What is Hetman RAID recovery?

Hetman RAID recovery is the process of restoring data from a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) system after a failure or data loss event. RAID systems use multiple hard drives to provide increased storage capacity, performance, and fault tolerance compared to single drives.

Why Use RAID Recovery Software?

When a RAID fails, the data becomes inaccessible or corrupted. This can happen due to:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Accidental deletion of RAID configuration
  • File system corruption
  • Operating system crash
  • Virus or malware attack
  • Power outage
  • Controller failure

RAID recovery software is essential for restoring data from a damaged or failed RAID. It can:

  • Rebuild the RAID after replacing failed disks
  • Repair corrupted RAID metadata like volume information
  • Recover lost partitions and rebuild file system structures
  • Extract data from damaged RAID devices for backup

Without RAID recovery software, accessing data on a failed RAID is complex and risks further data loss. Professional tools automate diagnosis, repair, and recovery tasks.

How Hetman RAID Recovery Works

Hetman RAID Recovery is a data recovery tool specialized for RAID systems. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze RAID structures and recover data. The main steps are:

  1. Connect the RAID to another computer running Hetman RAID Recovery.
  2. The tool scans all attached storage devices and detects the RAID configuration.
  3. It analyzes the RAID metadata, file system structures, and drive contents.
  4. Damaged or corrupted structures are repaired to make data accessible again.
  5. Files and folders are extracted from the RAID and saved to another disk.

Key features of Hetman RAID Recovery include:

  • Support for all RAID types – RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 01, etc.
  • Recovery from severe corruption – Rebuilds RAIDs even with completely corrupted metadata.
  • Advanced RAID recovery algorithms – Proprietary methods for extracting data from damaged RAIDs.
  • Non-destructive repair – Fixes RAID issues without modifying the original data.
  • RAW file recovery – Retrieves files based on signatures when file system is not recognized.

Benefits of Hetman RAID Recovery

Hetman RAID Recovery provides the following advantages for recovering data from failed or corrupted RAID systems:

  • Recovers data after any RAID failure scenario – Whether it’s drive errors, missing disks, accidental reconfiguration, file system damage, or unknown corruption.
  • Simple user interface – Makes RAID recovery accessible for any user through an intuitive workflow.
  • Works with any RAID manufacturer/controller – Supports major hardware RAID brands like Dell, HP, Intel, etc.
  • Detailed logs and reports – Allows analyzing the cause of RAID problems and tracing recovery processes.
  • Fast scanning and analysis – Minimizes downtime by quickly scanning drives and diagnosing issues.
  • Support team assistance – Technicians can provide guidance for complex RAID recovery cases.

When to Use Professional RAID Recovery

It’s recommended to use professional RAID recovery software like Hetman in the following situations:

  • Multiple drives have failed in the RAID 5/6 array.
  • The RAID configuration or metadata is corrupted.
  • The file system on the RAID is damaged.
  • Critical data is inaccessible on the RAID.
  • DIY attempts to recover the RAID have failed.
  • The manufacturer’s tools cannot access the RAID.

Self-repair methods like forced rebuilds often make data recovery more difficult or impossible. Professional tools have the best chance of recovering your data intact after serious RAID problems.

Data Recovery Scenarios

Here are some examples of RAID recovery scenarios where Hetman RAID Recovery can help regain access to data:

Rebuilding RAID 5 After Multiple Drive Failures

A RAID 5 array with 4 hard drives suffers 2 disk failures. The RAID is degraded but still accessible. However, after the 3rd drive fails, the entire RAID becomes inaccessible. Hetman RAID Recovery is used to rebuild the RAID by:

  1. Replacing the failed drives with new blank drives.
  2. Scanning all disks and identifying the original RAID 5 configuration.
  3. Rebuilding the RAID by restoring parity and striped data to the new disks.
  4. Extracting the recovered data to another location.

Repairing Corrupted RAID Metadata

The metadata on a RAID 10 array gets corrupted, causing misalignment of the mirrored drives. The RAID controller sees the drives as “orphaned”. Hetman RAID Recovery is able to:

  1. Scan the RAID drives and analyze the corruption.
  2. Repair the metadata to match the actual drive contents.
  3. Restore the proper mirrored relationships between drives.
  4. Extract data from the RAID to complete the recovery.

Recovery After Accidental Initialization

A RAID 0 array used for video editing was accidentally reinitialized, destroying the striped data. Hetman RAID Recovery:

  1. Scans the drive contents to identify the previous RAID 0 structure.
  2. Virtually recreates the prior disk order and data layout.
  3. Allows data to be extracted by accessing the virtual RAID view.
  4. Saves the recovered data to a new location.


Hetman RAID Recovery is an essential tool for recovering failed or damaged RAID systems. It can address a wide range of corruption issues through advanced analysis and repair algorithms. By rebuilding RAID structures and extracting data from virtual views, Hetman RAID Recovery can successfully recover data that is inaccessible through standard methods.