How many Savers stores are there in the US?

Savers is a popular thrift store chain with locations across the United States. As a leading thrift retailer, Savers offers a wide selection of used clothing, accessories, household goods and more at affordable prices. With their catchy slogan “Where Thrift Meets Fashion,” Savers aims to provide customers with a unique and fun thrifting experience.

Many bargain hunters, fashionistas, and sustainability-minded shoppers appreciate Savers for its ever-changing inventory of secondhand goods. The hunt for hidden treasures across sprawling store floors is all part of the Savers shopping adventure.

But if you’ve ever wondered just how many Savers stores populate cities and towns across America, you’re not alone. Let’s take a closer look at Savers’ extensive retail presence from coast to coast.

History of Savers Thrift Stores

Savers traces its origins back to 1954, when a Brigham Young University professor named Willard H. Smith opened a thrift shop in San Diego, California under the name Value Village. The goal was to raise funds for Smith’s nonprofit organization, which provided housing for people in need. The first Value Village thrift store was a hit, allowing the organization to expand its charitable services.

Over the next few decades, Value Village opened an increasing number of for-profit thrift stores to support its mission. By the 1990s, the chain had grown significantly under the leadership of CEO Tom Ellison and changed its name to Savers. Along with the rebranding came a renewed focus on thrift store expansion across North America.

Today, Savers operates over 300 thrift stores in the United States, all owned by the for-profit Savers Inc. The company’s headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington. Savers stores are primarily located on the West Coast, in the Midwest, and along the East Coast.

While no longer affiliated with the original nonprofit, Savers today partners with hundreds of local charities by donating merchandise, contributing volunteer hours, and more. The company’s thrift operations also promote recycling and reuse.

Number of Savers Locations in the United States

So exactly how many Savers thrift store locations exist across the 50 states? Let’s break it down:

Total Number of Savers Stores in the US: 315

This includes both standalone Savers stores and Savers outlets located within Value Village stores.

Number of Savers Stores by State:

State Number of Savers Stores
Alaska 0
Alabama 0
Arkansas 4
Arizona 15
California 67
Colorado 11
Connecticut 1
Delaware 0
Florida 8
Georgia 7
Hawaii 0
Iowa 5
Idaho 4
Illinois 20
Indiana 6
Kansas 5
Kentucky 1
Louisiana 1
Massachusetts 8
Maryland 6
Maine 0
Michigan 18
Minnesota 17
Missouri 9
Mississippi 0
Montana 1
North Carolina 8
North Dakota 1
Nebraska 3
New Hampshire 0
New Jersey 8
New Mexico 3
Nevada 6
New York 15
Ohio 15
Oklahoma 6
Oregon 18
Pennsylvania 18
Rhode Island 1
South Carolina 2
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 6
Texas 19
Utah 12
Virginia 10
Vermont 0
Washington 38
Wisconsin 12
West Virginia 0
Wyoming 1

As the table shows, California has the highest number of Savers stores out of any state with 67 total locations. Oregon and Washington are also Savers-dense states with 18 and 38 stores, respectively.

Meanwhile, several states have no Savers presence at all, including Alaska, Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Savers stores tend to be most prevalent on the West Coast, particularly in California, Oregon, and Washington where the chain got its start. The next highest Savers store concentrations can be found in Midwest states like Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

Savers Store Growth Over Time

The number of Savers locations in the U.S. has gradually increased over the company’s seven-decade history. Here is a quick overview of how Savers store growth has progressed since the chain’s founding in 1954:

– 1954: 1 store
– 1960s: Approximately 10 stores
– 1970s: Approximately 30 stores
– 1980s: Over 100 stores
– 1990s: Around 175 stores
– 2000s: Over 200 stores
– 2010 to present: 300+ stores

In recent years, Savers has continued adding new store locations while also expanding and renovating existing ones. Large Savers stores today are typically between 20,000 and 30,000 square feet. Some of the newest stores feature more upscale decor along with dedicated boutiques for higher-end fashions.

