What do Datacom do?

Datacom is a leading IT services and solutions provider founded in 1965 with headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. The company employs over 5,000 people across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the UK and the US (East Coast Datacom Company Profile).

Datacom offers a comprehensive range of managed IT services, application development and integration, business process outsourcing, consulting and other services. The company helps organizations leverage technology to transform and drive value for their business.

Some of Datacom’s core service offerings include cloud solutions, cybersecurity, data center services, IT outsourcing, IT support, network services, and unified communications. Since its founding over 50 years ago, Datacom has grown to become one of the leading IT services companies in the Asia Pacific region.

IT Services

Datacom provides a wide range of IT services aimed at helping clients modernize their technology stack and infrastructure, including cloud migration, software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics (source). They have expertise across various industry verticals and technologies, allowing them to develop customized solutions for each client.

Some of their core IT services include:

  • Cloud Computing – Migration to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. They are a Premier Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services.
  • Software Development – Custom software development, web and mobile app development using agile methodologies.
  • Cybersecurity – Security consulting, penetration testing, compliance audits, and managed detection and response services.
  • Data Analytics – Data warehousing, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.

Datacom utilizes proven project management methodologies like PMI and Agile to ensure successful delivery of IT projects (source). Their solutions are designed to help clients achieve their business goals and gain a competitive advantage.

Business Process Outsourcing

Datacom offers comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO) services to help companies streamline operations and focus on their core business. Their BPO solutions cover key business functions like finance, accounting, HR, and contact centers.

For finance and accounting, Datacom provides services like accounts payable/receivable, expense management, general ledger, and financial reporting. They leverage automation and analytics to deliver these services more efficiently. According to Datacom, their approach drives 30% faster processing and 50% fewer errors.

Datacom’s HR outsourcing assists with payroll, benefits administration, background checking, and recruitment process outsourcing. Their global delivery model and HR expertise aim to reduce operating costs by 20-30% for clients.

They also offer contact center BPO solutions like sales and service support, help desk services, and content moderation. Datacom combines advanced technologies like AI and analytics with human interaction to optimize the customer experience.

Consulting Services

Datacom offers a wide range of consulting services to help clients navigate digital transformation and manage organizational change.Premier Datacom Incorporated Austin TX, 78733. Their consultants work closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and challenges. They then develop customized strategies and solutions to drive digital innovation, boost efficiency, and deliver real business value.

Some of Datacom’s key consulting offerings include:

  • Digital Strategy – Helping organizations adapt to the digital economy by aligning technology investments with business goals.
  • Change Management – Ensuring new systems, processes and organizational changes are adopted smoothly across the enterprise.
  • Business Transformation – Redesigning operations, processes and models to improve performance and competitiveness.
  • Legacy Modernization – Transitioning from legacy systems to modern digital platforms and architecture.

Datacom consultants employ proven methodologies focused on minimizing risk and maximizing return on investment. They have deep expertise across multiple industries and leverage leading technologies from key partners like Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce.

Industry Solutions

Datacom provides solutions tailored to a variety of industries and sectors including government, healthcare, education, and more. Their industry expertise allows them to understand the unique needs, challenges, and goals within each industry vertical.

For government clients, Datacom offers solutions around cloud adoption, cybersecurity, constituent experience, and strategic IT consulting. They aim to help government agencies become more efficient, agile, and citizen-focused through technology. Datacom cites experience working with government clients around law enforcement, transportation, healthcare services, and more (Source).

In healthcare, Datacom provides IT solutions around security, interoperability, patient engagement, and population health management. Their solutions are designed to improve access to care, reduce costs, and lead to better health outcomes. They have experience working with healthcare providers, payers, and life sciences companies (Source).

For education clients, Datacom can provide solutions like learning management systems, campus management, digital equity programs, and IT optimization. Their solutions aim to create rich learning experiences while maximizing efficiency and cost savings. Datacom has successfully delivered large-scale education projects around the world.

