How many savers stores are in Massachusetts?

Savers is a leading for-profit secondhand thrift chain with over 300 stores across the United States, Canada and Australia. The company was founded in Massachusetts in 1954 and opened its first thrift store there. Savers is now headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, but maintains a strong presence in Massachusetts. The chain has built its business model around purchasing secondhand items from the public and reselling them in its thrift stores. Savers then contributes to community non-profits and programs through its charitable foundation.

Understanding the history and current operations of Savers in Massachusetts provides helpful insight into this large thrift enterprise that originated in the state. This overview will explore the roots of Savers in Massachusetts as well as discuss their business approach and community impact across locations in the state today.

Savers Company History

Savers was founded in 1954 in Massachusetts by William Ellison as a nonprofit thrift store. According to the Savers Wikipedia page, the original focus was to raise money for programs assisting people with disabilities. The first store opened in San Francisco under the name “Helping Hand”.

Over the next few decades, Savers expanded to open more thrift stores on the West Coast under names like “Value Village” and “Thrift Village”. By 1970, there were 6 stores across California, Oregon, and Washington (Wikipedia). The chain continued growing nationally, opening up to 300 thrift stores by 2008 (Seattle Times).

Although no longer a nonprofit, Savers states its mission is still to fund programs for people with disabilities through the stores’ sales (About Us). The growth from a single thrift shop to a major national chain allowed Savers to contribute over $1 billion to support its charitable causes over the past 60 years.

Savers Locations Across U.S.

Savers currently operates over 300 thrift stores across the United States. As of October 2022, the company had locations in 40 states across the country (Thrift Store Allentown Road). Though Savers got its start on the West Coast in San Francisco, the company has expanded to have a presence from coast to coast. Today, you can find Savers thrift stores in states as far west as California, as far east as Massachusetts, as far north as Washington, and as far south as Florida.

With over 300 total stores, Savers has established itself as one of the largest thrift store chains in America. The company continues to grow its geographic footprint, allowing more communities across the U.S. to access its inventory of clothing, accessories, furniture, household goods, and other pre-owned items at affordable prices. Savers also uses its national scale to increase its charitable impact, with all store proceeds going to support its partner nonprofits. The company’s coast-to-coast reach enables it to make a difference for local communities nationwide.

Savers Locations in New England

Savers thrift stores can be found throughout the New England region, which encompasses the six northeastern states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. As of 2022, there are approximately 75 Savers locations spread across these six states.

Connecticut has the most Savers stores in New England with 25 locations, primarily clustered around the Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport metro areas. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has the second highest number of stores with 20 Savers thrift shops located mostly in the eastern and central parts of the state.

The other New England states have fewer Savers outlets – Maine and New Hampshire each have around 10 stores, Rhode Island has 5, and Vermont has just 3 Savers locations. However, these stores are strategically positioned around population centers and busy retail corridors in each state.

Overall, while Savers has a smaller presence in New England compared to other regions, the approximately 75 stores provide thrifty shopping options for communities across the six-state area. The stores also help fund local non-profit organizations through the Savers giving model.

Savers in Massachusetts Today

Currently, there are 47 Savers stores located throughout Massachusetts as of 2022. Savers has a strong retail presence across the state, with stores situated in major metropolitan areas as well as smaller towns.

Some of the key cities and towns with Savers locations include:

  • Boston – 4 stores
  • Worcester – 3 stores
  • Springfield – 2 stores
  • Cambridge – 1 store
  • Quincy – 1 store
  • Brockton – 1 store
  • Lowell – 1 store
  • Haverhill – 1 store
  • Malden – 1 store
  • Taunton – 1 store
  • Attleboro – 1 store
  • Milford – 1 store

This wide presence allows Savers to be conveniently accessed by thrifty shoppers across Massachusetts seeking discounted clothing, housewares, books, and other goods.

History of Savers in Massachusetts

Savers first opened stores in Massachusetts in the 1980s. According to the Savers website, the first store opened in Springfield in 1980. A few years later, additional stores opened in Worcester and Lowell in 1982

Over the next few decades, Savers expanded rapidly across Massachusetts. By the 1990s, there were over 20 Savers locations in cities and towns across the state. Some of the new locations included stores in Danvers, Braintree, Hyannis, and Northampton

Growth continued into the 2000s and 2010s. As of 2023, there are around 50 Savers thrift stores currently operating in Massachusetts, with locations in nearly every major city and town. The company’s expansion across Massachusetts over the past 40+ years has made Savers one of the most ubiquitous and well-known thrift retailers in the state.

