Is LaCie hard drive good for Mac?

LaCie is a French company that manufactures computer peripherals, including hard drives. Founded in 1989, LaCie has specialized in high-quality storage devices for over 30 years. Their iconic external hard drives like the Rugged and d2 models are popular with creative professionals and Apple users. LaCie external hard drives are known for their stylish designs by acclaimed industrial designers like Philippe Starck and drive performance suited for bandwidth-intensive applications. As of 2012, LaCie has become a subsidiary of Seagate Technology. LaCie hard drives are formatted for Mac right out of the box and work seamlessly with Time Machine for easy backup. With a range of storage capacities and rugged designs, LaCie hard drives deliver an ideal storage solution for Mac users.

LaCie Hard Drive Overview

LaCie offers a wide range of hard drives to suit different needs. Some of the main types of LaCie hard drives include:

Desktop hard drives: These hard drives are designed to stay on your desk and not be moved around. They typically offer large storage capacities from 4TB to 10TB or more. Popular LaCie desktop drives include the LaCie d2 Professional, LaCie Big Disk Quadra, and LaCie 2big.

Portable hard drives: These smaller drives are made to be portable and withstand being moved around. Capacities range from 1TB to 5TB. Well-known portable LaCie drives include the LaCie Rugged and LaCie Porsche Design Mobile.

Solid state drives (SSDs): LaCie offers SSDs which store data on flash memory instead of spinning disks. They provide very fast data transfer speeds and extra durability. Popular models include the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro and LaCie Portable SSD.

LaCie Hard Drive Compatibility with Mac

LaCie hard drives are designed to work seamlessly with Mac computers right out of the box. The drives come pre-formatted in HFS+ format, which is the recommended format for Mac OS. This allows Mac users to simply plug in the LaCie drive and start using it without any additional formatting required.

LaCie’s USB-C drives, like the LaCie Rugged and LaCie Mobile Drive, are fully compatible with the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. These drives connect using the USB-C ports on the MacBooks, providing fast transfer speeds due to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface. The drives also come with USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables in the box for backwards compatibility.

In addition to physical compatibility, LaCie hard drives also work with key Mac features like Time Machine for automatic backups, and they support the APFS file system used on modern Macs. Some LaCie drives even come with valuable software like AES-256 encryption and one month of Adobe Creative Cloud.

With specialized tech support from LaCie for Apple products and a 2 year limited warranty, LaCie drives are designed for long-term reliability and performance with Mac computers.

LaCie Hard Drive Performance

LaCie hard drives are known for delivering fast performance and high transfer speeds. The LaCie Mobile Drive offers read speeds up to 130MB/s thanks to its USB 3.0 interface, allowing for quick transfer of large files like photos, videos, and projects (LaCie Mobile Drive Review). The aluminum heat sink design also helps keep the drive cool during intensive use.

For even faster speeds, LaCie’s Rugged SSD Pro drive can reach up to 950MB/s read and 900MB/s write speeds when connected via Thunderbolt 3. With these blazing fast speeds, you can transfer 1GB video files in less than a second (LaCie Rugged SSD Pro Review). This makes LaCie SSD drives ideal for working with high-res photos, 8K video, VR content, and large projects.

In addition to fast transfer rates, LaCie drives offer reliable performance thanks to features like self-encrypting technology, shock resistance, and advanced cooling. Overall, LaCie delivers excellent hard drive speeds and performance for Mac users working with media and large files.

LaCie Hard Drive Reliability

LaCie hard drives are known for their reliability and durability. According to a review on, “The LaCie D2 offers a good balance of performance and quiet operation. The rubber base effectively minimizes vibrations.”1 The rugged design of LaCie’s portable hard drives makes them resistant to shock, drops, vibration, water, dust and crushing.2

In terms of failure rates, a Reddit user commented that they’ve had few issues with the rugged HDD models but some problems with the larger 8TB+ drives.3 Backblaze’s 2022 hard drive reliability data showed LaCie drives having a relatively low annualized failure rate around 1.1-1.7%.4

LaCie offers warranties of 2-5 years on most of their drives to provide assurance on reliability. For example, the Rugged USB-C hard drive has a 3 year limited warranty.5 The LaCie d2 Professional comes with a 5 year limited warranty.6

Overall, LaCie drives are known to be durable and reliable options, especially the rugged portable models. The warranties provide added peace of mind on longevity.

