Is there a way to retrieve deleted phone numbers from iPhone without computer?

Quick Answer

Yes, it is possible to retrieve deleted phone numbers from an iPhone without a computer in a few different ways. The main options are:

  • Using iPhone backup files stored in iCloud or iTunes
  • Using third party iPhone data recovery apps
  • Checking call history logs and voicemail

While a computer makes the process easier, there are steps you can take directly on your iPhone to recover deleted contacts and phone numbers. However, success depends on whether the data has been overwritten.

Using iPhone Backup Files

One of the best ways to retrieve deleted phone numbers from an iPhone without a computer is by utilizing iPhone backup files. There are two main places these backup files are stored:

  • iCloud – If you have iCloud Backup enabled, your iPhone data is continuously backed up to iCloud. This includes your contacts and phone numbers.
  • iTunes – When you connect your iPhone to a computer, iTunes can save a backup file locally on that computer. This also contains your contacts.

To restore contacts and phone numbers from a backup:

  1. For iCloud backups – Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. Tap the most recent backup and Tap Restore.
  2. For iTunes backups – Connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed. Open iTunes and go to Preferences > Devices. Select your device and click Restore Backup.

This will completely restore your iPhone data and settings from the selected backup, including all phone numbers that were not deleted at the time of the backup.

Pros of Using Backup Files

  • Easy, built-in method to restore contacts
  • Allows recovery of multiple or all deleted phone numbers at once
  • Can retrieve very old deleted contacts if backup is from that time

Cons of Using Backup Files

  • Only restores contacts to state at time of backup
  • Need to erase and restore entire iPhone to retrieve deleted data
  • Need access to computer with iTunes or iCloud account

Using iPhone Data Recovery Software

Another option is to use third party iOS data recovery software to restore deleted phone numbers from an iPhone backup or the device itself without a computer. Here are some examples:

  • FonePaw iOS Data Recovery – Scans device or backup for lost contacts. Recovers specific contacts.
  • iMyFone D-Back – Retrieve individual iPhone contacts from backup files without erasing contents.
  • EaseUS MobiSaver – Recover multiple or specific contacts from iPhone and cloud backups.

General steps to use these apps to restore iPhone contacts:

  1. Download and install the data recovery app on your iPhone.
  2. Allow the app to scan your device or cloud backups for recoverable data.
  3. Preview and select the individual contacts and phone numbers you want to restore.
  4. Recover the deleted data back to your iPhone contacts app.

Pros of Data Recovery Apps

  • Retrieve individual contacts without full restore
  • May recover very recently deleted phone numbers
  • Often can extract contacts from both iPhone and backups

Cons of Data Recovery Apps

  • Typically paid apps with fees or subscriptions
  • Varies in effectiveness depending on app
  • Requires downloading, installing, and granting access

Checking Call History and Voicemail

Another place you may find deleted phone numbers is in the native apps on your iPhone:

  • Call History – Open the Phone app and tap Recents. You may see phone numbers for recent calls.
  • Voicemail – Open the Phone app, tap Voicemail, and listen to any saved messages. Phone numbers are often recorded.

While this only works for very recent calls and voicemails, it’s worth checking as a free and easy option. The phone number may jog your memory or give a clue about the deleted contact info.

Pros of Call History and Voicemail

  • No extra apps or installation required
  • May retrieve very recently deleted numbers
  • Easy to access and check

Cons of Call History and Voicemail

  • Limited to only recent calls and voicemails
  • No guarantee number will be found
  • Does not recover full contact entry

Preventing Deleted Phone Number in the Future

While recovering deleted contacts is possible in many cases, it is much easier to avoid the situation altogether. Here are some tips:

  • Back up your iPhone regularly via iCloud or iTunes.
  • Export your contacts to store a separate copy externally.
  • Use a contacts management app that stores backups online.
  • Double check before permanently deleting contacts.
  • Think carefully before restoring your iPhone or deleting all contents.


There are several methods to retrieve deleted phone numbers from an iPhone without a computer, depending on your specific needs:

  • Restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup will completely recover contacts and data from that point in time.
  • Data recovery apps can extract individual contacts from device and backups.
  • Call logs and voicemail may reveal recently called or left numbers.

While it takes some effort, restoring lost contacts is possible in many cases with the proper backup procedures and tools. Considering backup strategies will help avoid the issue in the future. With a layered approach, you can effectively recover deleted iPhone contacts when needed.