Can you get your Instagram account back?

Having your Instagram account deleted can be extremely frustrating, especially if it was done by accident or if your account was hacked. The good news is that in many cases, it is possible to recover a deleted Instagram account.

Why was your Instagram account deleted?

The first step is figuring out why your account was deleted in the first place. There are a few main reasons an Instagram account can be removed:

  • You deleted your account by mistake
  • Someone hacked your account and deleted it
  • You violated Instagram’s Terms of Service
  • Your account was falsely reported and removed

Knowing the cause of the deletion will impact your ability to get your account back. If you deleted your own account by accident, the process is simpler than if it was hacked or disabled by Instagram for violations.

How to recover a deleted Instagram account

If you accidentally deleted your own Instagram account, the quickest way to restore it is by logging in to on a desktop browser. At the login screen, click “Forgot password”, then click “Need more help?” on the next page. You’ll be prompted to enter your username or the email/phone number linked to your account. Instagram will send a password reset link if your account is still in their system.

If you no longer have access to the email or phone number associated with your old account, you can fill out Instagram’s account recovery form. You’ll need to provide your username and any info you have related to the account, like email addresses or phone numbers that were linked to it. It may take up to 24 hours to get a response from Instagram after submitting the form.

Recovering a hacked or disabled Instagram account

If your account was disabled by Instagram or hacked and deleted by someone else, the process takes a few more steps:

  1. Fill out the Instagram account recovery form providing as many details about your account as possible.
  2. Clearly explain that your account was hacked or wrongly disabled in the additional info box.
  3. Check the email address linked to your account for any notices from Instagram about suspected violations or disabling of your account.
  4. Respond to any messages from Instagram through the app or by replying to automated emails, explaining why you should regain access to your account.
  5. If your appeal is rejected, file a second appeal providing additional context and reasons you should get your account back.

Accounts disabled for severe or repeated violations of Instagram’s terms have a lower chance of being restored. But being persistent and providing context can help in many cases, especially if it was a mistake or your account was compromised.

Tips for recovering a deleted Instagram account

Here are some top tips for regaining access to a removed Instagram account:

  • Act quickly! The sooner you start the recovery process, the better.
  • Provide as many details as you can remember, like your username, emails or phone numbers linked to the account, profile info, posts you made, etc.
  • Be honest about why the account was removed in any info you submit to Instagram.
  • Double check the email address associated with your account for any messages from Instagram.
  • Follow up on any requests for more info that Instagram sends related to reactivating your account.

Having patience is key, as it can sometimes take multiple days or weeks to go through the appeals process if Instagram disabled your account. But staying persistent and providing as much helpful context as possible will give you the best chance of getting your account restored.

Can someone else delete my Instagram account?

In most cases, the only person who can directly delete an Instagram account is the account holder. However, there are a couple scenarios where someone else could potentially get your account removed:

  • Hacking – If a hacker gains access to your account, they could delete it or change the username and email address, essentially taking it over.
  • Reporting – Anyone can report an account to Instagram for violations. If your account gets repeatedly reported, Instagram may disable it pending review.

To prevent hacking, always use a strong unique password and turn on two-factor authentication in your account settings. Be mindful of Instagram’s community guidelines regarding prohibited content to avoid mass reporting. If your account does get wrongly reported or hacked, act quickly to file an appeal or recovery request.

How long does it take to recover an Instagram account?

The amount of time it takes to recover a deleted Instagram account can vary greatly depending on why it was removed. Here are general timelines:

  • Accidental deletion – If you delete your account by mistake, you may be able to regain access in less than an hour by requesting a password reset through
  • Appeals process – If your account was disabled by Instagram, it can take 1-7 days to get a response after submitting an appeal or recovery request form.
  • Repeated violations – In cases of severe or recurring violations of Instagram’s policies, your account may be permanently disabled with no option for appeal.

As a rule of thumb, expect the process to take at least 24 hours and potentially weeks if your account was disabled. Having patience and following up persistently with Instagram is key.

What happens if you can’t get your Instagram account back?

If you go through Instagram’s full appeals and account recovery process but are unable to get your disabled account reactivated, here are a couple options:

  1. Create a new account – You’ll have to start fresh with new username and profile. Instagram allows multiple accounts per person.
  2. Submit a request – Keep trying by submitting additional requests explaining why your account should be restored. New compelling evidence or context could potentially lead to your account being reactivated.
  3. Contact Instagram – Reach out to Instagram’s parent company Meta directly through more formal channels like email or their contact form to explain your situation if you believe there was a mistake deactivating your account.

As a last resort, creating a new account allows you to continue using Instagram. But repeatedly submitting appeals provides the best chance of getting your original profile restored if it was wrongly disabled.

Can deleted Instagram accounts be viewed?

No, it is not possible to view a deleted Instagram profile. Once an account is removed from Instagram’s system, the profile and all its photos, comments, likes, and followers are permanently erased. Even the username becomes available to be claimed by a new account.

A deleted Instagram account cannot be “lurked” or accessed in any way. The user’s posts and info are completely removed from public visibility on the app after account deletion. The only record of the account are any posts that user made on other public profiles, which remain visible.

Does deactivating an Instagram account delete it?

No, deactivating an Instagram account is not the same as deleting it. Deactivation simply temporarily disables the profile and hides it from view:

  • Username remains reserved
  • Profile info and photos stay intact
  • Can be easily reactivated at any time

Deleting an account permanently erases all of the user’s information and content from Instagram’s servers. Deactivation keeps all of that data saved so the profile can later be restored.


Having your Instagram account deleted can certainly be stressful. But in many cases, through persistence and by providing context to Instagram, you may be able to recover your lost account. Be sure to act fast, know why your account was disabled, and follow up diligently on any appeals or requests for information Instagram sends.

While the process can be lengthy and the outcome not guaranteed, submitting appeals is typically worth the effort if your account meant a lot to you. With some patience and luck, you may find your account gets a second life so you can keep all your photos, memories, and hard-earned followers on Instagram.