How do you get deleted snaps back?

Trying to recover a deleted snap can be frustrating, but it is possible in some cases. Here are some quick answers about getting deleted snaps back:

Can you recover deleted snaps?

Unfortunately, there is no official way to recover deleted snaps through Snapchat itself. Once a snap is deleted, Snapchat removes it from their servers. However, there are some third party methods that may work in certain situations.

How can you recover recently deleted snaps?

If you just deleted a snap, the fastest way to try and recover it is to close the Snapchat app entirely and turn on Airplane Mode on your phone. This will stop the app from syncing and potentially overwrite the deleted snap. Then, re-open Snapchat and see if you can recover the snap from the trash folder.

Can you recover old deleted snaps?

Trying to recover older deleted snaps is more difficult. Your best bet is to use a third party snap recovery app that scans your device storage and looks for snap file remnants. However, this is not guaranteed to work and depends on if your device has overwritten the data.

Do deleted snaps stay on Snapchat servers?

No, Snapchat deletes snaps from their servers after they are viewed. They may store snaps for a very limited time if they are flagged as inappropriate, but this window is usually less than 48 hours.

Can police recover deleted snaps?

In some cases, law enforcement may be able to recover deleted snaps from your device storage or Snapchat’s servers with a warrant. However, this requires specific legal procedures and is not possible for everyday users to obtain deleted snaps this way.

Ways Third Party Apps Claim to Recover Deleted Snaps

While Snapchat itself does not allow snap recovery, some third party apps claim they can recover deleted snaps under certain conditions. Here are some of the ways they tout doing this:

  • Scanning your device storage for snap media files that have not been fully overwritten yet.
  • Using rooted or jailbroken phones to access Snapchat databases where data may remain.
  • Accessing your Snapchat data linked to your account if you shared login credentials.
  • Extracting files from device backups that include Snapchat data.

However, success rates vary greatly. A few things that impact the ability to recover deleted snaps include:

  • How soon it is after the snap was deleted.
  • If your device has overwritten the data.
  • The particular phone model and operating system.
  • Whether your device is rooted or jailbroken.
  • If you have backups available.

Key Things to Know About Recovering Deleted Snaps

Before attempting to use a third party app to restore deleted snaps, here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • There is no guarantee of success. Do not rely on being able to recover deleted snaps.
  • Downloaded third party apps may be unsafe or malicious. Vet them thoroughly first.
  • Restoring snaps without consent may violate privacy laws.
  • You likely have to root or jailbreak your device which carries risks.
  • Recovered snaps may be incomplete or corrupted.

Tips to Avoid Needing to Recover Deleted Snaps

Since recovering deleted snaps is so unpredictable, your best bet is trying to avoid needing to do this in the first place. Here are some tips:

  • Use the Snapchat Memories feature to save snaps you want to keep.
  • Screenshot snaps if you want to preserve them.
  • Double check before deleting snaps.
  • Disable Travel Mode if you don’t want snaps to disappear.
  • Turn on notifications to see if someone screenshots your snap.

Can You Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages?

Trying to recover deleted Snapchat messages in your conversations works much the same as recovering deleted snaps. Since Snapchat removes messages from their servers after they are read, there is no official way to retrieve them.

You may have limited success using a third party app to scan your device storage for message remnants that have not been overwritten yet. But beyond that, there are no reliable methods to get back deleted Snapchat messages.

Key Differences Between Snaps and Chats

There are a few key differences in how Snapchat handles snaps versus chats when it comes to data deletion and retention:

Snaps Chats
Deleted immediately from Snapchat servers after being viewed Deleted from Snapchat servers after both parties read it
Can only recover via device storage scan Can only recover via device storage scan
Not stored in chat logs Stored in chat logs until manually cleared

So in essence, the window for recovering deleted chats is only slightly longer before Snapchat removes them from their servers. But overall, the recovery prospects are similarly limited.

What To Do If Someone Deleted You from Snapchat

Getting deleted by a friend or contact on Snapchat can be disappointing. But unfortunately, there is no way to recover a lost Snapchat connection if someone chooses to remove or block you from their friends list.

Here are some tips on what to do if someone deletes you from Snapchat:

  • Respect their decision – do not badger them to re-add you.
  • Reach out on another platform to politely ask why.
  • Reflect on if you did anything to make them want to disconnect.
  • Move on and focus on other connections.
  • Learn from the experience if you can.

While you cannot recover the lost connection directly, if you had a meaningful relationship with this person, a sincere offline conversation may help explain their choice and potentially mend the relationship.

Recovering a Hacked or Deactivated Snapchat Account

Having your entire Snapchat account hacked or deactivated can be stressful. In some cases it may be possible to recover it by taking the following steps:

  • If hacked, reset your password immediately and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Contact Snapchat support with details on how your account was compromised.
  • Provide proof of ownership for the account to Snapchat.
  • If deactivated for policy violation, appeal the decision with an explanation.
  • As a last resort, create a new account and re-add your friends.

Unfortunately, if Snapchat has permanently disabled your account after multiple policy breaches, you may not be able to restore access. Trying to create a new account after being banned can result in that account also being deactivated.


Recovering deleted snaps, messages, or lost Snapchat connections can be extremely difficult without official support from Snapchat. While appealing to Snapchat support or using third party apps may work in some limited cases, there are no surefire methods.

Your best bet is being cautious about what you share on Snapchat in the first place if you think you may want to recover it later. Additionally, respecting people’s decision if they remove you as a friend instead of trying to force the connection can help maintain real world relationships.

Overall, while Snapchat does not offer an easy way to retrieve deleted content, the temporary nature of the app also creates a unique value. Learning to be at peace with ephemeral interactions can make your Snapchat experience more enjoyable and authentic.