LaCie Hard Drive Software

LaCie provides software to help Mac users manage and utilize their LaCie hard drives. The main software tool is LaCie Desktop Manager, available for download from the LaCie website. This utility centralizes management tasks like formatting, backups, mirroring, and maintenance.

LaCie Desktop Manager allows you to easily configure RAID, check drive health, erase and format disks, and manage backups. It’s designed specifically for Mac and integrates seamlessly with macOS. Other handy software tools include LaCie Toolkit for one-click diagnostics and repairs, and LaCie RAID Manager for configuring RAID arrays.

These LaCie utilities provide Mac users with powerful, specialized software to unlock the full potential of LaCie drives. The tools optimize performance, streamline workflows, and help protect valuable data. For Mac owners, the LaCie software ecosystem adds significant value when purchasing LaCie storage.

LaCie Hard Drive Design

LaCie hard drives are known for their sleek, modern designs that look great next to any Mac computer. Many LaCie hard drives feature sleek aluminum casings or even designs from famous designers like Porsche (LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive Support). These premium and stylish designs help LaCie hard drives stand out from generic external hard drives.

For Mac users who care about aesthetics, LaCie’s focus on design is a big plus. The stylish, high-end look matches Apple’s design sensibilities nicely. So if you’re looking for an external hard drive that looks as good as your Mac, LaCie is a strong choice.

LaCie Hard Drive Security

LaCie hard drives offer robust encryption and protection features to keep your data secure. Many LaCie drives like the LaCie Rugged Secure come with AES 256-bit encryption, one of the strongest encryption methods available. You can easily set up encryption using the included LaCie Toolkit software.

The Toolkit lets you password protect your drive, set up automatic backup plans, mirror folders, and more. To enable encryption, simply open the Toolkit, select your LaCie drive, and choose the ‘Lock Drive’ option. You’ll be prompted to create a password that will be required to access the data on the drive going forward (LaCie Manual).

LaCie also offers biometric protection on some drives like the Rugged SSD Pro. This allows you to unlock the drive with your fingerprint for fast, secure access. Overall, LaCie provides excellent security options to keep your sensitive data protected on Mac and Windows machines.

LaCie Hard Drive Price

LaCie hard drives range in price from around $60 for a 1TB portable drive up to $380 for a massive 12TB desktop drive. Here are some typical prices for popular LaCie hard drive models:

LaCie Rugged Mini portable hard drives:

  • 1TB – $69.99 (
  • 2TB – $89.99
  • 4TB – $149.99
  • 5TB – $169.99

LaCie d2 Professional desktop hard drives:

  • 4TB – $179.99
  • 6TB – $229.99
  • 8TB – $279.99
  • 10TB – $339.99
  • 12TB – $379.99

The largest single hard drive LaCie offers is the 12TB d2 Professional model. Prices are generally competitive with other premium hard drive brands like WD and Seagate.

LaCie occasionally offers discounts directly on their website or through retailers like Amazon. So it pays to shop around, especially during holiday sales events.


Overall, LaCie hard drives are an excellent option for Mac users due to their versatility, performance, and design quality. Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons:


  • Seamless compatibility with Mac operating systems
  • Fast transfer speeds and performance
  • Rugged and durable build quality
  • Sleek and modern aluminum housing design
  • Strong security features like encryption


  • More expensive than generic hard drives
  • Limited warranty period

Based on the performance, design, and Mac compatibility, LaCie hard drives are worth the extra cost for Apple users in need of expanded storage. With speeds up to 130 MB/s, durable metal housing, and easy plug-and-play connectivity for Macs, LaCie offers reliable performance for storing and accessing files. Their minimalist, aluminum enclosures also match Apple’s design aesthetic nicely.

For Mac users needing fast external storage, LaCie hard drives are highly recommended. The combination of speed, design, security, and seamless integration with Mac operating systems makes LaCie a top choice. Just be prepared to pay a bit more for the premium quality and Mac-focused features.

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