How much would it be to fix water damage on MacBook Pro?

Water damage can be devastating for any electronic device, especially a MacBook Pro. If liquid gets inside your MacBook, it can cause corrosion, electrical shorts, and permanent damage if not addressed quickly. The cost to repair water damage on a MacBook Pro can vary quite a bit based on the extent of the damage. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of water damage that can occur, factors that affect repair costs, and provide average price ranges you can expect to pay.

What causes water damage on a MacBook Pro?

There are a few common ways that water damage occurs on a MacBook Pro:

Liquid spills

Having a drink near your laptop and accidentally spilling it is one obvious way water can get onto or into your MacBook. Coffee, tea, soda, juice, water, etc can all cause issues if spilled on your computer. The more liquid, the worse the potential damage.

Getting caught in the rain

If you get caught in the rain while carrying your MacBook Pro without adequate protection, raindrops can seep into ports, cracks or the keyboard.

High humidity environments

Even if your MacBook doesn’t come into direct contact with liquid, using it in environments with high humidity can potentially lead to condensation forming inside that causes water damage over time.


If your MacBook Pro is fully submerged in liquid, even for a brief time, this can be catastrophic. Liquids can quickly get into every crack and component, leading to corrosion and electrical malfunctions.

Factors that influence MacBook Pro water damage repair costs

The cost to repair a water damaged MacBook Pro will depend on a few key factors:

Extent of damage

The more components affected and the deeper the liquid penetrated, the costlier it will be to repair. Damage limited to the outer case will be cheaper than corrosion to internal logic boards and electronics.

Type of repairs needed

The specific types of repairs needed will impact cost. A new keyboard or trackpad may be less expensive than replacing the entire logic board. Data recovery services add more costs as well.

Age and model of MacBook

Repairs on newer models with better water resistance will often be less than older devices. Damage to newer MacBooks that are still under warranty may be partially or fully covered.

Use of Apple or third-party repair shop

Apple’s own out-of-warranty repair service will generally be costlier than third party options. However, service quality may differ between repair shops.

Common water damage issues and average repair costs

Here are some of the most common water damage problems for a MacBook Pro and typical repair costs:

Keyboard replacement – $200 to $700

The keyboard is very susceptible to liquid spills and moisture. A single key repair can be $200+ while replacing the entire keyboard is $500 to $700 typically.

Trackpad replacement – $250 to $500

If moisture seeps under the trackpad, it will likely need to be replaced, which runs $250 to $500 on average.

Logic board replacement – $500 to $1500

Extensive liquid exposure usually damages the main logic board. A logic board replacement often fixes most issues, but costs $500 to $1500+ depending on the MacBook model.

Battery replacement – $200 to $300

The battery can be damaged by water exposure in some cases. A swollen or non-functional battery will need replacing for around $200 to $300.

Speakers replacement – $250 to $500

Speakers are susceptible to liquid damage too. Replacing one or both speakers costs $250 to $500 typically.

SSD replacement – $400 to $1000

If the SSD storage is damaged, it can cause data loss. Replacing the SSD may cost anywhere from $400 to $1000+ for higher capacity units.

Full device replacement – $1200 to $3000

For very extensive water damage where repair costs exceed the value of the device, a full replacement may be better. This costs between $1200 to $3000+ depending on specs.

Repair Type Average Cost
Keyboard replacement $200 – $700
Trackpad replacement $250 – $500
Logic board replacement $500 – $1500
Battery replacement $200 – $300
Speakers replacement $250 – $500
SSD replacement $400 – $1000
Full device replacement $1200 – $3000

DIY repairability of water damaged MacBook Pro

For moderate water damage issues, some MacBook Pro owners attempt their own repairs to save money. Here’s an overview of the DIY repairability of common water damage issues:


Replacing a MacBook Pro keyboard is challenging but doable. Follow online guides carefully. Expect 1-3 hours for disassembly and keyboard installation.


Moderately difficult. Requires carefully removing the battery safely and disconnecting delicate ribbon cables. 2-3 hours typical.


Relatively straightforward battery swap if you follow a visual guide. Usually under 1 hour.

Logic board

Extremely difficult for amateurs. Not recommended to attempt without experience. Risk of unrepairable damage.


Moderately difficult due to need to disassemble most of the internals to access speakers. 2+ hours expected.


SSD replacement is doable with care and by following a guide. Under 1 hour in most cases.

In general, more extensive disassembly or soldering raises the difficulty. Seek professional repair for any components you don’t feel comfortable attempting yourself.

Best practices to prevent MacBook Pro water damage

While accidents can always happen, you can take some precautionary steps to avoid MacBook Pro water damage in the first place:

– Keep liquids away from your MacBook at all times. Never eat or drink over or next to your laptop.

– Don’t use your MacBook in the bathroom or other humid environments.

– Carry your laptop in a waterproof case or bag if rain is possible.

– Shut down and unplug your MacBook if there’s risk of a spill on or near it.

– Don’t overlook minor spills – have any amount of liquid cleaned out immediately.

– Let a wet MacBook dry out thoroughly for at least 24-48 hours before turning on.

– Have a certified repair shop handle any replacement of wet internal components.

Following sensible precautions can help prevent many situations leading to water damaged MacBooks. But if damage does occur, act quickly to give your device the best chance of full recovery.

Questions to ask your MacBook Pro water damage repair shop

If you need to get professional repairs for your water damaged MacBook Pro, make sure to ask the repair shop these important questions:

– Do you have experience specifically repairing water damaged MacBooks?

– What diagnostic tests will you run to assess all components affected?

– Will I receive a detailed diagnostic report and cost estimate before starting repairs?

– Do you provide any warranty on water damage repairs you complete?

– Do you use original Apple replacement parts or third party components?

– How long will the repairs take? Do you offer rapid turnaround options?

– Do you have data recovery services if needed? What is the cost for this?

– Do you provide free quotes for needed repairs?

– Can I get a discount for multiple repairs needed?

Getting satisfactory answers to these questions ahead of time will give you confidence you are leaving your MacBook in good hands. Avoid any repair shops that seem hesitant to provide details on their experience, warranties, and pricing.


Water damage can seriously impact the functionality of a MacBook Pro and lead to expensive repairs if not addressed quickly. The typical cost for repairs ranges from $200 for minor keyboard or battery replacement up to $3000 or more for complete replacement of extensively water damaged devices. Using qualified professional repair technicians will give you the best chance of success versus DIY attempts. While repair costs can be high, this is often preferable to replacing your entire MacBook Pro. Following careful precautions around liquids can help avoid the need for water damage repairs in the first place. But if your device does sustain water damage, act promptly and understand your repair costs options.