Technologies and Partnerships

Datacom partners with some of the biggest names in IT and technology to provide the best solutions for businesses and government. Some of the companies that Datacom collaborate with include:

Microsoft – Datacom has attained Gold Partner status with Microsoft across multiple competencies including cloud, collaboration, data analytics, and security. Datacom leverages Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Windows Server and other technologies to deliver solutions to clients (1).

AWS – Datacom is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, utilizing AWS cloud infrastructure to help clients migrate to the cloud. Datacom has extensive AWS expertise across infrastructure, analytics, IoT, security, and more (1).

SAP – As a premier SAP partner, Datacom provides implementation, integration, and managed services for SAP solutions. Datacom has over 40 years of SAP experience with thousands of successful projects delivered (1).

Cisco – Datacom partners with Cisco for networking, collaboration, security, data center and cloud solutions. Datacom holds multiple Cisco specializations and Master certifications (1).

Datacom also partners with other leading vendors like Oracle, IBM, Dell, Veritas, VMware, ServiceNow and more to remain on the cutting edge of technology (1).

By leveraging key partnerships, Datacom is able to provide the latest innovations to help clients transform their business.

(1) https://datacom.com/au/en/about-us/partners

Global Presence

Datacom has offices across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, the UK, and North America. According to the company’s website, they have 21 office locations globally (Craft.co). Their headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand at 58 Gaunt Street.

Some of Datacom’s major office locations include Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, London, New York City, and Dallas. Across Australia and New Zealand, the company has over 5,500 employees servicing local and international clients (Datacom Contact Page).

Datacom’s global footprint allows them to provide IT and business process outsourcing services worldwide. Their expansive presence across regions gives them the ability to serve multinational companies and deploy solutions internationally.

Case Studies

Datacom has delivered successful projects across a wide range of industries and business needs. Here are a couple examples:

Datacom worked with a large supermarket chain to implement a business intelligence solution using QlikView, which consolidated data from multiple sources into easy-to-understand dashboards. This gave executives a single source of truth and helped drive data-driven decision making across the organization. (Source)

For a government transportation agency, Datacom developed a custom software solution to optimize bus routes and schedules. The new system incorporated real-time GPS data to improve efficiency and passenger experience. Datacom’s expertise in software development and optimization algorithms was crucial to the success of this project. (Source)

Awards and Recognition

Datacom has won numerous awards that recognize the company’s achievements in information technology, business services, and overall excellence. Some of the notable awards Datacom has received over the years include:

Winners of Best Enterprise Service Desk at the Service Desk Institute (SDI) IT Service and Support Awards 2022 (Datacom). This recognizes Datacom’s achievements in providing excellent IT support services.

Ranked #1 Managed Service Provider in the Asia Pacific region by revenue for 7 years in a row from 2015-2021 in ICT market analysis firm Canalys’ annual report (Datacom Usage Statistics). This demonstrates Datacom’s consistent leadership in managed services in APAC.

Datacom won the “Service Provider of the Year” award at the Reseller News Innovation Awards 2020 (Datacom Awards Gala 2010). This award recognized Datacom as New Zealand’s top IT and cloud services provider.

These and other awards validate Datacom’s capabilities and excellence across various facets of technology and business process services.


To summarize, Datacom provides a wide range of IT services and solutions to help organizations digitally transform. With expertise across consulting, business process outsourcing, cloud computing, data centers, networking and more, Datacom enables companies to leverage technology for competitive advantage.

Key capabilities and value propositions include:

  • End-to-end IT solutions from strategy to implementation and management
  • Deep expertise across industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and government
  • Global delivery capabilities with operations in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and more
  • Long-standing strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors
  • Commitment to innovation and emerging technologies like AI, automation, IoT and cybersecurity

With a track record of success across thousands of complex projects, Datacom has the experience and capabilities to help organizations maximize value from technology investments. Their integrated approach, industry knowledge, and focus on business outcomes makes Datacom a strategic partner for digital transformation initiatives.