How do I contact Sandata mobile connect?

There are a few quick and easy ways to contact Sandata Mobile Connect for assistance or to ask questions. The main options are contacting Sandata Mobile Connect support by phone, email, or through their online contact form.

Contact Sandata Mobile Connect by Phone

The fastest way to reach a live person at Sandata Mobile Connect is to call their toll-free customer support phone number. Their support line is available 24/7 to assist both agencies and caregivers.

The phone number to call is 1-855-399-8050.

When you call, you’ll speak to a knowledgeable Sandata support representative who can help troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing with the mobile connect app or web portal. They can walk you through solutions or reset passwords, pins, etc.

Some common reasons to call the Sandata Mobile Connect support line include:

  • Resetting your password or pin
  • Questions about using the mobile connect app
  • Errors or issues logging visit information
  • Getting locked out of your account
  • App not working properly
  • Needing help setting up mobile connect

The Sandata support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance. They are very familiar with the mobile connect system and can quickly troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

Contact Sandata Mobile Connect by Email

Another way to get in touch with Sandata Mobile Connect is by emailing their customer support team. The email address to reach them at is: [email protected].

Sending an email allows you to provide detailed information and documents to explain any issues you’re experiencing. It also creates a record of your request.

You’ll usually receive a response from Sandata support within 24 hours via email. Faster response times can sometimes be achieved by calling instead.

Some reasons you may want to email Sandata Mobile Connect support include:

  • Asking detailed questions about mobile connect features
  • Reporting a bug in the mobile or web app
  • Submitting screenshots of errors to share
  • Providing background on an issue prior to calling
  • RequestingMobile Connect training/resources

The support team’s email is monitored closely during business hours and should provide a thorough response to any inquiries.

Contact Sandata Through the Online Support Center

The third way to get help from Sandata Mobile Connect is through their online Support Center portal. This allows you to open a support ticket and track your inquiry.

To access the Sandata Support Center, go to:

In the Support Center you can:

  • Search for help articles related to your issue
  • Browse resources like user guides and training materials
  • Open a new support ticket
  • View the status of your existing support tickets
  • Add comments and communicate with Support on open tickets

Creating a support ticket allows you to clearly document your question or issue. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a ticket number for reference. Support will then investigate and provide guidance via the Support Center.

Reasons to contact Sandata support through the online portal include:

  • Asking complex questions with background details
  • Opening emergent tickets if phone/email is unavailable
  • Checking status updates on previously submitted tickets
  • Replying with additional information on open inquiries
  • Accessing the knowledge base for self-service help

Keep your Support Center username and password handy so you can easily log in to submit tickets or get updates when needed.

Key Tips for Contacting Sandata Mobile Connect Support

Here are some key tips to keep in mind when you need to contact Sandata Mobile Connect for assistance:

  • Have your account information ready – This includes your agency ID, username, email on file, etc. This helps Support quickly pull up your account.
  • Be prepared to answer security questions – To protect privacy, Support will need to verify your identity by asking security questions.
  • Clearly explain your question or issue – Provide as many details as possible about the problem you’re experiencing.
  • Be patient and cooperative – Support teams handle high volumes. Cooperating fully will get your issue resolved faster.
  • Take notes on solutions provided – This prevents having to call/email multiple times about the same problem.
  • Ask for a reference number – Reference numbers help you follow up or check status later if needed.
  • Try all contact options if needed – If email hasn’t resolved your issue, try calling as well.

The Sandata Mobile Connect support team is available through phone, email, and online help desk to promptly address any inquiries agencies or caregivers have about the system. With multiple contact options, you can get assistance when needed.

Sandata Mobile Connect Support Overview

In summary, here are the main ways to get in touch with the Sandata Mobile Connect support team:

Sandata Mobile Connect offers comprehensive customer support through these channels. Whether you have a technical issue, billing question, or general inquiry – their team is available to quickly resolve it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by your preferred contact method. Sandata provides toll-free phone support 24 hours a day – so you can call whenever an issue arises, even outside regular business hours. Email and online tickets generally receive prompt replies as well.

With responsive, knowledgeable experts manning the various support options, you’ll get the answers and relief you need. Contact Sandata Mobile Connect support for speedy resolutions enabling you to keep focus on providing quality care.

Contact Method Details Best Use Cases
Phone – Call 1-855-399-8050 24/7
– Speak with live support rep
– Time-sensitive issues
– Need immediate access to help
Email – Email [email protected]
– Usually get reply within 24 hrs
– Asking complex questions
– Sending background info/docs
Online Support Center – Create and track support tickets
– Access knowledge base
– Ongoing or pending inquiries
– Self-service research

Frequently Asked Questions About Sandata Mobile Connect Support

What are the Sandata Mobile Connect support hours?

Sandata provides 24/7 support by phone at 1-855-399-8050. Their call center is staffed around the clock to assist agencies and caregivers. Email and online support is also available during normal business hours of 9am – 6pm ET Monday through Friday.

What information do I need to provide when contacting support?

It’s helpful to have your account identifying details available like your agency ID, username, email on file, and any relevant reference numbers. Be ready to verify your identity by answering security questions as well.

Can I call Sandata Mobile Connect support after hours or on weekends?

Yes, their toll-free support line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call during off-peak times like nights and weekends and still reach a knowledgeable representative.

How quickly does Sandata Mobile Connect respond to support emails?

Most emailed inquiries receive an initial response within 24 hours during business hours. More complex issues may take 2-3 days to fully resolve via email correspondence.

Can Sandata Mobile Connect unlock my account if I get locked out?

Yes, a quick call to their support line can get your account unlocked. The agent will verify your identity for security, then reset your access. Avoid getting locked out by using a password manager.

What steps will Sandata Mobile Connect take to fix problems?

Their support reps will walk you through customized troubleshooting steps based on the specifics of your issue. Steps may involve resetting passwords, reinstalling the mobile app, verifying configurations, etc.

How do I track the status of my support ticket?

You can log into the online Support Center at any time to view your open support tickets and see if responses have been added. You’ll get email notifications as well when your ticket is updated.


Sandata Mobile Connect offers phone, email, and online support options to promptly assist agencies and caregivers. Their call center is available 24/7 to provide immediate help with any issues that arise. You can also email [email protected] or access their online Support Center for self-service and ticket management.

Knowing the best ways to contact Sandata sets you up for fast resolutions. Their experts can troubleshoot any problems with the mobile connect system and quickly restore smooth operations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them by calling 1-855-399-8050 whenever you need mobile visit verification assistance.