What time does iPhone 15 come out?

The iPhone 15 release date and time are not yet officially confirmed by Apple, but based on previous iPhone launch events, we can make some educated guesses about when the iPhone 15 will be available to pre-order and buy.

When will iPhone 15 pre-orders start?

If Apple follows its usual iPhone launch timeline, pre-orders for the iPhone 15 should begin on the Friday morning following Apple’s September event.

For example, the iPhone 14 pre-orders began on Friday, September 9, 2022, two days after Apple’s “Far Out” event on September 7.

So if Apple holds its iPhone 15 launch event on a Tuesday or Wednesday in September 2023, we can expect iPhone 15 pre-orders to start that Friday, likely at 5:00 am Pacific Time.

When will iPhone 15 pre-orders be delivered?

Based on past iPhone launches, the first iPhone 15 pre-order deliveries should begin about 1-2 weeks after pre-orders open.

For example, iPhone 14 pre-orders placed on September 9 were delivered starting September 16. So for iPhone 15, if pre-orders open on Friday, September 8, 2023, initial deliveries would likely happen between Friday, September 15 and Friday, September 22.

Of course, shipping times can vary depending on supply, demand, and configuration. Expect the iPhone 15 Pro models in popular colors and storage sizes to ship later into October or November.

When will iPhone 15 be available in stores?

The in-store launch date for the iPhone 15 will likely be the same Friday that pre-orders arrive.

So using the example above, if pre-orders open September 8 and deliveries begin September 15, we can expect to see the iPhone 15 on display in Apple Stores and other retailers starting September 15.

Availability on launch day will be limited, so expect lines to form early at stores for customers wanting an iPhone 15 on day one without a pre-order.

What time can I buy iPhone 15 on launch day?

Apple does not provide an official iPhone on-sale time for launch day. But in previous years, new iPhones have become available to buy online and in stores around 8:00 am local time.

So if you want to line up to buy an iPhone 15 at an Apple Store on launch day, plan to arrive very early in the morning to secure your spot in line. Availability will be limited, especially for popular models.

When can I buy iPhone 15 without pre-ordering?

If you don’t pre-order an iPhone 15, you may need to wait several weeks or months after launch day to readily find iPhone 15 models in stock.

Supplies will be extremely constrained at launch, with pre-order customers getting priority. So decide early if you want to pre-order or wait – you may be waiting a while if you skip pre-orders.

Apple and carriers do occasionally release small iPhone stock batches without pre-orders, but these sell out almost instantly online and in stores on launch day.

How fast will iPhone 15 sell out?

If past iPhone launches are any indication, the most popular iPhone 15 models will sell out within minutes online and in stores on launch day.

For example, the iPhone 14 Pro Max in Space Black 256GB sold out almost instantly when pre-orders went live. Walk-in customers on launch day stand almost no chance of finding these combinations readily in stock.

Your best chance of securing an iPhone 15 at launch is to pre-order right away when they go live. Even still, shipping times can quickly slip to several weeks out for many configurations.

Should I pre-order iPhone 15?

Pre-ordering is the best way to ensure you’ll get an iPhone 15 as close to launch day as possible. Even still, expect delivery dates to slip quickly for popular models and colors.

If getting a new iPhone right away is important to you, definitely pre-order within the first 5-10 minutes after pre-orders go live for the best chance at an initial shipment.

Some reasons to pre-order an iPhone 15 include:

  • Guarantees you a phone on launch day/week (subject to supply)
  • Locks in a place in line before stock sells out
  • Lets you configure the exact model, color and capacity you want
  • Gives you time to sell your old iPhone before switching
  • Ensures you don’t get stuck with a long wait by ordering late

Downsides of pre-ordering include:

  • Having to pay in full upfront
  • Waiting weeks or months if you miss the initial shipment cutoff
  • No option to try in store first before purchasing

Overall, pre-ordering eliminates the stress of trying to find an iPhone 15 in stock later. And in many cases, pre-order customers will still get their new phone faster than walk-in buyers on launch day.

When will iPhone 15 reviews be published?

Major technology publications like CNET, The Verge, Engadget and others will likely publish their iPhone 15 reviews 1-2 days before pre-orders open, following Apple’s review embargo date.

So if pre-orders start on Friday, expect full iPhone 15 reviews to hit the web by Wednesday evening Pacific Time at the latest. This gives buyers a chance to read detailed impressions before deciding on pre-ordering.

How much will iPhone 15 cost?

Apple has not officially announced iPhone 15 pricing yet, but we can speculate on potential costs based on iPhone 14 models:

Model Storage Potential Price
iPhone 15 128GB $799
256GB $899
512GB $1099
iPhone 15 Plus 128GB $899
256GB $999
512GB $1199
iPhone 15 Pro 128GB $1099
256GB $1199
512GB $1399
iPhone 15 Pro Max 128GB $1199
256GB $1299
512GB $1499
1TB $1699

Of course, Apple could increase prices further, but these prices are reasonable predictions based on the iPhone 14 lineup.

How can I get the best iPhone 15 pre-order deal?

Here are some tips for saving money when pre-ordering your iPhone 15:

  • Pre-order as soon as possible to lock in the best deals before they sell out.
  • Buy through your carrier for upgrade discounts and trade-in credits.
  • Use Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program for financing offers.
  • Trade in your old iPhone to lower the cost.
  • Check carrier promotions for gifts cards, accessories and perks for pre-ordering.

Act fast though, as iPhone 15 launch promotions tend to be extremely limited in quantity and time. So enter your pre-order details rapidly for the best shot at savings.

When can I order iPhone 15 without a pre-order?

As mentioned earlier, buying an iPhone 15 without a pre-order means you’ll likely need to wait weeks or months for widespread availability from Apple and carriers.

Your best options for finding iPhone 15 stock without pre-ordering include:

  • Check Apple and carrier online stores daily for new inventory.
  • Sign up for in-stock alerts from Apple and carriers.
  • Ask store employees about new and upcoming iPhone shipments.
  • Visit Apple and carrier stores as soon as they open each day.
  • Try third-party retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and Target.
  • Use stock tracking tools and apps to hunt for availability.

It will take diligence and patience, but you should eventually be able to find iPhone 15 models in stock without a pre-order – just don’t expect it anytime soon after launch day.

Should I wait to buy iPhone 15?

Here are some pros and cons of waiting to buy an iPhone 15 instead of pre-ordering:


  • Avoid the pre-order rush and disappointment of long ship dates.
  • No need to stay up late/wake up early to pre-order.
  • Prices may drop later in the cycle as demand decreases.
  • More colors and storage options available later on.
  • Wait for potential hardware or software bugs/issues to get fixed.


  • Stock shortages at launch mean you’ll wait weeks or months to get one.
  • Loss of launch-day excitement and bragging rights.
  • Potentially missing out on limited-time preorder promos.
  • Stuck with your older iPhone longer.

Overall, waiting allows you to make a more informed buying decision down the line – but often at the cost of substantially delayed gratification and access to the latest device features.


While Apple has not confirmed official details yet, we expect iPhone 15 pre-orders to kick off in September 2023, following Apple’s announcement event. Availability will be extremely limited, so pre-order within minutes if you want the fastest shipping.

Plan on waking up early that Friday morning to complete your iPhone 15 pre-order – the sooner the better to get your preferred model while supplies last.

And start checking iPhone 15 rumors daily as we get closer to the launch. Leaks should reveal more accurate pricing, features, and release plans to help inform your buying decision.

With smart preparation and swift pre-ordering, you’ll hopefully be among the very first to experience the most advanced iPhone yet – the iPhone 15!