What do the different color tags at Savers mean?

Thrift shopping at stores like Savers can be a fun way to find hidden gems and great deals on used clothing and household items. However, the pricing system with different colored tags can be a bit confusing for new Savers shoppers. Here’s a breakdown of what each color tag means at Savers:

Savers Color Coding System

Savers uses a color coded tag system to organize their merchandise and indicate pricing. Each day of the week, items will be tagged with a specific color that corresponds to a discount. Here is what each color tag means:

Tag Color Discount
White Regular Price
Yellow 50% off regular price
Blue 75% off regular price
Green 99 cent deals
Red $1.49 deals
Pink $1.99 deals
Orange Manager’s Special – usually 50-75% off regular price

As you can see, each color corresponds with a different level of discount. White tags mean an item is full price, while colors like yellow, blue, and orange indicate markdowns of 50-99% off.

Schedule of Color Tagged Sales

In addition to representing different discount levels, the colored tags at Savers also follow a schedule:

  • Mondays: Blue Tags
  • Tuesdays: Green Tags
  • Wednesdays: Red Tags
  • Thursdays: Pink Tags
  • Fridays: Yellow Tags
  • Saturdays: Orange Tags
  • Sundays: White Tags (regular prices)

Savers rotates through this schedule each week. This means if you shop on a Monday, you’ll find the best selection of blue 75% off tags. Come Friday, the store will have restocked yellow 50% off tag merchandise. Many Savers regulars plan trips to hit the color days with the steepest discounts.

Exceptions and Variations

While the color schedule stays consistent, there can be some variations:

  • Manager’s Special Orange Tags can appear any day of the week, not just Saturdays.
  • Clearance merchandise may have purple tags that indicate items have been further marked down.
  • Seasonal sales may use special color tags not on the regular schedule.
  • Some locations may occasionally vary when they switch to a new color.

It’s always a good idea to check the tag colors on the floor before shopping to confirm that day’s deals. Signage near the entrance will often remind shoppers of the current color tag discount as well.

Tips for Savers Color Tag Shopping

To get the best deals when color tag shopping at Savers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check online or call ahead to verify color schedule – this varies occasionally by location.
  • Arrive early on the color tag day you want – discounts change first thing in the morning.
  • Search meticulously – buried treasures are often hidden on crowded racks.
  • Scan small accessories areas – belts, scarves and jewelry also follow color discounts.
  • Mix and match – pair discounted clothes with full-price basics for complete outfits.
  • Shop seasonally – discounts are best on off-season merchandise like winter coats in summer.
  • Visit often – inventory changes quickly at thrift stores.
  • Inspect carefully – look for stains, damage, missing pieces before buying.
  • Read signs – look for extra discounts or sales exceptions on given days.

Getting the Best Deals

Following the colored tag schedule at Savers takes a bit of planning, but can result in huge savings. For example, items discounted 75% off on Blue Mondays will generally have the biggest price cuts for the week. Combining a Blue Monday visit with an additional Manager’s Special Orange tag promo could mean snagging an expensive item for up to 90% off!

Some of the best steals at Savers occur when special sales overlap with color tag days. For example, Savers often runs “Buy One Get One Free” offers on clothing. If combined with a blue tag Monday, you could get two clothing items for the price of one already-discounted blue tag item. Stacked discounts like this take a bit of strategy to maximize, but provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Quality Varies

While the discounts may be steep, remember that merchandise quality at thrift stores can vary greatly. Just because an item has a deeply discounted colored tag doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a great find. Be selective and inspect items closely for damage, wear, stains, or flaws. Making a poor quality purchase, even at a great price, doesn’t provide much value in the end.


Savers color coded tag system allows savvy shoppers to find marked down items on scheduled discount days. Following the tag colors and keeping an eye out for super sales and promos can lead to huge savings. Just take care to selectively inspect merchandise closely first, since deeply discounted items may also have condition issues. With a bit of planning, Savers color tag days can yield some fab finds at bargain basement prices.