Can someone unlock iPhone without password?

Yes, it is possible for someone to unlock an iPhone without knowing the password, but the methods vary based on the model of iPhone and version of iOS. There are a few ways this can be achieved:

Using iPhone Unlock Services

There are many online services that offer to unlock iPhones remotely by essentially bypassing the activation lock system. This allows you to use the iPhone without needing the original Apple ID and password. Some services claim they can unlock any iPhone, while others specialize in certain models. However, the legitimacy of these types of services is questionable.

How iPhone Unlock Services Work

Most remote iPhone unlocking services work by utilizing leaked databases or security flaws in Apple’s activation lock system. However, Apple is constantly patching any vulnerabilities, making it more difficult for these services to find reliable methods.

Here is a general overview of how these iPhone unlock services operate:

  • You provide the iPhone’s IMEI number, model, and iOS version
  • The service claims they can unlock the iPhone within 1-3 days in most cases
  • You make a payment, usually $20-$100 depending on the iPhone model
  • The service contacts you when the iPhone is allegedly unlocked
  • You restore the iPhone to complete the unlocking process

However, there is no guarantee these services can actually unlock your specific iPhone, and you may lose your payment in the process.

Risks of Using Third-Party Unlocking Services

There are several risks to be aware of when using third-party unlocking services:

  • They may be fraudulent and unable to actually unlock your iPhone
  • Any unauthorized modifications could damage your iPhone or void the warranty
  • Apple may re-lock the iPhone in a future update
  • The iPhone may become blacklisted, preventing it from being activated on cellular networks
  • Your personal data could be accessed or stolen in the process

Reputable unlocking services are rare, so it’s generally not recommended to attempt using them to bypass an iPhone’s activation lock.

Using Specialized Unlocking Hardware/Software

There are specialized tools and software programs designed to unlock iPhones by exploiting low-level vulnerabilities. This is known as jailbreaking. However, jailbreaking is becoming increasingly difficult as Apple patches security flaws. The main options are:

Jailbreaking Software

Jailbreaking software like checkra1n and unc0ver works by exploiting flaws in iOS to gain root access. This allows installing unofficial apps and bypassing restrictions, including sometimes activation lock. However, jailbreaking is complex and risks ‘bricking’ the iPhone if not done properly. The latest iOS versions often lack jailbreak methods.

Specialized Unlocking Hardware

Dedicated unlocking devices can bypass iPhone activation locks by utilizing advanced engineering techniques. For example, the IP-BOX uses industrial lasers to rebuild iPhone logic boards at the micro-soldering level. However, these tools are extremely expensive, requires technical expertise, and doesn’t work on all iPhone models or iOS versions.

Risks of Hardware/Software Unlocking

  • It voids the iPhone’s warranty and risks permanent damage
  • Apple may re-lock the device or block network access in a future update
  • The Apple ID can still be used to remotely wipe or lock the unlocked iPhone
  • Paid jailbreak tools often stop working after a short time as Apple patches the exploits

For most users, the risks and complexity outweigh the benefits of using advanced unlocking tools and jailbreaking.

Removing or Resetting the Activation Lock

The only official way to unlock an iPhone without the password is to remove the activation lock associated with the previous Apple ID. There are a few legitimate methods that may work depending on the circumstances:

Contacting the Previous Owner

If you obtain an iPhone that still has the previous owner’s Apple ID on activation lock, you can try contacting them and requesting they remove it. They can disable the lock remotely by signing into, erasing the iPhone, and removing it from their account. This relies on getting their cooperation, however.

Providing Proof of Ownership

If you purchased a used or refurbished iPhone that wasn’t properly removed from the previous owner’s account, Apple provides an activation lock removal process. You’ll need to provide the original purchase receipt showing the device is legally yours. Apple can release the activation lock if the documentation checks out.

Sending Proof to the Original Owner

If you have an iPhone you can’t activate due to the previous owner’s lock, try gathering evidence it now belongs to you, like a sale receipt. Contact the original owner and share the documentation, requesting they remove the activation lock so you can use the iPhone.

Using Apple Support and Identity Verification

In some cases, Apple Support can remove the activation lock on an iPhone if you can verify your identity and certain criteria are met. You’ll need to provide original purchase proof and pass identity verification steps. However, success depends on Apple’s policy at the time.

