Who can recover data from my phone?

If you have lost data on your phone, either due to accidental deletion, hardware damage, or other issues, you may be wondering if it’s possible to recover that data and who can help. The quick answer is that data recovery from phones is often possible, though success depends on the type of phone, the reason for data loss, and how much time has passed since the data was lost. Professional data recovery services have the best chance of recovering data from phones, though there are some DIY data recovery methods as well.

Some key questions about phone data recovery include:

  • What kind of phone do you have (iPhone, Android, etc.)? The device model and operating system affect data recovery options.
  • What type of data are you trying to recover (contacts, photos, messages, etc.)? Different types of data are stored differently on phones.
  • What caused the data loss (accidental deletion, water damage, software issues, etc.)? The reason for data loss impacts recovery methods.
  • How long ago was the data lost? The less time that has passed improves the chances of recovery.
  • Do you have physical access to the phone? Hands-on access allows for more recovery methods.
  • Do you have a backup of the lost phone data? Backups provide the easiest way to restore lost data.

Professional Data Recovery Services

Professional data recovery companies offer the best chance for successfully recovering lost phone data. They have access to advanced tools and techniques that aren’t available to the average consumer.

Benefits of Professional Data Recovery

Professional phone data recovery services provide a number of advantages:

  • Experience recovering data from all popular phones and operating systems.
  • Proprietary data recovery software that can bypass locks, decrypt data, and pull data from damaged hardware.
  • Clean room facilities to open devices without further damaging them.
  • Expertise recovering data even after hardware damage from water, falls, fire or other issues.
  • High recovery success rates thanks to advanced techniques and tools.

Professional Data Recovery Process

The phone data recovery process used by most professional services follows a common set of steps:

  1. Initial Evaluation – The service will conduct a preliminary review of your device and the reasons for data loss. This helps them provide an estimate of success and cost.
  2. Agree to Service – If you choose to proceed, you’ll sign an agreement authorizing the recovery work.
  3. Device Handling – The device will be handled carefully using anti-static precautions to avoid further damage.
  4. Data Extraction – Proprietary software and hardware tools will be used to remove data from the device.
  5. Data Review – Recovered data will be reviewed for completeness and to ensure the customer’s privacy is protected.
  6. Data Return – The recovered data will be transferred to new storage media or devices provided by the customer.

During this process, the service will keep you informed of their progress and any changes to your data recovery options.

Cost of Professional Phone Data Recovery

Professional phone data recovery services typically charge $300 to $1000 on average. The exact cost depends on:

  • The device model and complexity.
  • The level of damage to the device.
  • The type and amount of data to be recovered.
  • Whether advanced techniques like a clean room are needed.

Reputable services provide free initial estimates, so you know the cost before agreeing to continue. More extensive or challenging recoveries can sometimes cost several thousand dollars.

DIY Phone Data Recovery Methods

While professional services provide the highest chance of success, there are some DIY data recovery techniques that may work in certain situations:

Recover Deleted Files

If files were accidentally deleted but no major hardware damage occurred, you may be able to recover them using:

  • Data recovery apps that scan your phone’s storage and restore recently deleted files.
  • Cloud backups that keep copies of your phone’s data and can restore it on a new device.
  • Connecting your phone to a computer and using data recovery software to scan it.

However, these methods rely on the deleted files not being fully overwritten by new data yet. So the sooner you act, the better.

Repair Software Failures

For logical data loss due to software bugs, crashes, jailbreaking or rooting, you can try:

  • Factory resetting your device to wipe software issues.
  • Updating or reinstalling the device operating system.
  • Restoring data from a backup after the software is repaired.

Just beware factory resets will wipe your data if you don’t have a backup.

Minor Physical Damage

If the phone has minor physical damage like a cracked screen, but still powers on, you may be able to:

  • Use a USB cable to copy data directly to a computer.
  • Connect the phone to cloud storage and backup data.
  • Put the phone’s memory card in a card reader to access data.

Serious physical damage often prevents these methods from working however.