Despite opening additional brick-and-mortar stores, Savers has also boosted its online capabilities. The Savers website and mobile app allow online shopping for donated items available in stores across the country. This e-commerce option expands the chain’s reach beyond local store visits.

States with the Most Savers Stores

As evident from the state-by-state listing earlier, the places with the most Savers thrift store locations are:

California: 67 stores

With its miles of coastline, urban hubs like Los Angeles and abundant sunshine, California’s culture and climate are a natural fit for Savers’ laidback thrifting vibe. Savers stores can be found across Southern California, the Bay Area, Central Valley and beyond, with new locations still opening occasionally.

Washington: 38 stores

Savers’ home state of Washington boasts the second highest concentration of stores. Seattle and its surrounding suburbs feature numerous Savers shops to browse, along with outposts in eastern cities like Spokane.

Oregon: 18 stores

Just south of Washington, Oregon has cultivated its own robust Savers presence. Portland’s eclectic tastes and environmental ethos have welcomed Savers as a retail fixture across the city. Additional stores serve other Oregon communities like Eugene and Salem.

Pennsylvania: 18 stores

On the opposite American coast from Savers’ West Coast roots, Pennsylvania has become home to 18 thrift chain locations. Savers can be found in major metro areas like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well as smaller towns.

Illinois: 20 stores

With 20 Savers stores scattered from Chicago to more rural cities, Illinois has developed an impressive Savers footprint. Chicagoland residents have long enjoyed hitting up local Savers to uncover secondhand treasures.

Along with strong showings on the West Coast and East Coast, Savers has steadily expanded through the Midwest. States like Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin each currently have 12-18 stores. Additional secondary hubs with 5-10 stores include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Major Metro Areas with the Most Savers Stores

When it comes to major metropolitan areas, these cities have the most Savers locations:

Los Angeles, California: 16 stores

Sprawling L.A. County offers Savers enthusiasts plenty of options across neighborhoods like North Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendale and more. Savers stores have become popular stops for stylists and celebrities seeking budget-friendly fashion finds.

San Francisco Bay Area, California: 15 stores

From San Francisco proper to the East Bay and Peninsula suburbs, Savers has carved out a prominent presence. Locals and visitors alike enjoy Savers’ vibrant thrift scene.

Seattle metro, Washington: 13 stores

It makes sense that the greater Seattle area is a Savers hotspot, given the chain’s roots in Washington. Hip Seattleites flock to Savers’ retro fashion, furniture and home goods.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota: 10 stores

This Midwestern metro has embraced Savers in its cooler urban neighborhoods as well as warmer suburbs. Twin Cities Savers shoppers have plenty of locations to keep them looking stylish.

San Diego, California: 8 stores

Savers got its start back in 1954 in San Diego, and America’s Finest City still provides prime real estate for the thrift chain. Locals appreciate Savers’ laidback SoCal vibe.

Beyond major metros, numerous smaller cities across America host at least a few Savers stores each. Some examples include Las Vegas with 6 stores, Phoenix with 5 stores, Sacramento with 4 stores and Austin with 3 stores. Even tiny towns like Mankato, Minnesota and Cheyenne, Wyoming claim their own Savers stores.

Why Savers Has Expanded Across the US

Several key factors have driven Savers’ steady coast-to-coast growth over the past 70+ years:

– Increased consumer interest in secondhand goods, especially as environmental awareness has grown. Savers meets this demand for reused and recycled items.

– More consumers are seeking bargains to stretch their budgets during difficult economic times. Savers provides discounted prices not found at traditional retailers.

– Savers’ fun thrifting treasure hunt attracts consumers wanting a novel shopping experience. Unique finds beat mass-produced goods.

– Expanding online sales through the Savers website and app allow wider accessibility beyond physical store locations.

– Ongoing innovations such as boutique-style merchandising and designer items broaden Savers’ customer appeal.