Business Model

Savers operates using a unique for-profit thrift store model that nevertheless provides significant benefits for local nonprofit organizations and communities. When customers donate used goods to Savers, the items are sold in Savers thrift stores and the proceeds are shared with local nonprofits that Savers partners with.

Savers collaborates with hundreds of local nonprofit organizations across the United States and Canada. For each local Savers store, the company partners with one or more nonprofits in that area. Savers accepts donated items on behalf of those partner nonprofits. The donated items are then sorted and sold at Savers thrift stores. A portion of the proceeds from the sales – typically around 20-25% – is donated to the local nonprofit partners (About Us – Savers).

This unique business model allows Savers to operate as a profitable retail company while also generating significant funding for local charities and nonprofits. Since Savers was founded in 1954, the company has provided over $1.8 billion in support for community organizations across North America (Savers – Second Hand Used Clothing Thrift & Vintage Store). The funding enables the nonprofit partners to further their charitable missions and services in areas like medical research, education, social services, and more.

Beyond the monetary donations, Savers stores also directly benefit local communities by providing low-cost shopping options. Customers are able to purchase clothing, accessories, furniture, books, and household goods at significant discounts compared to traditional retail prices. Savers encourages reuse and recycling, allowing community members to reduce waste and support sustainability while also stretching their budgets.

Typical Store Experience

Walking into a Savers store, shoppers are greeted with orderly racks of clothing sorted by size and style. The large, open layout allows for easy navigation through categories like women’s, men’s, children’s, shoes, accessories, books, toys, housewares, and more. Items are neatly arranged and priced clearly with colorful tags corresponding to the weekly sales. Savers offers a wide variety of secondhand merchandise, mostly donated gently used items from local communities.

According to a Reddit user, the stores tend to have “good stuff on the floor and in the cases” compared to other thrift stores that immediately send inventory to be sold online [1]. The selection includes current fast fashion styles and vintage finds across all categories. Savers has a particularly strong housewares section filled with dishes, decor, and small appliances. Books and media are other popular sections. The toy department caters well to families seeking deals.

Donating to Savers is easy with attendant-serviced drive-up donation centers available. Donors simply drive up and assistants will unload and sort donations. All items from clothing to housewares are accepted, excluding large furniture. Donating provides a sustainable way to declutter homes while supporting charitable initiatives in local communities. Shopping pre-owned inventory at Savers allows for conscious consumption, saving quality items from landfills.

Charitable Contributions

Savers has a unique business model where they partner with local nonprofits to collect donated goods to sell in their thrift stores. A percentage of the proceeds are then returned to the nonprofits. This creates a cycle of donations that support community programs and services. According to the Savers website, they have returned over $1.8 billion to nonprofits over the years.

Some of the causes supported include local charities, education programs, job training, youth development, rehabilitation services, and environmental sustainability efforts. For example, in Massachusetts, Savers partners with organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation New England and Cradles to Crayons to fund essential programs through the revenue generated from donated goods.

This unique recycling-for-charity model allows local nonprofits access to a steady stream of funding that empowers them to expand their community impact. Shoppers also know their purchases help support local causes. Overall, Savers creates a cycle of giving that starts with donations and ends with community programs funded across Massachusetts.


Massachusetts is home to over 15 Savers thrift stores and donation centers. This includes locations in major cities like Boston, as well as smaller towns across the state. Savers provides an important retail option for bargain hunters and thrifters, allowing residents to purchase quality used goods at affordable prices.

In addition, the donations collected at Savers support important charitable programs in local communities. For each region where it operates, Savers partners with a nonprofit organization to distribute funding for initiatives that align with its mission of “changing lives through reuse.” In Massachusetts, Savers supports organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation and Beverly Bootstraps.

With its unique business model and focus on community giving, Savers continues to be an valued contributor to Massachusetts’ retail landscape and a difference-maker for residents in need.