Where can I download free Music for Mac?

There are several places where Mac users can find and download free music legally. With the rise of streaming services and digital music stores, free music may not be as prevalent as it once was, but there are still plenty of options for building a music library without spending any money.

Use Streaming Services

One of the best ways to listen to free music on a Mac is through free streaming services. Platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and SoundCloud all offer free versions of their streaming services, usually supported by ads. While these services have limitations compared to paid versions, such as audio ads or skip limits, they provide access to a massive library of music without having to pay.

Some popular free streaming options for Mac users include:

  • Spotify Free – Streaming service with millions of songs. Free version plays ads and has limited skips/shuffles.
  • Pandora – Radio streaming with algorithmic recommendations. Free version plays audio ads.
  • SoundCloud – Platform for audio distribution with original music and remixes. Has a large free catalog.
  • YouTube – Video platform with official and user-uploaded music. Uses ads on free tier.
  • Apple Music Voice Plan – Voice-controlled version of Apple Music limited to Siri. Free with ads.

The free tiers of these streaming services can provide Mac users with large music libraries accessible across devices. They involve ads and other limitations, but allow constant access to music without paying.

Use Free MP3 Download Sites

There are many websites that legally offer free MP3 downloads of songs and albums. These sites typically distribute music released under Creative Commons licenses or made free by the artists/labels.

Some popular free MP3 download sites include:

  • Free Music Archive – Library of Creative Commons/public domain music. Many genres and independent artists.
  • Jamendo – Platform for independent artists to share music under Creative Commons licenses.
  • NoiseTrade – Artists provide free music in exchange for email address and postal code.
  • DatPiff – Hip hop mixtapes and leaks uploaded by artists and DJs.
  • Triple J Unearthed – Australian radio station uploads music from unsigned/independent artists.

These sites allow registered users to download high-quality MP3 files to add to their music libraries. The selection focuses on independent and lesser-known artists, but can be downloaded and owned forever.

Use Internet Radio

Internet radio services provide free streaming access to a wide range of music stations, similar to traditional over-the-air radio. Mac users can tap into radio stations from all over the world.

Some popular free internet radio apps and services for Mac include:

  • iTunes Radio – Built into Apple’s iTunes app, with various genre/artist stations.
  • TuneIn Radio – Apps with access to over 100,000 real radio stations worldwide.
  • AccuRadio – Customizable internet radio with music channels for all genres.
  • Slacker Radio – Free version of service with limited skips and ads.
  • Shoutcast – Directory of user-run internet radio stations to browse and stream.

Internet radio allows Mac users to stream a diverse mix of music for free. Stations may play ads, but provide constant music discovery and playback.

Use Promotional Sources

Many online music sources offer promotional deals for free music at certain times. Keeping an eye out for special offers and giveaways can score Mac users free tunes.

Some places to find promotional free music include:

  • Free indie albums on Bandcamp
  • Starbucks free songs/albums in app
  • Amazon Daily Free MP3 deal
  • Promo code downloads from blogs/forums
  • Sponsored free music apps like Echo Nest and Rhapsody.

Monitoring social media promos, artist updates, and online forums can provide opportunities to download free albums, EPs, or singles. While not a permanent source, promotions provide a chance to expand your library at no cost.

Use P2P File Sharing Sites

Warning: Downloading copyrighted music via unauthorized P2P/torrent sites is illegal. Use at your own risk.

Peer-to-peer and torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, etc allow users to share and download music files without permission from copyright holders. This constitutes digital piracy and is illegal in most countries.

However, some users still utilize these sites to download free music despite ethical and legal concerns. The quality and selection of music on P2P sites is broad, but comes with serious risks.

Potential issues with P2P/torrent sites include:

  • Lawsuits/penalties for copyright infringement
  • ISP throttling or service cancellation
  • Malware/viruses from downloading files

In short, we strongly advise against using illegal P2P/torrent sites to download free music. The short-term gain does not outweigh the potential consequences.

Rip Audio from YouTube Videos

Warning: Downloading audio from YouTube videos may constitute copyright infringement in some cases. Use discretion.

A workaround some users employ to download free music is ripping audio from YouTube music videos. This can be done through online conversion sites or browser extensions.

To rip audio from YouTube on Mac:

  1. Install a browser extension like Video DownloadHelper (Firefox) or YouTube MP3 (Chrome)
  2. Find the YouTube video for the desired song and open it
  3. Use the extension’s button to download just the audio as an MP3
  4. Save the converted audio file to your Music library

This method works for capturing individual songs, but quality depends on the video upload. Also, usage rights are unclear for ripped audio.

Download Free Music Production Software

Rather than just listening to free music, Mac users can also make their own for free! There is a lot of free music production software for Mac to help you get started.

Some good free options include:

Software Details
Garageband Free music creation software included with MacOS. Very user-friendly and great for beginners.
Soundation Online DAW for music production and collaboration. Has free limited version.
AudioTool Free audio editor for MacOS. Useful for simple music/podcast editing.
Amped Studio Free cross-platform DAW. More advanced options than Garageband.
LMMS Open-source digital audio workstation similar to FL Studio. Completely free.

With free recording software and virtual instruments, Mac users can create original music without spending any money. A great way to get free music that’s truly your own.

Listen to Independent Artists

Lesser-known and independent musicians often share free music to build their fanbase. Following rising artists can give free access to great new music.

Some places to connect with independent artists include:

  • Bandcamp – Artists share full free albums in addition to selling music.
  • YouTube – Musicians may upload free songs to their YouTube channels.
  • SoundCloud – Base for many up-and-coming electronic/hip-hop producers.
  • Twitter – Get announcements when musicians release free mixtapes/EPs.

Search sites like Hype Machine to find popular songs from indie blogs and share sites. Connecting directly with artists lets you support emerging talent and expand your music library.


While purchasing music is the best way to support artists, Mac users have many options for free music as well. Streaming services, MP3 downloads, internet radio, YouTube conversions, and indie platforms offer legal ways to get free tunes. Just be careful when considering illegal peer-to-peer downloading.

Try using a combination of the methods listed to build a diverse, free music library for your Mac. With the right sources, you can avoid paying for music without sacrificing variety or quality.