Who can get my Instagram back?

Having your Instagram account disabled or hacked can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem many Instagram users face. The good news is that in many cases, it is possible to recover your disabled or hacked Instagram account. This article will provide an overview of how to get back into a disabled or hacked Instagram account.

Why Was My Instagram Account Disabled?

There are a few main reasons why Instagram disables accounts:

  • Violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines – This includes things like posting prohibited content, bullying/harassment, spam, impersonation, etc.
  • Suspicious Activity – If Instagram detects suspicious behavior like using third-party apps or services to boost engagement, it may disable the account.
  • Inactive Account – If an account is completely inactive for a prolonged period, Instagram may disable it.

If you think your account was wrongfully disabled, you can appeal to Instagram to restore it (more details below).

Why Was My Instagram Account Hacked?

Some common ways Instagram accounts get hacked include:

  • Weak Password – Using an easy to guess password makes it simple for hackers to break in.
  • Reused Password – If the same password is used across multiple sites, a breach on one site puts all accounts at risk.
  • Phishing – Clicking sketchy links can lead users to enter their login details on fake Instagram pages.
  • Keylogging Malware – Malware that tracks keystrokes can steal Instagram passwords.

Once hackers gain access, they often change the password and contact details, making it harder for the rightful owner to regain access. Using strong, unique passwords and avoiding suspicious links/files can help prevent hacking.

How Do I Get My Disabled Instagram Account Back?

If your account has been disabled by Instagram, here are the steps to try to restore access:

  1. Fill out the Instagram account disable appeal form – This is found at https://www.instagram.com/accounts/contact/disabledaccounts/. You’ll need to provide info like your username, email/phone number on the account, and a reason for appealing the disable.
  2. Wait for Instagram’s response – It may take up to 24 hours to receive a response on the appeal. Make sure to check your email spam folder too.
  3. Provide any additional info Instagram requests – If your appeal is accepted, Instagram may ask for additional details like a photo of you holding a code they provide. This helps confirm you are the legitimate account owner.
  4. Wait as Instagram reviews – Give Instagram time to review your appeal and any information you provided in the previous steps.
  5. Regain access to your account – If approved, you should receive an email from Instagram letting you back into your account.

However, if it has been over 30 days since your account was disabled, all hope is likely lost. Instagram typically only keeps disabled accounts for 30 days before deleting them entirely. Trying the appeal is still worth a shot, but the chances after 30 days are very slim.

How Do I Recover My Hacked Instagram Account?

If someone has gotten into your account, use these steps to try recovering it:

  1. Enter username/password to see if you’re logged out – Sometimes hackers will log you out rather than change your password, so try logging in first.
  2. Use Instagram’s security process – If your password was changed, go to Instagram.com and click “Forgot Password”. Enter your username and complete the steps to reset your password.
  3. Check current email/phone number on the account – Request a reset link or security code be sent to the email/phone number currently on your account.
  4. Contact friends/followers – Message friends asking them to report your account as hacked so Instagram investigates.
  5. Fill out the hacked account form – Instagram has a form at https://www.instagram.com/hacked_accounts/ to report hacked accounts and try recovering them.
  6. Provide proof of ownership – Instagram will want proof like your ID, past passwords, or locations you logged in from to verify account ownership.

Unfortunately, if a hacker has already changed the email and phone number on your account, it becomes much more difficult to recover. At that point, continuing to report it as hacked and providing every detail possible is typically the only option.

Can I Just Create a New Instagram Account?

If all else fails, some people decide to simply start a brand new Instagram account from scratch. Here are some things to keep in mind with this approach:

  • You’ll lose your follower count and have to start rebuilding from 0.
  • Your post and story history will be gone and irretrievable.
  • You may not be able to reuse the same username.
  • Instagram may detect you already had an account disabled/hacked and disable the new one too.

Starting fresh can be extremely frustrating, especially for larger accounts that invested significant time into building their following and brand. However, if Instagram will not give back access no matter what, creating a new account may eventually become the only option.

Can I Pay Someone to Help Get My Instagram Account Back?

Some specialized social media agencies and account recovery services advertise that they can help get back disabled or hacked Instagram accounts, usually for a hefty fee. In general, be very cautious about such services, but here’s an overview of how they work:

  • Research your case – They dig into why the account was lost in the first place.
  • Guide the appeals process – They provide instructions tailored to your situation and handle appeals.
  • Act as account manager – They directly communicate with Instagram on your behalf as an official account manager.
  • Use legal threats – They threaten Instagram with legal action or file actual lawsuits.

While results vary widely, some reputable agencies claim Instagram recovery success rates over 50%. However, there are also many scam agencies that make false promises, so extreme care should be taken.

Questions to Ask Recovery Services

  • What specifically will you do to recover my account?
  • Do you have verifiable references and reviews from past clients?
  • What are the fees and what is the refund policy if you fail?
  • Will you provide regular updates on the recovery status?

In the end, even paid services have limited ability if Instagram simply refuses to reinstate an account. But for valuable accounts, legitimate agencies may be worth investigating.

What Prevention Steps Can I Take?

To help avoid the headache of losing access to your Instagram account in the future, here are some important prevention tips:

  • Use a Strong Password – Create a randomized password using combinations of upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid common phrases.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication – Adding an extra login step like an SMS code helps prevent unauthorized logins.
  • Review Login Notifications – Check notify settings and review any unknown logins to your account.
  • Avoid Suspicious Links/Files – Don’t click on sketchy links or download untrusted files which may contain malware.
  • Limit Third-Party Apps – Don’t allow excessive third-party apps access which could cause bans.
  • Secure Email and Phone – Use a strong unique password for the email/phone tied to your Instagram account.

Being cautious and proactive with account security makes a big difference. Enabling two-factor and reviewing login notifications especially are extremely useful prevention measures on Instagram and other platforms.

In Closing

Losing access to an Instagram account can be incredibly aggravating and damage an individual or brand’s online presence. However, in many cases, it is possible to recover a disabled or hacked Instagram account through Instagram’s official processes, or as a last resort, by starting fresh with a new account.

Anyone struggling to regain access should thoroughly work through all of Instagram’s account recovery steps, submit multiple appeals explaining the situation, and provide as much verifying information as possible. Seeking help from knowledgeable social media agencies could also aid the process in difficult cases. And most importantly, enabling security precautions like two-factor authentication and strong passwords prevents many issues in the first place.

With persistence and patience, there is a strong chance your disabled or hacked Instagram account can be returned. Don’t hesitate to explore every possible avenue to get your account and all its valued content back under your control.