses and other types of malware, even though they tend to be more secure than Android devices. Some ways an iPhone can become infected include:

  • Installing apps from outside the App Store – Apps from untrusted sources may contain malicious code.
  • Visiting compromised websites – Sites with malware can sometimes infect iPhones.
  • Phishing attacks – Clickbaity links sent via email/texts could install a virus.
  • Outdated software – Old iOS versions may have security vulnerabilities.
  • Jailbroken iPhones – Jailbreaking bypasses security measures and exposes the device.

While iPhones have security measures like sandboxing and app review in place, viruses and malware targeting iOS devices are still a real threat. Malicious software also tends to evolve quickly to find new attack vectors.

Signs Your iPhone May Have a Virus

Here are some signs that indicate your iPhone may have malware or other security issues:

  • Slow performance – Viruses can cause lag, freezing, and crashes.
  • High battery drain – Malware running in the background often drains the battery quickly.
  • Unknown pop-up ads – Virus infection can cause a barrage of pop-up ads.
  • Apps crashing unexpectedly – Viruses can disrupt apps and cause them to crash or not function properly.
  • Overheating – Malware infection may cause the iPhone to heat up.
  • Unusual activity on the Apple ID account – Viruses may attempt to access your account details.
  • Unfamiliar apps – Check for unknown or suspicious apps.
  • Strange web and social media posts – Viruses can hijack accounts to spread malicious links.

If you notice any unusual behavior, it’s a good idea to run a virus scan just in case. An iPhone virus cleaner app can help confirm or resolve any infection.

Best iPhone Virus Cleaner Apps

Here are some of the top anti-virus apps for cleaning malware and viruses from iPhones:

1. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security offers robust malware protection. Features include:

  • Real-time anti-virus scanning.
  • Detection of ransomware, viruses, spyware, bots.
  • Blocking of phishing sites.
  • App advisor for assessing app risk.
  • Safe web browsing via VPN.
  • iPhone antivirus scans.

Norton has accurate threat detection and provides multi-layered security for iOS devices.

2. TotalAV Antivirus for iPhone

TotalAV is a versatile antivirus app with features such as:

  • Scans apps, files, and media for malware.
  • Real-time protection against phishing and spyware.
  • Junk cleaner to clear cache, cookies, and browsing data.
  • Optimization tools to stop background processes.
  • Anti-theft alarm, locater, and locking.
  • Firewall and browsing security.

TotalAV provides all-around protection and system optimization for iPhones.

3. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security offers the following protections:

  • Scans for viruses, malware, spyware.
  • Detects malicious and risky apps.
  • Blocks phishing sites and risky WiFi networks.
  • Encrypts personal data like photos.
  • Locates lost or stolen devices.
  • Improves device performance.

McAfee combines malware scanning with useful utilities like device locating and data encryption.

4. AVG Antivirus Security

Key features of AVG Antivirus Security include:

  • Real-time malware scanning for viruses and spyware.
  • Detection of ransomware and phishing attacks.
  • WiFi security analyzer determines network risks.
  • Optimization tools to clean junk files and stop battery drain.
  • Email and web protection against malicious links.
  • Remote locking and wiping of lost devices.

AVG Antivirus provides multi-layered virus protection and device management capabilities.

5. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout Security offers robust iOS protection:

  • Scans apps for malware and suspicious activity.
  • Catch phishing scams and unsafe WiFi networks.
  • Secure personal data like photos.
  • Locate device position history.
  • Wipe data remotely if device is lost.
  • Weekly security reports on device health.

Lookout combines antivirus, anti-phishing, and anti-theft tools for iPhones.

Key Features to Look for in an iPhone Virus Cleaner

The top iPhone virus cleaners share some key features:

  • Real-time protection – Scans files, apps, and networks continuously for threats.
  • Malware scanning – Detects wide range of threats like viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware.
  • Phishing/spam detection – Blocks scam links, texts, emails, and calls.
  • Network security – Checks WiFi networks for risks and encrypts data.
  • Performance optimization – Clears junk files and terminates background processes.
  • Anti-theft capabilities – Remotely locates, locks, and wipes lost or stolen devices.

Prioritize apps that offer automatic real-time scanning, up-to-date threat detection, fast performance, and extra utilities like WiFi scanning and anti-theft tools.

