Who is the chief of Slidell fire?

The city of Slidell, Louisiana is an area in St. Tammany Parish located on the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Slidell has its own fire department that provides fire protection and emergency medical services for the city. So who is the chief that leads and oversees the Slidell Fire Department?

Quick Answers

The current chief of the Slidell Fire Department is Chief Randy Fandal. Chief Fandal has served as chief since January 2018 after being promoted from within the department where he previously served as assistant chief.

About the Slidell Fire Department

The Slidell Fire Department consists of over 60 professional firefighters and paramedics that operate out of 5 fire stations throughout the city. The department operates a fleet of 5 fire engines, 2 ladder trucks, 4 ambulances, and other specialized vehicles.

The Slidell Fire Department responds to over 5,000 calls per year including fires, medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, hazardous condition responses, and more. They provide fire suppression, emergency medical services, technical rescue operations, fire prevention, public education, and other related community services.

Leadership of the Slidell Fire Department

The Slidell Fire Department is overseen by a command staff consisting of the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, and department battalion chiefs. The fire chief serves as the head of the department and reports directly to the mayor of Slidell and City Council.

The Fire Chief oversees all operations of the fire department including personnel, budgeting, policy, emergency response coordination, and representing the department. The chief acts as an advisor to the mayor and works closely with other city department heads.

Fire Chief Randy Fandal

Randy Fandal is the current Fire Chief for the Slidell Fire Department. Chief Fandal assumed the role of fire chief in January 2018 after a long career moving up through the ranks of the Slidell Fire Department.

Chief Fandal started his career as a firefighter with the Slidell Fire Department in 1994 after previously working for the Pontchartrain Shores Volunteer Fire Department. Over his nearly 30 year career, Chief Fandal gained extensive experience serving in various roles within the department including:

  • Firefighter
  • Driver
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Assistant Chief

In addition to his experience with the Slidell Fire Department, Chief Fandal also served for 12 years as the Emergency Management Director for the City of Slidell where he oversaw emergency planning, hazard mitigation, and disaster preparedness.

As Fire Chief, Randy Fandal is responsible for leading and managing all operations of the Slidell Fire Department including:

  • Overseeing emergency response operations
  • Developing department policies and procedures
  • Managing personnel and staffing
  • Preparing and managing the department’s budget
  • Enforcing training standards and safety regulations
  • Coordinating with other governmental agencies
  • Liaising with the community and public outreach

Chief Fandal reports directly to the mayor of Slidell and works closely with the City Council. He serves as an advisor to city leaders on fire department and emergency services matters.

Chief Fandal’s Vision for the Department

Since assuming the role of fire chief, Randy Fandal has worked to execute his vision for the continued improvement of the Slidell Fire Department. Some of his priorities and goals as chief have included:

  • Improving emergency response capabilities – Upgrading equipment, apparatus, facilities and increasing training to enhance service delivery.
  • Increasing staffing – Growing the number of firefighters by requesting funding for additional positions from the city.
  • Enhancing firefighter health and safety – Establishing more stringent wellness/fitness programs and acquiring improved protective equipment.
  • Community risk reduction – Expanding fire prevention and public education programs to decrease loss of life and property damage from fire and accidents.
  • Disaster preparedness – Improving emergency plans, response protocols, and cooperation with regional response partners to prepare for major disasters.

Chief Fandal has emphasized professional development during his tenure. He has increased training requirements and opportunities to help firefighters increase their skills and capabilities in providing cutting-edge, high-quality services to the public.

The chief has also focused heavily on obtaining funding and resources to execute improvements within the department. He has successfully secured grants, city budget increases, and cooperative agreements that have allowed for significant advancements in equipment, apparatus, staffing, and facilities.

Accomplishments as Fire Chief

Throughout his tenure as fire chief so far, Randy Fandal has overseen numerous accomplishments that have enhanced the Slidell Fire Department’s capabilities and service to the community including:

  • Added 10 new firefighter positions to increase staffing levels
  • Secured funding for purchase of new fire engines and ambulances
  • Implemented mobile data terminals on apparatus to improve information access and response coordination
  • Upgraded firefighters’ protective equipment including new self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Enhanced radio communications interoperability with other regional emergency responders
  • Expanded the department’s training center learning facilities and props
  • Oversaw construction of new Fire Station 32 in south Slidell to improve coverage
  • Increased the number of firefighters certified as paramedics to boost emergency medical capabilities
  • Established a technical rescue team to respond to specialized rescue situations
  • Implemented a new records management system and mobile application to enhance data and analysis capabilities

Chief Fandal has successfully advocated for and managed increases to the fire department’s budget to fund improvements during challenging economic times. His focus on securing grants has also provided key resources to support the department’s advancement.

The chief has also helped strengthen relationships between the Slidell Fire Department and other local, parish, and state emergency agencies. This has bolstered interagency cooperation and mutual aid effectiveness on larger scale incidents.

Response from the Community

Chief Randy Fandal is generally viewed very positively by members of the Slidell community. He is seen as a highly experienced and qualified fire service leader dedicated to protecting life and property in the city.

Under Chief Fandal’s leadership, the Slidell Fire Department has maintained excellent response times to emergencies despite the city’s growth in size and call volume. This high level of service has garnered significant community appreciation.

Citizens have recognized and thanked Chief Fandal for his focus on issues like emergency preparedness, public education programs, and community risk reduction efforts such as smoke alarm installations and child car seat safety checks.

Local elected officials and city administrators have routinely commended Chief Fandal for operating the fire department efficiently and cost effectively. This stewardship of resources has allowed improvements to be made despite budget limitations.

Within the department, Chief Fandal has gained the trust and loyalty of personnel by emphasizing firefighter health and safety, professional development, and leading by example. He is viewed as an advocate for the needs of the rank-and-file members.

Overall, Chief Randy Fandal has established himself as a highly competent and progressive fire service leader since taking over as chief. His vision, priorities, and commitment to protecting the community have made a positive impact throughout Slidell.


In summary, Chief Randy Fandal serves as the current chief of the Slidell Fire Department. He assumed the fire chief position in January 2018 after rising through the ranks during a distinguished career spanning over 25 years.

As fire chief, Randy Fandal oversees all Slidell Fire Department operations including emergency response, personnel, budgeting, training, logistics, prevention, and disaster preparedness. He reports directly to the Mayor of Slidell and works closely with the city council.

Chief Fandal has executed an impressive vision focused on enhancing service capabilities and firefighter health and safety. Under his leadership, the Slidell Fire Department has made significant advancements in staffing, equipment, facilities, training, and community risk reduction. The chief is viewed very positively for his strong leadership and dedication to protecting life and property.