What is the adult streaming app for Google TV?

An adult streaming app is a software application specifically designed for viewing adult content on devices like smartphones, tablets, and TV streaming platforms. The goal of these apps is to allow users to conveniently access adult videos, images, live webcam streams, and other adult-oriented entertainment through a centralized platform or app store.

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the dedicated adult section available on Google’s Android TV and Google TV platforms. We will examine the technical aspects of how Google’s adult apps work, the types of apps available, how to set up user profiles to access adult content, parental control options, pros and cons of the adult section, and how it compares to similar offerings on other streaming TV platforms.

Google TV’s Adult Section

Google TV first introduced access to adult content in November 2011 through a partnership with adult video studio Vivid Entertainment. Vivid launched the first adult app “designed to make sexually explicit content available through the new Google TV set top device” according to a Vivid press release (source). This gave Google TV users access to mainstream adult entertainment and marked the platform’s first steps into providing restricted adult content.

At launch, the Vivid for Google TV app provided access to the studio’s library of adult content, giving Google TV an exclusive adult section not available on other smart TV platforms. The move was controversial but signaled Google’s intent to make Google TV a mainstream and full-featured entertainment platform.

Technical Aspects

The adult section on Google TV works through dedicated adult apps that can be downloaded and installed. According to TechCrunch, the first major adult app on the platform was Vivid for Google TV, launched by adult studio Vivid Entertainment in 2011 (https://techcrunch.com/2011/11/07/google-tv-scores-an-adult-video-channel-courtesy-of-vivid/).

These adult apps work like any other app on the Android-based Google TV platform. They can be downloaded from the Google Play store and installed directly on Google TV devices. The apps allow users to stream and access adult content libraries and videos.

From a technical standpoint, the apps utilize the standard Android SDKs, media players, and content delivery protocols to stream videos on demand. They leverage the power and connectivity of Google TV devices like Chromecast to provide full-HD quality streams.

Access to the adult section requires setting up a restricted adult profile, which enables the viewing of mature content. Google TV allows parental controls and restrictions to prevent access to adult apps and content on other profiles.

Available Adult Apps

There are several major adult streaming apps available on Google TV, including:

AdultTime – This app provides access to content from 50+ top adult studios. It has a large library of full-length HD videos covering a wide range of genres and fetishes. AdultTime can be installed directly on Google TV from the Play Store (https://sextechguide.com/apps/best-porn-google-tv-android-tv/).

WankzVR – This app lets users experience porn in virtual reality. It has hundreds of immersive 4K and 5K VR videos that work with VR headsets connected to Google TV. WankzVR is available from the Play Store or by sideloading (https://sextechguide.com/apps/best-porn-google-tv-android-tv/).

Pornhub – The official Pornhub app provides free access to millions of videos. It offers popular amateur and professional content in HD quality. The app can be installed via the Play Store on Google TV (https://sextechguide.com/apps/best-porn-google-tv-android-tv/).

Plus additional apps like PlanetPron, YouPorn, MelonDream, and more niche services with specific categories and fetishes. Most major adult sites have apps optimized for streaming to the TV through Google TV.

Setting Up Adult Profile

Google TV allows users to set up restricted profiles specifically for adult content. This keeps mature apps and videos separate from the main account. Here are the steps to set up an adult profile on Google TV:

1. From the Google TV home screen, go to your profile picture or initial in the top right corner. Select “Add account” to create a new profile.[1]

2. Create a Google account to use for the adult profile. Make sure to enter an accurate birthdate that indicates the account holder is over 18 years old.

3. Accept the Terms of Service when creating the new account profile. Google will now recognize this as an adult account.

4. Once the adult profile is created, select it on the home screen to easily access mature apps and content.

5. To prevent unauthorized access, go to the main profile, select “Settings” then “Accounts & Sign In”. Choose the adult profile and enable “Profile lock”.