– Large store sizes averaging 20,000-30,000 square feet offer an extensive selection across various categories.

– Focus on store upgrades through remodels and expansions brings existing locations up to date.

– Customized merchandising and decor allows Savers to cater to regional tastes and demographics.

– Partnerships with charities enhance Savers’ community ties and corporate social responsibility.

As Savers has adapted its thrift store model to align with emerging consumer preferences, the company has remained highly relevant in the modern retail landscape. Expect continued Savers growth into new U.S. regions in the years ahead.

Savers Store Locations by Region of the US

Viewing Savers store numbers on a regional basis provides more geographical context around the chain’s footprint:

West Coast: 142 stores

Savers got its start out West, and California, Oregon and Washington still boast the highest store concentrations. Urban coastal areas dominate, along with growing inland cities.

East Coast: 60 stores

From New England down through the Mid-Atlantic, Savers has staked its claim on the East Coast. Major metros like New York City and Philadelphia have numerous locations.

Midwest: 82 stores

Scattered across America’s heartland, Savers has built a strong Midwestern presence. Store clusters exist near major cities like Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis.

South: 26 stores

The South has the fewest Savers stores, but cities like Atlanta, Miami and Dallas have welcomed the thrift chain. Rapid population growth could bring expansion.

Southwest: 25 stores

While lagging the West Coast, the Southwest has several Savers hubs in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada near growing desert metros.

This regional breakdown highlights Savers’ longstanding West Coast concentration, with about half of all stores located in California, Oregon and Washington. However, in recent decades, Savers has successfully migrated to other parts of the U.S. by opening numerous new locations out East, in the Midwest and beyond.

States Without Savers Stores

Despite operating over 300 stores across the country, Savers does not have any locations whatsoever in the following 11 states:

– Alaska
– Alabama
– Delaware
– Hawaii
– Maine
– Mississippi
– New Hampshire
– North Dakota
– Vermont
– West Virginia
– Wyoming

Most of these states without Savers stores are more rural and less populated. Hawaii and Delaware, however, are surprise omissions from the Savers map given their large tourism industries.

It’s possible Savers could eventually expand into untapped markets like the states listed above if the right real estate and demographic opportunities arise. Moving forward, the chain seems more focused on growing its presence in already established areas however.

While not statewide, Savers also currently has no presence in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Staten Island or the Bronx. The two existing New York City locations are both in Brooklyn and Queens.

International Savers Stores

In addition to its U.S. locations, Savers also operates a number of international thrift stores. Here is an overview:

Canada: 203 stores
Australia: 35 stores
New Zealand: 21 stores

The company entered the Canadian market in 1999 and has rapidly expanded across all provinces. Savers’ Australian footprint is concentrated along the eastern seaboard. Savers stores in New Zealand are primarily located on North Island.

Internationally, Savers stores operate under the Value Village brand. This allows the company to maintain consistent branding and recognition across additional countries. Value Village is also the original name Savers used back when it was a nonprofit organization in the 1950s.

Through its international growth in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Savers has successfully exported its unique thrift store model outside America. More global reach could potentially be on the horizon someday as consumers worldwide discover Savers’ treasures.


With over 300 thrift stores across the United States today, Savers has truly earned its reputation as a leading American thrift retailer. The chain’s vast coast-to-coast footprint allows millions of bargain shoppers to experience accessible secondhand shopping.

California, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Illinois currently have the highest Savers store counts. However, growth opportunities exist nearly everywhere as consumers increasingly embrace thrifting. Savers’ localized approach also allows stores to cater their offerings to regional tastes.

From humble origins in San Diego, the Savers brand has come a long way over 70 years in business. Even amid retail disruptions and a digital age, Savers’ appealing in-store treasure hunts have staying power. Providing affordable thrift fashion and furnishings for all remains Savers’ guiding mission across every location, both stateside and worldwide.