How do I access my old account? was a popular social media app that allowed users to create and share short lip-sync videos. The app launched in 2014 and quickly gained popularity, amassing over 200 million users by 2017. In August 2018, was rebranded as TikTok after being acquired by the Chinese company ByteDance. This transition to TikTok meant that existing accounts and data were migrated over to the new TikTok platform.

However, some former users have found that they no longer have access to their old accounts and videos after the transition. If you are trying to retrieve your old account, there are a few different options you can try. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to access your old account.

Check if your account was transferred to TikTok

The first step is to check if your old account was transferred over to TikTok. When transitioned to TikTok, user accounts and data were supposed to seamlessly migrate over to the new TikTok platform.

To check if this happened with your account, download the TikTok app and try logging in with your username and password. If your credentials work and you can access your old videos and data in TikTok, then your account was successfully transferred over.

However, not all accounts were properly transferred to TikTok. If you are unable to access your old account by logging in to TikTok, don’t worry – there are still a few other options for retrieving your data.

Contact TikTok support

If your account was not automatically transferred to TikTok, the next step is to directly contact TikTok support for help recovering your account.

Here are the steps for contacting TikTok support:

1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile page.

2. Tap the “Me” icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Tap the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner to open the side menu.

4. Tap “Support” in the side menu.

5. Tap “Report a problem” and select “Account and profile”.

6. Tap “Something else” and then tap “Contact support”.

7. Fill out the on-screen form with your email and details about your lost account. Be sure to include your username if you remember it.

8. Tap “Submit” to send your request to TikTok’s support team.

TikTok support may be able to locate your old account information if you provide enough details, such as your username, email, or phone number used for the account. Their technical support team has access to data that was migrated over.

Keep in mind that TikTok may no longer have access to very old account data, especially if you haven’t used the account in years. But for more recent accounts, contacting TikTok support is your best bet for account recovery.

Search for your account data

If contacting TikTok support does not recover your old account, your next option is to search online to see if any of your old data still exists.

Here are some places you can search to find your old videos and profile information:

– Search YouTube – Some users reposted their old videos to YouTube to have a backup. Try searching YouTube with your username or other keywords related to your account.

– Check archive sites – There are some archive sites like the Wayback Machine ( that may have cached old versions of profile pages. You can search for your URL on archive sites to see if your profile data was captured.

– Search Google – Try searching Google for your old username in quotation marks. You may find links to reposted videos, mentions of your account on other platforms, or other traces of your account.

– Contact former mutuals – If you remember usernames of friends you connected with, you can try reaching out to ask if they have any old videos or data featuring your account that they could share back with you.

– Check your old device – If you still have access to the mobile device you used for your account, there may be some leftover data stored on it like cached videos or the app data itself. This is a long shot, but could work if you still have your old phone.

Searching online requires more effort but can potentially uncover account data that still exists but is no longer associated with your original account. Cast a wide net by checking all corners of the internet to see what you can recover.

Use third-party recovery services

As a last resort, you may want to look into specialized third-party recovery services that claim to be able to retrieve lost account data.

Some examples of sites that offer account recovery services include:


These sites will ask for details like your username, email, or phone number used for your old account. Then their technicians will manually search databases of archived account data and attempt to recover your videos, photos, favorites lists, followers, and other account details.

The effectiveness of these third-party account recovery services is questionable, and there are risks associated with providing personal information to unsafe sites. But if you are desperate to retrieve your old account data, it may be worth an attempt as a last option before giving up.

Be cautious of any site asking for payment upfront for account recovery without providing proof or references. And avoid sites that feel scammy or untrustworthy.

Accept account may be gone forever

It’s unfortunate, but in some cases, accounts are simply gone forever after the transition to TikTok if the data was never backed up elsewhere. If you have exhausted all account recovery options, you may have to accept your old account and data is lost.

Here are some tips for coping if you can’t get your account back:

– Let go and move forward – Don’t dwell on the lost account. Focus your creative energy on making new content going forward.

– Create a new account – Make a new TikTok account to start fresh. You can reuse your old username if it’s available.

– Connect with old mutuals – Reach out to friends to stay in touch through other social platforms, even if you’ve lost your shared connections.

– Backup current accounts – Avoid future data loss by always backing up your social media accounts and data now.

– Learn from experience – Make sure to download your videos and keep account details somewhere safe in case another transition happens.

With hundreds of millions of users, some account data was bound to fall through the cracks during the merger to TikTok. While the loss can be disheartening, try to make the best of it by moving forward with lessons learned.


Accessing an old account after the platform transitioned to TikTok can be challenging but is not impossible with the right recovery methods. The first step is checking if your account was merged into TikTok properly so you can log in as usual. If not, contact TikTok support for assistance recovering your lost account data.

If TikTok cannot help get back your account, take matters into your own hands by scouring the internet for any archives of your old account content. You can also try your luck with specialized third-party recovery services. But there is a chance your account is gone forever if no data backups exist anywhere.

While lost social media accounts can be extremely frustrating, try not to get discouraged if your old content remains elusive. Focus on creating great new content going forward, and be diligent about backing up your current accounts to avoid data loss again in the future. With some persistence and creativity, you can move past your lost account.