6. Set a PIN or password that will be required to switch to the adult profile. This adds an extra layer of security and parental controls.[2]

Parental Controls

Google TV offers several parental control options to help parents manage what content their children can access (Google Support, 2022). Parents can set up restricted profiles for kids that only allow age-appropriate content based on content ratings. Within these kid profiles, parents can block specific apps and channels as needed. There is also an option to hide adult apps completely so they are not visible or accessible to children.

Some of the main parental control features include (Google Support, 2022):

  • Setting maturity ratings to allow All, Teen, Pre-Teen or younger.
  • Entering a PIN to prevent kids from leaving the kid profile or making changes.
  • Hiding adult apps so they don’t appear for kids.
  • Blocking specific apps within a kid’s profile.
  • Blocking movies, TV shows and videos based on rating.
  • Blocking web browsing.
  • Setting time limits for using the TV.

These options give parents flexibility to customize parental controls based on the age and maturity of each child. The built-in system provides an easy way to manage appropriate content on Google TV.

Pros of Adult Section

Having an adult section on streaming services provides certain benefits and conveniences for users. According to one source, many adult streaming platforms earn revenue through advertisements and sponsorship deals, suggesting a lucrative adult streaming audience (https://medium.com/@irinacreator/adult-streaming-what-is-it-and-how-do-they-earn-7e91473ea0f4). The adult section gives users easy, private access to adult content through their existing streaming subscription. This saves them the hassle of finding and subscribing to separate adult services. The presence of major streaming brands in adult content helps remove stigma and signals wider social acceptance.

Providing adult streaming on major platforms also allows for proper age verification and parental controls. This helps restrict underage access and enables safe, legal viewing for adults. Centralizing adult content on reputable streaming platforms can reduce activity on unregulated sites with greater risks of illegal or unethical material. Overall, including adult streaming services brings convenience and legitimacy to viewing adult content for many users.

Cons and Controversies

The availability of explicit adult content on Google TV has generated some criticism and controversy. Some argue that having an easily accessible adult section normalizes and encourages potentially unhealthy consumption of pornographic content (Source: https://medium.com/@irinacreator/adult-streaming-what-is-it-and-how-do-they-earn-7e91473ea0f4). There are concerns about the effects of pornography on mental health, relationships, and society more broadly.

Additionally, the presence of the adult section makes it more likely for children and teens to encounter inappropriate content, despite parental controls. Some critics argue Google TV has a responsibility to limit exposure and access to protect young viewers (Source: https://environmental-conscience.com/streaming-services-pros-cons/). The ease of access could potentially enable compulsive or addictive behaviors among susceptible individuals.

There are also worries about how the normalization and wide availability of explicit adult content may impact societal attitudes and perceptions related to relationships, intimacy, objectification, and consent (Source: https://www.internetmatters.org/issues/inappropriate-content/learn-about-it/). However, defenders of the adult section argue consenting adults should have the right to access legal content.

Comparisons With Other Platforms

Google TV’s adult section offers some key advantages over competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. While major streaming services like Netflix and Hulu do not offer adult content, Google TV has partnered with major adult studios like Vivid to provide a wide selection of adult apps and videos.

According to this Reddit discussion, Google TV ranks higher than other mainstream services for adult content. However, dedicated adult platforms like Vivid may still offer larger libraries. Google TV strikes a balance by having a dedicated adult section while also providing other Google services.

In terms of pricing, Google TV competes well. Basic access to the platform and adult section is free with the purchase of a Google TV device. This compares favorably to subscription fees on other platforms. Overall, Google TV offers a mainstream smart TV experience while also catering to adult tastes through partnerships and curated recommendations.


Google TV has made strides in providing adult content through its dedicated adult section and profile settings. This gives users streamlined access to adult apps while also enabling parental controls. The adult section has pros like convenience and privacy. But it also faces criticism around enabling access to explicit content. Compared to other platforms, Google TV takes a middle ground approach.

In summary, the adult section on Google TV allows of-age users to conveniently access adult apps in a private, controlled setting. But it requires wisdom in setting up parental controls. Overall, Google TV aims to balance access with responsibility regarding mature content.