Filing a Legal Request

For iPhone inheritance cases where the original owner is deceased or unavailable, you may be able to file a legal request to have Apple remove the activation lock. This involves submitting a court order along with authorization documents. But it’s an expensive and complex process with no guarantee of success.

Resetting the iPhone Using iTunes

If you forget your own iPhone’s passcode, you can reset it to factory settings using iTunes on a computer, which removes the activation lock. Here’s how:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB cable
  2. Open iTunes and select your iPhone
  3. While holding the Home button, reconnect the USB cable
  4. Let go of the Home button once you see the iTunes recovery mode screen
  5. In iTunes, click Restore to wipe and reset your iPhone

The activation lock will be removed in the process, allowing you to setup the iPhone like new with your Apple ID. However, this erases all data on the iPhone.

Removing Activation Lock Without Reset

It’s not possible to unlock an iPhone while keeping its contents intact without knowing the Apple ID and password. Any method that removes an activation lock also wipes the iPhone. There are a couple potential options that come close, though:

Using a Backup

After factory resetting an iPhone to remove the activation lock, you can restore a previous iTunes or iCloud backup to recover its data and settings. This gets around the reset while restoring your information.

Using Backup Extraction Tools

Some data recovery tools like iMazing can create non-encrypted backups that are extractable without wiping the iPhone. So in theory, you could remove the activation lock, then extract your data from the backup file. But specialized forensics tools would be required.

Realistically, the only way to retain an iPhone’s contents is by knowing the Apple ID and password associated with it before resetting it.

Forgotten Passcodes vs. Activation Lock

It’s important to distinguish between simply forgetting your iPhone’s passcode vs. it having an unknown activation lock:

  • Forgotten Passcode: You can reset the iPhone through iTunes to wipe the device and remove the unknown passcode, allowing you to set it up again.
  • Unknown Activation Lock: You cannot reset or unlock the iPhone without the associated Apple ID and password, unless you utilize specialized unlocking methods mentioned earlier.

So in summary, forgetting your own iPhone passcode is recoverable with a reset, while an unknown activation lock is much more challenging to bypass without the original account details.

Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

If you set a Screen Time passcode on your own iPhone and forget it, there are a couple options to disable Screen Time without fully resetting the device:

  • Have someone else with the Screen Time PIN disable it in Settings
  • Sign in to and remove the device from your account, which resets parental controls
  • Restore the iPhone using your computer, but cancel before the process completes to reset Screen Time

So while Screen Time passcode recovery is possible without data loss, the only way to remove an unknown activation lock is still by fully resetting and wiping the iPhone.


Unlocking an iPhone without the password is very challenging and comes with risks, but possible in some cases. Using unauthorized online services or jailbreaking carries significant danger to the iPhone. The only official options are convincing the original owner to unlock it, providing legal proof of ownership to Apple, or factory resetting the device at the cost of data erasure.

Ultimately, avoiding activation locks means purchasing used iPhones with care and ensuring the previous owner removes their Apple ID before selling it. Maintaining access to the associated Apple ID and password provides the only certain way to unlock and restore an iPhone.

Method Risks Effectiveness
Third-party unlock services Fraud, blacklisting, data loss Unreliable, not recommended
Jailbreaking software/hardware Permanent damage, Apple relocks, voids warranty Limited effectiveness depending on iPhone model and iOS version
Removing activation lock with Apple Support None if proof credentials are valid Depends on Apple policy, not guaranteed
Factory resetting with iTunes Permanently erases all iPhone data Guaranteed to remove activation lock

The most reliable method, albeit with total data loss, involves using iTunes to factory reset the iPhone. This wipes the device and removes any activation lock or passcode. From there, you can set up the iPhone again with your own Apple ID.

Trying to find workarounds only risks permanent iPhone damage or functionality loss. Aside from a factory reset, acquiring the original Apple ID and password associated with an activation locked iPhone remains the only certain way to unlock it without issues.

So in summary:

  • Unlocking services are risky and best avoided
  • Jailbreaking has limited effectiveness and many dangers
  • Apple support removal requires proof of ownership
  • Factory reset erases all data but is a guaranteed solution
  • Obtaining the original Apple ID provides the safest unlock method

While not impossible in some cases, unlocking an iPhone without its passcode should only be attempted with great care and understanding of the potential consequences. Maintaining access to the associated Apple account provides the most secure and effective method to bypass activation lock.

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