Choosing a Professional Phone Data Recovery Service

If DIY options don’t work, your best chance for recovering lost phone data is hiring a professional service. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a provider:

  • Look for experience specifically recovering data from phones, not just computers.
  • Ask about their success rates for your particular phone model and issue.
  • Confirm they have physical access to your phone for best results.
  • Inquire about their security procedures for protecting personal data.
  • Avoid firms making unrealistic guarantees or asking for payment up front.
  • Check for positive reviews from past clients recovering similar data.

Reputable services stand behind their work and provide free initial assessments. The right provider makes the process smooth from start to finish.

Can You Recover Data After Factory Reset?

Doing a factory reset erases all data on an Android or iPhone and resets it to default factory settings. This is often done to fix software problems, wipe all personal data before selling a device, or erase data if the device is lost or stolen.

Important things to know about recovering data after a factory reset:

  • Once completed, a factory reset will erase all user data, settings, downloaded apps, photos, messages, call logs, accounts, and other personalized information on the device.
  • Any data not backed up prior to the reset will be very difficult, if not impossible, for the average user to recover themselves after the fact.
  • However, a professional data recovery service using specialized tools can sometimes recover deleted files even after a reset due to remnants left behind on the memory chips.
  • Success rates for professional recovery after a reset vary, but highest chances are within the first few days before too much new data overwrites the deleted files.
  • Recovering data gets very difficult if the device was reset to sell or give away, as the new user’s data being added reduces chances further.
  • Turning the phone on and off or letting the battery fully drain after the reset can also lower chances of third-party recovery.

So while factory resetting a phone before selling or disposing of it provides some protection against personal data theft, truly permanent deletion requires overwriting the memory chips through secure erasure techniques.

Is Phone Data Recovery Worth It?

Deciding if paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for professional phone data recovery is “worth it” depends on the value you place on getting lost data back.

Some factors to consider are:

  • Sentimental Importance – Photos, videos, messages, and other personal data may have high sentimental value making the cost worthwhile.
  • Monetary Value – Contacts, documents, or other data directly tied to your business or livelihood may warrant the cost.
  • Completeness – Recovering a complete set of lost data may be worth more than only recovering some fragments.
  • Availability – If some data is totally unavailable from other sources, recovery may be your only option.
  • Cost vs. Effort – Weigh cost of recovery against time needed to recreate lost data from scratch where possible.

On the other hand, factors arguing against recovery include:

  • High upfront cost with no guarantee of success.
  • Recovered data may be incomplete or corrupted.
  • You may already have backups of some or all lost data.
  • Some data may be easier to recreate manually than recover.
  • Data may not actually have much monetary or sentimental value to you.

Carefully considering these factors can help decide if professional phone data recovery is your best option after losing important personal data and memories.

How Successful is Phone Data Recovery?

Success rates for recovering lost phone data vary widely based on several key factors:

  • The data recovery method used. Professional services boast 65-98% success rates on average, while DIY options are less reliable.
  • How the data was lost. Logical failures like accidental deletion or system crashes have higher recovery success than hardware issues.
  • The extent of device damage. Minor software issues or screen cracks are better than severe water or fire damage.
  • The specific phone model and version. Newer phones with greater storage present additional challenges.
  • How quickly recovery is attempted. Success rates drop steadily the longer deleted data sits before recovery efforts start.
  • Whether data is partially overwritten. New data writing over deleted files makes them unrecoverable.

A professional service maximizes success by beginning recovery quickly on minimally damaged devices. However, they can’t guarantee 100% data recovery since situations vary.

The best way to ensure phone data recovery is to regularly backup your device so copies exist if originals are ever lost or damaged. Maintaining recent backups avoids reliance on attempting recovery.


Losing personal data and digital memories due to phone damage, accidental deletion, or lost devices can be devastating. Professional phone data recovery services provide the most reliable option for getting back critical data when all else fails. With high-tech tools and years of specialized experience extracting data from corrupt, damaged and inaccessible phones, reputable recovery firms successfully retrieve customers’ photos, messages, contacts and other irreplaceable files in thousands of cases each year. While costs are higher than DIY options, for many whose data holds sentimental or monetary value, the peace of mind of recovering precious memories and records makes the investment worthwhile when no backups exist. However, regularly backing up your phone remains the single best way to avoid relying on recovery in the first place.