What is the return policy for Unix CCTV?

With the rise in crime rates and need for enhanced security, closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems have become an essential investment for many homes and businesses. CCTV allows for monitoring of property and assets in real-time. When considering a CCTV system, it is important to understand the return policies of retailers and manufacturers in case the product is defective or does not meet your needs.

Overview of Unix CCTV

Unix CCTV is a reputable brand of CCTV systems known for their high-quality cameras and user-friendly video management software. Their product line includes both wired and wireless camera models suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Unix CCTV is carried by various authorized retailers online and in electronics stores.

Some key things to know about Unix CCTV products:

  • Video resolution options up to 4K Ultra HD
  • Night vision capability on all models
  • Weatherproof cameras for outdoor use
  • Remote viewing capability via smartphone apps
  • Motion-activated recording options
  • Expandable with additional cameras and hard drive storage
  • Warranty up to 3 years depending on the model

With a wide selection of wired and wireless cameras available, Unix CCTV systems can accommodate homes, offices, retail stores, and warehouses. Their product configurations allow you to create customized CCTV setups specific to your monitoring needs.

Understanding Return Policies

Before purchasing a Unix CCTV system, it is important to understand the return policy. Return policies allow the customer to exchange or send back a product within a specified time period if they are unsatisfied or if the item is defective.

Return policies can vary between retailers. However, Unix CCTV products purchased through authorized dealers will typically have the standard Unix CCTV return policy.

Some key points on the Unix CCTV return policy:

  • 30 day return window from original purchase date
  • All components must be returned in original packaging
  • Any shipped items must have return shipping prepaid by customer
  • 20% restocking fee may apply to non-defective returns
  • No returns accepted if product packaging is opened or damaged

It is important to note that simply deciding you do not want the product or that it does not suit your needs does not make it eligible for return. Items can only be returned if they are in new condition or if they have a manufacturer defect.

Situations Eligible for Return

There are certain situations that would make a Unix CCTV product eligible for return or exchange within the 30 day policy window:

  • Defective Item: If the CCTV unit arrives damaged or components are not functioning, it can be returned as defective. You must contact Unix CCTV customer service by phone or email within 7 days of delivery to start a return claim for a defective product.
  • Missing Components: Your Unix CCTV system comes with all necessary components for installation, configuration, and use. If components are missing from your order, you are eligible to return the product for replacement.
  • Item Shipped in Error: In the event that Unix CCTV or the retailer ships an incorrect item that you did not order, you can return the unopened item for a refund or exchange.
  • Better Price Available: If you find the identical Unix CCTV product available within 7 days of your purchase for a lower price from an authorized dealer, you can return your original purchase and repurchase at the lower price point.

Outside of situations where there is a defect, order error, or lower authorized pricing, Unix CCTV reserves the right to apply a 20% restocking fee to returns that are not a result of an error on their part.

The Unix CCTV Return Process

If you have deemed your Unix CCTV product eligible for return, either defective or unopened, here is the process to follow:

  1. Contact Unix CCTV customer service by phone or email within 30 days of original purchase date. Provide order details, reason for return, and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
  2. Repackage the product in the original boxes and packaging materials.
  3. Note the RMA number provided by customer service on the outside of the return packaging.
  4. Ship the return via traceable carrier like UPS or FedEx with return shipping prepaid.
  5. Once the return is received and inspected by Unix CCTV, a replacement or refund will be issued within 7 business days.

Adhering to this process ensures you meet the requirements of the return policy. Failure to obtain an RMA or ship back the product without proper packaging may result in denial of the return request.

Purchasing from Authorized Unix CCTV Dealers

To qualify for the standard 30 day Unix CCTV return policy, it is essential that you make your purchase through an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers include:

  • UnixCCTV.com
  • Amazon.com
  • BestBuy.com
  • Walmart.com
  • Newegg.com

Purchases through unauthorized sellers on websites like eBay are not guaranteed to come with active Unix CCTV warranties or return eligibility. Be sure to buy through reputable channels.

Many authorized online retailers also have extended holiday return periods. For example, Amazon offers returns up to 31 days after date of delivery for items shipped between November 1 and December 31, effectively extending the return period.

Return Policy for Open-Box and Refurbished Models

At many retailers, you can purchase Unix CCTV products as open-box or refurbished models, often at significant discounts. These units have been returned by another customer or have cosmetic defects that do not affect functionality.

It is important to note that Unix CCTV’s standard return policy does not apply to open-box or refurbished products. Each retailer will have their own unique policy regarding returns for these models:

  • Returns often limited to exchanges only, no refunds
  • Shorter return window, typically 7-14 days
  • Defective exchanges only, not satisfaction returns
  • Restocking fees upwards of 50%

Be sure to understand the retailer’s refund rules before purchasing an open-box or refurbished Unix CCTV. Returns and exchanges are much more restrictive than new products.

Exchanging a Unix CCTV Purchase

In some cases, you may wish to exchange your Unix CCTV rather than return it. For example, you might opt to exchange for a different camera model better suited to your needs.