How to Scan Your iPhone for Viruses

Follow these steps to scan your iPhone for viruses and other threats:

  1. Download a trusted antivirus app – Choose a reputable iOS virus cleaner like the ones mentioned above.
  2. Allow necessary permissions – Grant the app access to your data, files, and settings so it can fully scan.
  3. Run a scan – Open the antivirus app and start a manual scan. Give it time to thoroughly check your system.
  4. Quarantine threats – If any viruses, malware or other issues are found, the app will prompt you to isolate and clean them up.
  5. Resolve issues – Follow app recommendations to resolve any problem areas. You may need to delete questionable apps or files.
  6. Enable real-time protection – Make sure automatic scanning is enabled so your iPhone is continuously monitored.

Schedule regular in-depth iPhone virus scans in addition to the ongoing real-time scanning. This provides comprehensive protection against evolving mobile threats.

How Antivirus Apps Clean a Virus from an iPhone

iPhone antivirus apps use the following general process to clean malware:

  1. The app scans memory, files, apps, settings, and network connections for anything suspicious.
  2. Signatures of known virus threats are checked against scanned items.
  3. Heuristic analysis identifies previously unknown threats by behavior.
  4. If malware is found, the user is notified and prompted to take action.
  5. Infected files are typically quarantined so they can’t spread.
  6. Quarantined threats may be outright deleted or kept in isolation.
  7. The virus scan continues to run regularly to catch any future infections.

This allows antivirus apps to catch both known and new iPhone viruses before they cause harm or spread.

Tips to Avoid iPhone Viruses

Here are some tips to reduce your risk of getting viruses and malware on your iPhone:

  • Only install apps from the official App Store.
  • Keep iOS and apps updated to the latest versions.
  • Don’t jailbreak your device as it disables security measures.
  • Don’t click suspicious links in emails, texts, websites.
  • Use a VPN when connecting to public WiFi.
  • Set iPhone to automatically update apps.
  • Use strong passcodes and Touch ID/Face ID.
  • Backup your data regularly.
  • Be cautious of public USB charging stations.

Practicing basic security hygiene like the steps above makes you less likely to get malware in the first place. But a quality antivirus cleaner app provides an additional layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about iPhone virus cleaners:

Is it really necessary to use antivirus apps on an iPhone?

Yes, it’s still a good idea. While iPhones have robust built-in security, antivirus apps provide real-time scanning, threat detection, performance monitoring, anti-phishing tools, and other useful utilities. They serve as an extra line of defense against iOS malware.

How can I tell if my iPhone definitely has a virus?

Signs of a possible infection include overheating, fast battery drain, freezing and crashes, unknown pop-ups, and unusual activity with Apple ID/social media accounts. Run a scan with a trusted antivirus cleaner to confirm viruses or other threats.

What is the best free iPhone antivirus app?

Some top free options include TotalAV Antivirus and Lookout Security & Antivirus. They provide essential protections like malware scanning, web filtering, anti-theft tools, and performance optimization. But paid apps like Norton and McAfee offer more advanced features.

Can antivirus apps slow down my iPhone?

Some antivirus apps use up minimal system resources in the background to power their real-time scanning. This shouldn’t noticeably slow down your iPhone. In fact, by removing threats and optimizing your device, antivirus apps can speed up your iPhone.

How often should I run antivirus scans on my iPhone?

At minimum run full virus scans weekly. But it’s best to enable continuous real-time scanning via your antivirus app. This constantly monitors your iPhone for the newest threats. Also scan your device any time you notice suspicious behavior.

Will an antivirus app protect me when browsing the web on my iPhone?

Yes, leading antivirus apps check websites and links for threats. They block malicious and phishing sites to keep your iPhone secure as you surf the web. Enable web protection in your antivirus app settings.


There are reputable antivirus cleaner apps available to remove viruses and other malware from infected iPhones. Look for top-rated apps like Norton Mobile Security, McAfee Mobile Security, and AVG Antivirus that provide real-time threat scanning, phishing detection, performance optimization, and anti-theft capabilities. Schedule regular scans in addition to the ongoing background scanning for comprehensive protection. Practicing basic security measures like avoiding suspicious links and using strong passcodes also keeps your iPhone malware-free. With proactive precautions and a robust virus cleaning app, you can protect your iPhone from infection and ensure your data remains secure.