To make an exchange:

  1. Begin the standard return process within 30 days of purchase.
  2. Notify Unix CCTV customer service that you wish to exchange rather than return.
  3. Ship back original purchase with RMA following standard procedure.
  4. Unix CCTV will issue credit once original unit is received.
  5. Use credit to place order for replacement item.

Exchanges are typically for identical items – upgrades to more advanced systems may require additional payment. Exchanged items are subject to the return policy from the new order date.

Receiving a Refund for a Unix CCTV Return

If you follow the proper return authorization process and Unix CCTV approves your RMA, you are eligible for a full refund to your original payment method in these cases:

  • Defective or damaged item
  • Missing components
  • Incorrect product shipped

For authorized returns that do not meet the above criteria, Unix CCTV will issue refunds subject to a 20% restocking fee. This is deducted from the total to cover costs associated with processing and repackaging the return.

Once Unix CCTV inspection confirms an authorized and complete return, refunds are typically issued within 7 business days. It make take 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on a credit card or bank statement.

Important Return Policy Notes

To summarize some key aspects of the Unix CCTV return policy:

  • 30 days from delivery for new, unopened items.
  • Contact for RMA within 7 days of receipt.
  • 20% restocking fee for non-defective returns.
  • No returns for opened items.
  • Returns must have shipping prepaid by customer.
  • No refunds for unauthorized resellers.
  • Limited return eligibility for open-box and refurbished.

Always consult the Unix CCTV Product Support team with specific return questions. Be sure to get an RMA first before shipping any item back to avoid denial of return requests. Keep all original packaging and components for a smooth return process.

Seeking Technical Support

If your Unix CCTV system has stopped working or is not functioning as intended, contact Unix CCTV support before initiating a return. Many technical problems can be resolved remotely:

  • Troubleshooting guidance from support technicians
  • Firmware updates and patches
  • Reconfiguration of camera and software settings
  • Diagnosing component failures

Unless the issue is clearly a defective component, give Unix CCTV the opportunity to remedy functionality concerns before going through the return process. Returns should be a last resort after utilizing technical support.

Avoiding Restocking Fees

Here are some tips to avoid incurring Unix CCTV restocking fees if you need to return your system:

  • Carefully check all components after delivery. Report any missing or damaged pieces right away.
  • Thoroughly test the system within 7 days and contact support at the first sign of any defect.
  • Consult Unix CCTV before assuming a return is needed – support may identify easier remedies.
  • Do not open or damage original packaging to retain full return value.
  • Review retailer return extensions for the holidays – gives you more time to decide.
  • Upgrade components rather than return entire system if possible.

Taking these steps will help ensure any Unix CCTV return is authorized as defective stock, avoiding restocking deductions.

Common Reasons for Returns

While Unix CCTV systems are built for reliability and performance, returns do occur for various reasons. Here are some of the most common scenarios that prompt Unix CCTV customers to initiate the return process:

  • Faulty cabling – CCTV wiring that cuts out or does not transmit video reliably from cameras.
  • Poor wireless signal – Wireless cameras that have low connectivity and lost connections.
  • Defective hard drive – Hard disk failures that prevent recording and storage functions.
  • Damaged camera housings – External cases that are cracked or broken on delivery.
  • Dead pixels on cameras – Image sensors with clusters of defective pixels visible in the video feed.
  • Motion detection failure – Motion-triggered recording that fails to capture movement events.
  • Unable to connect remote apps – Mobile apps and software that will not interface with the system components.

Being aware of these commonly seen defects can help you thoroughly test your new Unix CCTV system on arrival and catch any returns-worthy issues early.

Avoiding Customer-Caused Returns

While Unix CCTV aims for 100% quality control, some returns result from improper use or installation:

  • Attempting self-installation without following Unix CCTV’s detailed guides.
  • Using underpowered or unsuitable POE switches.
  • Not providing adequate outdoor wiring protection.
  • Failing to maintain suitable camera operating temperatures.
  • Incorrect network configuration preventing remote app access.

Always consult the installation manuals and specifications before setting up your CCTV system. Following Unix’s directions can help avoid returns from customer-caused issues.

How to Test Unix CCTV Prior to Installation

To confirm all components are free of defects and avoid the need to uninstall the entire CCTV system later, do the following tests before mounting the cameras and cable runs:

  • Power on cameras and recorders, check video output.
  • Trigger motion events, test motion-activated recording.
  • Check remote app connectivity over WiFi and mobile data.
  • Playback recorded footage if NVR included.
  • Check night vision and low light performance.

Leaving cameras in a box for too long before testing could put you past the 30 day return window. Fully test your Unix CCTV on arrival when defects are easiest to detect.


Understanding the ins and outs of Unix CCTV’s return policy gives you confidence if any parts of your new surveillance system need to be exchanged. While many customers are happy with their Unix CCTV products and never need to return them, it is always good to know return and warranty policies in detail before purchasing. This ensures you have recourse if a defective product does arrive.

By ordering through authorized retailers, fully testing your Unix CCTV on arrival, and contacting technical support at the first sign of trouble, you can minimize any need to ship products back. However if a return does become necessary, following the proper procedures outlined here provides the best chance for a quick refund, exchange, or replacement.